Monday, November 30, 2009

New lease of life, Next point of direction

Months of disappearance. Idea...scarcity. Mood...mellow. I have one?

After my last post on the Thailand trip, I was in the state of, well, how shall I put it nicely in a manner sentence... hmm, I was in the Milky Way. Yeah, that's about it, I'm lost. Having no direction, as like Captain Jack Sparrow without the compass. Anyhow, I did occupy myself with working as a greaser at a Bike Shop, helping my friend built his cool Ol'skool motorcycle.

One fine morning at a coffee shop, with the money left just enough for me to buy a cuppa coffee, I got a job interview, and i went for the interview, and I got the job! Yeah, after a hiatus period of nearing to se7en months! Anyhow, it's a job, again, as an Engineer, best part... I'll be based in Mumbai, perhaps for a year (which I hope will be less). Well, I'm still waiting for the Visa, and it might be here on my desk anytime now. And tomorrow, 1st December 09, I'll be heading to a mystical land, India.

So, for past few days, I was busy with meeting and hanging out with my close friends. Eat, ride, movie and chill... Gonna miss these good times. And I'm sure I gonna miss my Chipster, dearly...and both Jax and Gongon. Yes I'll be back again, but missing the rest of the year in your growing life is saddened. Given choice, I doesn't want to leave, again. The agony of living somewhere out there, when you know you belong right here. Choice, which I doesn't have for the moment, with accrued debts and no fund to start up anything. Choice... something I'll need if I were to seriously think about my next point of direction, due North doesn't seem fit me anymore. A detour I'm looking for. A new direction, heading towards Greaser's Haven/Grill, perhaps.

Gone but not Forgotten. Mohd Norif Paival, loosing most of your family members in one single capsized boat tragedy is something ... alas, no word can describe the pain and sorrow you and the survivor are feeling now. May their souls are now at a better place, up there. May their bodies, rest in peace. To you my friend, takziah.
(Mohd Norif Paival is my ex-colleague in UTM, who families were involved in capsized boat tragedy in Pulau Banggi, Kudat, Sabah on 27th November 09). Amen.

It's just a sad note.