Saturday, December 22, 2007

of Life...

Past midnite, early morning 22nd December 2007. Reading some friends blog and listening to the ipod. Hmm can't seem to close my eyes and enter the ya-ya wonderland. Suddenly it dawn to me, a year almost end and what has i accomplished in 2007. Nuthing much and I'm now wasting my time in Dubai.

I'm now 31 and will be 32 next year. Hmm i should be able to do the following:
1. Clear my debts in 4months time
2. Buy a new car (don't really need one, but just wanna get rid of Waja)
3. Maintain and decorate my new house
4. Buy a Harley here in Dubai
5. Vacation in Europe
6. Beaching in Maldives with my love one
7. Find a love one
8. And adopt a daughter.

Suddenly, the song played on my pod...

It's time to let you go
It's time to say goodbye
There's no more excuses
No more tears to cry
There's been so many changes
I was so confused
All along you were the one
All the time I never knew
I want you to be happy
You're my best friend
But it's so hard to let you go now
All that could have been
I'll always have the memories
She'll always have you
Fate has a way of changing
Just when you don't want it to

Throw away the chains
Let love fly away
Till love comes again
I'll be okay

Life passes so quickly
You gotta take the time
Or you'll miss what really matters
You'll miss all the signs
I've spent my life searching
For what was always there
Sometimes it will be too late
Sometimes it won't be fair

I won't give up
I won't give in
I can't recreate what just might have been
I know that my heart will find love again
Now is the time to begin

I can't hold on forever baby
I'll be okay

This song always make me cry...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Eid Mubarak ... But where's the water?

Long weekend here in Dubai. 18th December, Arafat Day. 19th December, Eid. 20th December, 2nd day of Eid. 21st is Friday. 4 days for relaxation and plain relaxation.

But... where's the water? Where's the damn water? Woke up on the 18th morning just to realise that the tap is already dried. No water at all, except for the tap at the garage. Hmm, it's a bit of helter skelter you see. Water is the utmost important and such a neccessity that you don't mind to leave your day without electricity, but water? Hmm.. and why, oh why.. of all the days, the water chose to be dried on holiday?!

Anyway, on the first day without water, we all head to Jumeirah Beach and bathe and sunbathe. The beach was superb, clear warm water and we had our space. Blissful and total relaxation.

The second day... settled for shower in the pool at Terranova, Arabian Ranch. That's my housing area. A cluster of villas.

Third day, shower in the toilet at home with a long hose connected to the tap at the garage. At nite, pool again. Warm water with cool breeze. Really maketh your birdie shrinked!

The fourth day, pool again...

And really hope that there'll be no fifth day.

Total relaxation, at home with no plan of going anywhere but did settled for alfresco dining at home. On Tuesday night, bored of having rice and proper meal for dinner, i decided to buy some sweet potatoes and tapioca. Boiled it and prepare a dip made of grind coconut mixed with sugar and salt. Yummy! Remind me of Naili's. With some samosa fried and black coffee, the dinner was set at the balcony, under the star and cold breeze. It was that damn chilled... And yeah, there were candles light.

Since everyone doesn't really celebrate Eid here in Dubai, we suggested to have a BBQ party at home, which was later cancelled due to 'insufficient' water supply. But since all the stuffs for the BBQ has been purchased, i decided to go ahead with the party, but just for housemates. Grilled some chicken, mutton rib, sirloin steak and hotdog. Again, another alfresco dining on Wednesday night.

Snapped lotsa photos too.

The 3rd day of this long weekend end at Starbuck Jumeirah Road. Our favorite coffee place to be in for thursday night. Get to watch lotsa cars and bikes. And for the first time, seen a Bugatti Veyron on the road! Nice car.

The last day of the total relaxation days, end up at home doing nuthing other than swimming pool. And the dinner was something a little bit Malaysian. I prepared a type of burger, which really taste like Burger daging special... Malaysian roadside stall style! Splendid!

And here i am now, in my room alone. Yup, i get this room to myself now, alone. Yeay! Thinking of wut should i do when i'm back in KL this 15th January. Hmmm 10days, kinda short eh? Anyway, my main agenda this time is to get my house sorted out.

My new crib, hmm dunno if everything is still intact, or otherwise. It has been awhile since the last time my ex-colleague visited the house. I wish i can have someone constantly visiting my house and someone willing to sincerely help me to look after the house. Hmm draw back of being single and working abroad. Maybe i should just sell it off. Anyway, i'll be making a decision when i'm back next month.

This is sad as thinking bout the fate of my house and all my stuffs in it really make me worried. Hmm *sigh*

Monday, December 17, 2007

a nite at Hard Rock Cafe Dubai

14th December 2007, after the trip back from Festival City, it was around 9pm and everyone already tired, so we decided to head home. So basically, nuthing much happened for the nite i was 30th 364days old.

The very next day, on 15th December, at night, after done cooking the rice vercimelli soup (Meehun sup la), some of my friend insist on having supper at Hard Rock. So to Hard Rock we go (or went...)! Arrived at HRC Dubai around 11ish pm, kinda easy to get a table. Just look at where we sat that nite! Anyway, had a good chocolate brownie with ice cream and a jug of Kilkenny beer. The band was entertaining!

The band... hmmm it is a culture at HRC Dubai, that anyone celebrating birthday, will be called up to the stage and will be asked to blow a candle... placed on top of whipped cream. So, this friend on mine, wrote something on a paper and passed it to the singer, can't recall what her name was. She's Aussie. Sweet girl with a good voice and antic. So she called me up to the stage, alongside 2 more guys.

And this was the result!

Was a good nite, at least there's something on my birthday night.

And i did get a kiss on my cheek! yeay! Well, from a stranger.

Now, two days has passed, and received an mms from a friend back in KL, wishing me "Happy Belated Birthday: U r old and Gersang.". And the mms contained picture of clam. LOL!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Porn 15:12

Came back from a dream walk at Ikea at Dubai Festival City last nite around 9pm. (Sort of equivalent to Ikano Power Center in Malaysia). Watched Passion of The Christ on my ibook, while waiting for the clock to turn 12am.

00:00Hrs 15th December 2007, i'm officially 31. Well kinda turned 31 twice last nite. Malaysia is 4hours earlier, at 20:00hrs i recieved my first birthday song from KL. And the rest were at 00:00hrs... 01:00hrs. Can't really sleep last nite, but i do thanks all of you who stayed up late just to wish me happy birthday. I'm now a year older, a year wiser. Am i?

Celebration? Hmm lemme think, yesterday.... nuthing happen except for that bowl of fries at New York Fries and the hotdog, not as good as 1901 though. Stroll inside the dreamland for all new house owner... Ikea, imagining on how my new crib will be decorated. Tempted to buy a leather jacket, but again better safe the money for the Bose speaker or iPhone. Or just Bose? Hmm... think! think! Well, i guess that when you are far away from the person you love, you tend not to think much on celebrating your birthday. Somehow, this has become like just another day and date. Anyway, i should be happy and thankful that i'm healthy still, to date.

So now, what should i get myself for my birthday gift?

Sony Ericsson P1?
LG Viewty KU990?
Harley Davidson Sportster?

Hmm.... somehow i think i just want to have you as my gift...

Friday, December 14, 2007

31 years of living

14 December 2007... I'm here on this planet earth for 30 years and 364days. I'll be 31 tomorrow. And come 2008, i gonna be 32. Such a big figure i reckoned.

Since my last post, somewhere last month, i was a bit tied up with works. New scope of works. I was promoted to Deputy Project Manager effective 1st December 07. With new power, comes new responsibilities, or something like that. And all that while, i dawn to me that, i need a concept or theme for my blog. A theme of what i gonna write about. Hmm it's kinda hard to flesh out new idea and proceed from there, unless i'm fairly clear what my blog is about. And the problem is, even til now, i'm still blurred. But again, when i think deeply about the whole picture, my blog is about my journey. And in my journey, i doesn't know where its' end. Much ado about setting a theme.

My previous post, about friendship, draw lotsa comments among friends and anonymous. I wish to thank all who commented and read my blog.

Birthday plan? I'm asking myself. I'm here in Dubai, no one special to celebrate with, only my co-workers. Am i turning into a dull person? Anyway, i might end up having dinner in Hard Rock tonight and might be asked to step on the stage and blow the candle. Standard Hard Rock Dubai celebration. But guess most probably i'll be home, thingking bout what's next!

Yup, it crossed my mind a few times, in this life, we tend to fall and stand tall. But it's always about, What's Next?

What's Next? Couple of months back, i rigorously submit lotsa application online, to various organisation in Malaysia. Really having the urge to go back and work in KL and thinking that it's not worth all the sacrifice growing up here in this shitty country. Anyway, i'm promoted and circumstances had changed. No matter how suck life in Dubai, for my short term next step, i gonna stay here, well of course, unless i'm offered a better job anywhere else. Choosing a next step is never an easy task to be carried out. All the things happened in our past shall be the guidance or lesson learnt. But do we really look into the past when we're making plan for the future? Well i know i'm not one of those. For me, my next step is just a next step. What comes around, i take it as fate or chance. And in this journey, i'm still searching in the dark, to find my way to someone's heart. All i'm asking for is the stillness of heart. But somehow, post 30th year, i think i'm fated to keep searching in the dark.

As we tried to walk the next step, we somehow, without ever knowing, are walking down memory lanes, down into the path of histories.

And we all, humble HomoSapien, don't really adore own history, do we?