Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rainy July

I feel like it has been so damn long I've been idling. Idling... without any work and any proper stuffs to do. That's the fact of my life, not so miserable but the real one. It has been daunting task, you see, looking for job. And to make matter worst, I'm with my midlife crisis now (I think?!), I'm quite confuse if i should proceed be an Engineer. Or totally divert my career path to something really new.

aaaa Heck... misery love company, the more I think bout it... less fun life is.

Anyway, nowadays, I've hangout a lots with my close friends.. and sometimes, fake-close friend. Most of them are bikers, the Harley group of people. And thats what i do most, ride, eat, chill, ride and caught in the rain under the bridge!

The other day, last two weekend, myself and another 6 pals rode to Port Dickson, bout 120km from Kuala Lumpur. It was a chill ride, easy riding and good food by the beach. But on the way back, rain poured down heavily and we were all stucked under a bridge somewhere in Seremban, on the NSE Highway. That was the first time ever I stopped under a bridge due to rain. Hardly do that as it is kinda dangerous with fast cars zooming just few meters beside you. But the rain was heavy and it's instead dangerous to ride.

The time i rode to Kuantan, some 300km from Kuala Lumpur for Violent Storm Anniversary event, its rain 3 times at 3 different spots! Heavy rain, mind you. But I (we actually.. with another 2 bikers) didn't stop as there were less traffic on the road. What a ride..... lost my Arlen Ness tailight cover and damaged my Ipod Touch due to rain. Yeah, my bike vibrate too much causing the tail light cover to detached from its housing, somewhere on the East Coast Highway. I was chasing a 124 cubic inches harley at that time... that's 2000cc!

July was fun. Money is running dry but I still survived! Whoever having extra cash and doesn't seem to have any idea to do with it, please bank into my account... hahahha

I guess, for the moment, and since I've been gone from malaysia most part of 2007 to 2009, I just gonna enjoy riding hard and hangout with friends.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ramly At War

A short movie by a friend of mine... Julianne Block.. www.j-blockbuster.com

I'm officially a film-star! (self proclaimed of course).

With nuthing much to do with my career life, helping friends in this movie really a fun stuff! Hang out.... cheer.. beers... cheer... lost voice... muscle ache... and cool chinese-kungfu style-fighting scene.

Once the movie is 'premiered', I'll published it in my blog.

For now, google Ramly At War in youtube.com... for a short teaser.

Life can't never be bored when you're where you belong.