Monday, October 29, 2007

When you're living without the 8 great sex moment

Mundane life.... seem to be going on and on here.

It has been a while since my last post on my Journey.

Basically, nuthing much had happened since the last blog, or since holiday. I'm very much wanting to be on such a holiday again. Spending time with friends, and quality times with close friend.

I'm basically, rigorously applying for lotsa job, in KL. I just moved into my new apartment, well, my ex-staffs helped me with the shifting part last Saturday. And i really wanted to go back to KL and deco & reno the crib. Furthermore, i have no one who i can rely to on and off visit the apartment and check on my stuffs. My finger has to be crossed on this.... hopefully every things are okay.

And since the last few days, i was down with cold, and now cough. The kinda cough used to plague me last year, for three months. Scary and now, i dunno how serious it gonna be. My close friend asked me to buy bee-honey and ginger, which can help in soothing the throat. Darn it, i hate this condition... coughin, headache.... lack of sex...

Met a friend from KL last couple of weeks, Eddin's father. We had a good dinner at Tony Roma's. Luv the steak! I'm delighted when i have guest coming from Malaysia, make me feel close to HOME.

hmmm i'm in vain.