Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mini Me

What will you feel, when you wake up, each morning and you are blurred... blur from knowing what's there in the future or blur from knowing what's there for you to achieve.

Pathetic right?

Anyhow, that's the best part of living a life, going through the up and down, stuck in the moment where you can't get out of it.

I've attended the Mini Gathering at Dataran Shah Alam last couple of week, as you can see, me and my Mini... (hahahahaha, how i wish it is MINE!). The car was first introduced in 1959 and are now celebrating it's 50th year in existence. Yup, 50 years and going strong. It doesn't simply die or fade away, if the owner really add 'spice' to it. The TLC it's supposed to receive.

I need to add spice to my life, that I know for sure.

What kind of spice, darn I'm not sure, just yet.