Friday, September 28, 2007

the result is 8 times of great sex...

Hmm lemme see, it has been really a while since i posted something on my blog. The journey seem to halt but actually i was bz with preparing for a long journey home to Kuala Lumpur.

I was away from Dubai from 5th Sept til 23rd Sept, back to Kuala Lumpur and Kelantan. More or less 17days, kinda short trip though.

Being able to go back to Malaysia was an enlightenment! One major thing on my mind was to taste as much food as i can. Started with a simple teh tarik and fried maggie at favorite mamak, Devi's in Hartamas. And followed by the fried lala, fried cockles, grill fish, yong tau fu, and rojak buah at Hartamas Square, chicken rice at Chee Meng, those superb Thai dishes in Kelantan... pek sak kaeng som pla, yam mamuang, kai thod manau, sup tulang, perut lembu, and i'm drooling now. The beer seesion with my father's friends, getting drunk everyday. And yeah, the superbly done khau yam (nasi kerabu) and ayam kampung grill. I miss Malaysia the most for its food and delicacies.

But i think i miss the girls more than the food.... did i?

I guess for anyone who work abroad, food is a factor. And i wanna go home, be in KL again, cos i miss all the good food Kl got to offer and i miss the osyter... my favorite osyter!

Another thing dat i enjoyed being back was meeting friends. And lovely dania... but she dunno me anymore... waaaa why don't u recognised ur uncle daddy?

And yes, 2weeks is not enough for a holiday. Should've asked for 2 months... or better still, should've gone back for good.

Anyway, here i am again in Dubai, and dunno how long i'll stay here. Now i know, my life is in KL..