Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Bike Rally 2009 - Promo Journey in Pattaya and Bangkok

I was on a trip. More or less 4000km journey from Kuala Lumpur to Pattaya and fro. The journey took me across biking world in Thailand, meeting people and their rides. It is a journey to promote the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Bike Rally 2009 at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club.

It all started on one fine morning, on 21st September 2009. Myself, with another three guys, Am of Red Garage, Atan Locklaq and Naz, driving up north heading to the border, on the second day of Eid. The journey started at about 8am from Lotus Jalan TAR, and we reached the border at about noon. Armed with lotsa poster, banners and magazines, we head to our first stop at Southern Big Bikes shop in Haadyai (well, actually second stop, as the place we stop was at Shell, Juru, Penang) to handout the poster and magazine (My Chopperz, issued by the KLBR09 organizer, Red Garage Malaysia). With sun is fast setting on the West horizon, we head out to next stop in Pattalung, reaching there at about 8pm. Numerous phone call were made, but to no avail. We were to meet one of the top local bike builder, but none of us know his number! Stopping by at local night market, Atan, approached one of the trader, who dressed up like a cowboy/biker and spot on, he know the guy we are looking for. After few phone call and with the help of two local chaps, we head out to Tew house of Tew Custom Bikes, in the middle of nowhere and in the dead of the night, only to wake him up in the middle of his sleep but still we were greeted with smile and joy. Tew is the guy who took back a meddle during 2008 Phuket Bike Week. Simple guy who offered us a place to sleep as it was midnight, but we settled for shower at his and continued our journey north. The thought that we were all though guys doesn't last that long, as everybody were tired and we stopped by at PTT (local petrol station) and rest for a couple oh hour.

The second day of the trip, started with a good chicken soup at a petrol station in Chumphon. Departed from Chumpon at about 9am, we reached Bangkok outskirt at about 3pm. Chumphon is basically a mid way stop-about if one where to travel from Bangkok to Haadyai, a journey of 1000km. We decided to head right away to Pattaya and find something to eat there, a decision which in my personal view, a very bad decision, as we reached Pattaya at about 5pm-ish. Everyone were hungry and it was lucky enough to find a good spot for a short meal, and it was a good meal. We reached Bung Jumeen house at about 6pm-ish and at last. Bung Jumeen is the President of Burapa MC and the hospitality given was second to none. The first night in Pattaya was a relax night. After having a chilled dinner with Bung Jumeen family at nearby grilled fish shop (chilled as it was raining, heavily, we relaxed at a table with a naked girl dancing on top of it!

On the three day, the promo team started works with visiting few bikes shop around town, namely Iron Horse, Hot Rod Custom, Brotherhood Cafe (thanx bro Nara), Shark Rider MC club house (thanx bro Vinnai) and somewhere at the A-go-go shop, owned by one of the biker. Everyone were dead tired and nothing happened that night.

The next day, the promo journey continued to visit East Coast Chopper, bro Tip workshop (local builder), Power Station Pattaya (Harley Davidson official dealer), another local workshop (i forgot the name but i think it's VS Motor) and end the promo work at bro Lek Carabao cafe. We then took some time off to fullfil bro Nara invitation to go shooting. Literally okay. Armed with one shotgun, a sniper rifle and two glock-lookalike, we head to Sattahip to his land and 'do some shooting'. Yup, we shot bottles. It was one in a lifetime experience. And trust me, after knowing the power the gun produced, I think I'm not suitable to be a robber or such a kind.

Friday was a chilled down day as we planned to head to Bangkok. We spent the whole day hanging out with Bung Jumeen at his place.

First half of the journey really amazed me, as the local bike builders I met, really do the bikes up from scratch, from a straight pipe which is later bend and whatnot to make a rolling chassis of a bike. Even though the garage is just a porch or backyard of a house, they all have the necessary machines and tools to build a bike. Regardsless of the shape of the bike produces, it is all a work of art.

Pattaya... a small town full of naked girls.

..end of part one...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eid Mubarak

Long weekend ahead. Malaysia will be celebrating the Eid somewhere on 20th/21st October 2009. Kuala Lumpur will, again, be a ghost town or Foreigner two starting from this weekend til the next. Most of the city folks will head back to the hometowns. Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends and Happy Holiday to Malaysian! But of course, to any of the readers out there on this planet called Earth, the wish is valid to you guys too.

As for me, initially, I planned to ride back to Kelantan, my hometown, stopping by at Kuala Terengganu along the way to celebrate Loy Krathong, which is a Thai celebration. But, current unavoidable situation has hampered the idea. So what I gonna do in this town?... This long holiday has no meaning to me as everyday is a holiday, now that I'm not working and doing nothing, literally.

Over a session of iftar at Studio Cafe the other day, I was unofficially invited to join the bandwagon heading to Haadyai and Pattaya to promote the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Bike Rally, which I replied 'yes' there and then. So, I'll be heading up North on the second day of Eid with a couple of friends, armed myself with my trustworthy Nikon. it'll be fun, I reckoned.

And to all my dearest friends and readers, do take extra care while you're on the road. Millions of cars and bikes gonna join the exodus out of town.

May God bless your journey, where ever you are heading.