Friday, February 20, 2009


It has been nearly 2 weeks I am back to my home. Bliss.

It has been nearly 2 weeks I am back on my bike. Bliss.

What is not bliss? Well, it has been nearly 2 weeks I am here in Malaysia and I'm still required to work as normal in Bukit Kemuning.

Dang! Where is my holiday? Finger crossed!

Anyway, my previous post, I was ranting bout my health, and lucky me, after a session of ultrasound scan and Docs rubbing my balls, I was given a green bill of health. Lucky me it is now a cysts as I've feared. But it is still there, so I think I'll go for another check-up.

Now that I have my bike with me, I want to sell my Waja. It is a 2002 1.8x Proton Waja bought for RM79,400 and could only fetch rm15,000.


Should I sell it or just keep it. If I sell it, I still have my bike to move around. If I keep, well, I have a car and my bike...

Well... actually, if I keep it, I gonna have two cars. Wink! Wink!

Where is my white caldina?

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Flying...

7th February 2009.

I'm heading back later tonight at 3am.
It's not part of my planned vacation.
Something is wrong with, deep inside my body.
Tuesday is the day.
Am I being haste?
You'll be haste when you know you are having something extraordinary inside your body.

Finger crossed!
Just hope for the best I can get and nothing is serious.
Anyhow, being in Malaysia again, nothing can beat that, I supposed.

Till the Doctor say I am Okay.... I am, for now, worried.