Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a point to ponder

"Sitting here wasted and wounded... at this old piano".

I'm early thirties, i'm here half a world away from my life, i'm wasting.

Wasting the moments to come, searching towards in the darkened room.

I need to turn on the light.

Just how...... To many things in the past, looming in my mind. It's 3am now. And i'm seeing in the dark, it's all blackened.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The desert do have something to offer

The desert. Most people seem to think that the desert is hot. Well not the case for my desert trip last Friday on 15 Feb 08. It was a windy day and the sand was cool. With two Toyota Land Cruiser, and 12 of us, plus two guides, we travelled 65km to a desert at Lahbab. The safari itinerary was, to go for the sand dune bashing, photos snapping on the sand hill, quad bike riding, sand boarding, bbq under the sky and belly dancing.

It was a thrilling ride on the desert with the Pakistanis driver, it's like taking a roller coaster ride. The Bbq was okay.... and the belly dancing was, well... it was Russian, i think. But okay lar..

You know, in Malaysia, there's horse race every now and then at Sungai Besi Racecourse but i never had the chance to go and watch obe. Last nite, my colleague offered me the tickets to go for dinner at Nad Al Sheba. Little that i know, it's a dinner with horse race, from the grandstand with a full view of the course.

The race, well i don't really understand on who's who. And which horse is the best. Before the start of the race, i was given a card to fill in which horse will be the winner for the 7 races. The price money for correctly naming all 7 winner is DH20k. It's not gambling though, but something like a bonus for naming the correct winner. Hmmm sound like legal gambling eh? For the seven race, i selected the following horse's number as winner 2 1 2 6 4 3 6. The horse i picked won the race 2nd and 4th race, and after that, when i realised that in the event there're more than 1 winner who correctly name the winning horse, the price money will be equally distributed to everyone, up to 100 person.

So that's about it, no point to wait till the last race. After the 5th race, and losing, i head home. But it was a splendid nite. The horses are damn nice and i bet are damn expensive too.

I wanna ride horse.... with you, to the end of the rainbow.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Let me see, 10 days in Malaysia, so short that i couldn't managed to meet some of my friends. Well, some don't even bother to spare time and see me. Anyway, all in all.. i had good time. Short but good quality times.

I've cleaned and arranged all the stuffs in my house, well at least the basic one. Ironic is, when i was here in Dubai, my mind was set to do this and do that to the house. But when I'm there, the set mind simply freeze. Anyway, i love my new crib. Next agenda, house grill. Ordered and expected to install circa mid Feb. After that.. hmmm perhaps should get the kitchen set or new bedroom set.

Arrghh see, I'm here and I'm thinking of doing this and that again!

Well, i guess i miss staying in the new house.

Anyway, back to Dubai, to a chilled winter and since the sandstorm on the 1st February 08, the weather seem to be colder. And cool!

February..... Valentine Day. No one to hang out with, i guess.