Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am frustated for time being

Today, two of my bikers friend, on their Sportster, ride to Bangi to test drive a bike, an orange color sportster and after and hour or so, i received and sms from my buddy saying that current owner can't decide to sell the bike or not and will inform back tomorrow. Anyway thanx bro for sparing sometimes (valuable weekend time) to go and assist me to test the bike. Appreciate it a lot!

I mean, darn, i was so set to buy the bike. Eventhough i am in Dubai now and the bike is in Malaysia, but hey, i am going back soon rite? (am I?). Anyway, i just gonna keep my finger crosses, still, and keep on searching for a bike, suitable for me. Here's how the bike look like, (hope current owner won't get angry by posting this bike on my blog, anyway this is sort of free advertising!). Seem to be okay, i don't really know.

I think I'm a bit crazy, to agree on an expensive cash purchase, when i myself yet to view the item i'm buying. But... well what the heck!

Anyway, last week, i was upgraded... again. My only bro's wife gave birth to a baby boy. And my father name him Juttanakorn Nazlung Phongsawat. A half Thai, half Ibanese baby boy. Cute?

This is his second child, and after 4 year, i never even met the first child, which is Jessadaporn (something) Phongsawat.. And yes, i can't remember his exact name. Bad Uncle! Bad Uncle!

Wouldn't it be easier if my contract working here in Dubai is valid for another 2 or 3 years, so i can buy a bike here and ride here instead of Malaysia. But, riding here, hmmmm i won't have you to ride with me then. Darn!