Friday, July 25, 2008

...fallin' back again and will i stand tall?

The journey here in Dubai is almost coming to an end, i hope. The sooner the better. An d i really do hope i can get put of here. But what will i do in Kuala Lumpur? Get a Harley and ride North? Get a car and go on roadtrip? One thing for sure, i do need a long vacation. I should. Maybe the whole November, i'll be out of Malaysia and travel the world!

Ewan and Charley has by now travelled to most part of the world, from Long Way Round the World to Long Way Down from John O'Groats to Cape Town. My journey, on the other hand, is very much stagnant. Each and everyday, i'm wishing that none of these had happened, but i'm a simple man who can't change the fate but doesn't live my life thru chance either.

Am i in midlife crisis already? I'm 32 for God sake. 32 and very much single without a family of my own.

It has been 9 years since my graduation and i'm still thinking, why am i an engineer? I don't even enjoy being one. I know i need something to spice up my life, and rest assured, it's not easy when you are in Dubai. I know i need to change my career and find something i love doine. Open up a cafe? Coffee house of my own? Hmmm... or perhaps a ranch full of bulls and whatsoever four legged!

Wishful thinking still...

Well, life is full of bum. I bet none of you guys living a life without any complication. Anyway, life is a journey with one end... dying. But it's pretty much doesn't really matter how it end, because the ending are the same for all. What matter most if how one live one life. The life you lead will determine what you are and will determine what you'll become... sad? happy? loveable? fuckable? joy?

Lets the journey countinue...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Why It's Always Me?


Talking about watching movie, that large popcorn or that dh30 per screening, make me recall some rather annoying habit in the cinema in Dubai. In any cases, in any scene, if it’s involved the hero or the good to triumph over the bad and evil, people here the cinemagoers they clap as if they're watching a live show. I mean, it's a movie anyway; it was made to be in such way. But anyway, any country has its own cinema culture I guessed. Another frustrated night yesterday, I surfed the net and confirmed that The Wanted is showing at 7pm, but to no avail there is no show except for 11.50pm, which is midnight. It pissed me off as i really want to eat that caramel popcorn and watch movie.

I'm so into popcorn or anything that popped!

Anyway, not to feel too much dejected, and yes I feel that way a lot lately, I head to Harvey Nichols thinking of buying a pair of jeans. But at dh2600, that torn blue PRPS jeans is too expensive. But the cuteness of Coach Scottie Dog phone lanyard caught my eyes. I'll give to you once I’m back in Malaysia, hopefully for good ;-).


I really must go for a movie tonight, really need, NEED okay, to eat popcorn. Caramel. Wish can eat popcorn with you, naked on my couch. But of course, if i'm not too drunk from later Japanese dinner with a bottle of Sochu.


Kiku, the food was delicious as ever and the Sochu with a piece of sour plum was really smooth. I was dead drunk and tired. Came back at 10pm last night and sleep right away. Really tired and the stiffness on my left side really… really… hmm how shall I say it eh…. Painful? Anyway, this is the second weekend I had this pain. Am I getting older? But I think, must be due to lack of sex, don’t you think so?

But of all these, popcorn is still on my mind and I’m heading to the cinema later today.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Masturbation.... DIY or Someone do it for you?

Yes, if you can see it right, the figure on the above pics is 777, which is Dirham777, in equivalent to RM683.79. And yes that's a Dh1000 note to pay for the bill. And no, it's not a meal for 10 person, it was a meal for 2 person, fully grown adult! I was at Meat & Co steakhouse last night for dinner, with a friend of mine. Ordered a 250gram of Aussie wagyu beef for me-self and 300gm of New York strip black US Angus beef. These two items cost about Dh400. Plus the good smelling, good tasting Torres Azzure from Spain, make me feel mellow after the dinner. And we ordered starter, consists of some rib beef, salmon something, wild mushroom sandwich and grill prawn. And yes, after a gap of 20 years or so, i ate my first full size prawn. And i didn't vomit... hmm maybe i can eat prawn after all...

Anyway, it was a good dinner. And if just i have the money to bring Meat & Co to Malaysia... South African really know how to cook their beef! And brorewors.

By the way, yes i know, the title had nothing to do with what i've written above, but just wanna have something outrages that will catch readers attention. Hahahahhaa.. no pun intended anyway.

But really, which one you would prefer, D-I-Y or someone else do it onto you?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why The Corn Popped?

Dirham 30 per movie for Hancock. Dirham 25 for a bucket of large popcorn and a cuppa coke. I'm set for the movie at Mall of the Emirates last Thursday night. Since there's nothing much for me to do after a hectic week, I went for a movie screening with a friend of mine. And the smell of the popcorn, it really make me hungry. Well maybe for the fact that I didn't ate any lunch except for that whopper jr at 5pm. SO I said to myself.... 'That caramel flavored popcorn smell sooo irresistible' and I said to the barista...'One large caramel popcorn please'.. And man, it is so fucking big bucket! Well, anyway, I'm in Arab country, everything is big here.

Anyway, the movie was.. hmm well.. okay lar... But the popcorn was superb and well, i'm not that big mid-section, so I just stop half way of the bucket. Damn it was such a fucking lotsa popcorn!

With my stomach full of corn, fully popped, I head back home at midnite just to receive a call from my friend asking me out to a club, Chi at The Lodge. Grab my shoes and head to Chi. It was a night i spent Dh120 for a glass of Grey Goose vodka with slice of lime. Darn expensive, but taste good though. Well, actually I spent dh240, as I purchased 2 glass (Hahahahah to myself). Taste as good as the Ciroc I have at home or the Stolichnaya Elit I had before.

Friday was a lazy day as I woke up at 2pm to cook meehun goreng and stay at home watching dvd's. And since I'm soo bored, I set for another movie at the Mall. And this time, I have to make sure that it must be good, so i settled for Kungfu Panda. Jack Black really rock! But there goes my another dh30.

Why can't a movie cost dh10 and a bucket of popcorn is dh8?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Maybe You've Been Brainwashed

Right, it's 50deg here, i think. Most of the time I'm here indoor, but still can feel the heat from the hot sun and from the work pressure. I'm here last year April as a Steelwork Manager and later Deputy Project Manager. And now, since last couple of weeks, since my Project Manager resign, I was entrusted with the work to manage the whole project. Darn a big responsibility, and darn a tough life for the next 3 months til the completion of the Dubai Metro Project for my Company. Anyway, it's a challenge.

Working with the Japanese really is a daunting day-to-day task. They really hungry for information and stand by the date given. Whereas for we Malaysian, well, a lil'bit of slack here and there is okay. Anyway, This is a challenge I'm taking, even it meant for me to stay back almost everyday till 11pm before i reach my apartment. And i have one person from Malaysia, calling me almost 30minit daily now, especially before my bedtime.

Of these busy-ness.... I'm bored of my personal life and what did I do? I get a new mobile phone. Was planning to wait for Sony Ericson Xperia X1 but since it wont be in the market til year end, I end up buying Sony Ericson P1i. So now, I can 'on' my Maxis phone line and send mms. Yeay to me.... It's a good phone, seriously. That's me with my new hair, in the toilet and with the new phone.

And the most important thing, since 2nd July 2008 (ironically, every 2nd July, since 2006, something bad happened to me), I'm moving on. Now is almost mid-July, frankly, can't wait till the last day of this project. Wanna go home and hit the road on a road trip North. Maybe Kl-Ko Samui....

Damn! I don't even have time to go snap photos!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Will I Be Okay?

It's time to let you go.
It's time to say goodbye.

What if the person one love the most, cheated on you, again and again? What will one feel? Let say that, the person is the love of your life, wouldn't it will make you be in total agony of being in love? In love with someone who love another?

Well it's just a thought. But that thought does sprung out from a real event occured today evening here.

I'm here, half a world away from where I belong. From my life. So I can't blame my other half much if she need more love or sex. Girl's does has her own need right?

Anyway, with me, as i recalled, nuthing is great anymore, the love kinda fading, the sex kinda lame and the time spent kinda less, so I guess, all those add up to one matter... she's in love with another.

I'm shivering now... The news I just received really shake my very foundation. But deep inside me, i do sense that something is going on back at where i belong. But myself and i know, i can't stop her from doing what she really want in her purple and pinky life.

So here i go again.....

As an Angel, i really pity the guy who come to me and told bout those story. How could a girl, who he love for his whole life, do such a thing onto him... Fuck the girl/bitch. I told him, life has to go own... period.