Friday, November 16, 2007

Dubai Motorshow 2007

I was at the Dubai Motorshow 2007 yesterday from 2pm til 5pm at Dubai World Trade Center. Paid the Dh20 entrance fee and photo snapping session begins. The Motorshow is held every two year. For this year, the main reason why i want to visit the exhibition is the World Fastest Car in the world, the Shelby Super Cars ( the Ultimate Aero which can zoom to max speed of 414kmh.

The rest or the marques were Mercedes Benx, with two SLR (one is the 722bhp version) and a nice CLK, Beemer with the Alpina version of 5 and 6 series, Volvo, Land Rover, Mini, Toyota, Honda, Seat, Lamborghini, the Prancing Horse, Lexus, Audi (nice R8), Dodge, GMC, Hummer, Chevrolet, Caddilac, Saab, Kawasaki, Suzuki, West Coast Custom and more or the to marques. The best view in my own opinion was to be able to see Bugatti Veyron from 1m away (and there're two of them). Such a super car.

I've been to numerous car show back in KL, but in KL visitor can only take photo with the cars, not in the cars. Here in Dubai, except for the super duper expensive car, visitor can happily pop open the door and enter the car. I can even sit inside and Aston Martin Vantage and that super duper nice CLK 6.3 AMG. Such a car!

The rest of the show, was about showing new model, loved the Lexus is300, the new Accord and nice c30 Volvo. Well, all in all, i did enjoy the show. I wanted to upload more photo with this post but somehow when i uploaded those two photos, instead of the photo, a wierd code appeared. Anyway, i've uploaded some photos taken yesterday at my photo page

Some of the thing i can do in Dubai. Well living here, not that i can't view the car on the road, but at least for the sake of doing something in this boring part of the world, i tried to enjoy the show. And the best part, i get to snap lotsa photos.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I have a problem!

I can't upload a photo for my blog profile.. how eh?

Anyone, help me!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Friendship Remains And Never Can End... can't it?

Recently, i was at The Mall Of The Emirates, doing nothing but watching people. Nothing much, but i get to see people walking hand in hand, husband and wife, father and son, boyfriend and girlfriend, Pakistan man and Pakistan man, Arab man to Arab man, and it makes me wonder, people live happily because we all love another soul, love is indeed all around us, but why at this age, I'm still lack of love?

Back in KL, i do have a number of close friends. Friends who i can really rely on. And i do have a best friend, who is closed to me for years and still treat me like a piece of shit. And basically, i did managed to create categories of close friend. Friend who i can rely on when I'm sad. Friend who will help me when I'm in need of ... help. Friend who is satisfaction-guaranteed, enjoy to shower or breaking the glass. Friend who love to ask to to be the shopping companion, the travel partner. Friend who enjoy my style of cooking. Friend who enjoy me. All sort of friend. Well, i do have lotsa friend, maybe because I'm friendly but that doesn't stop some out there think that i'm a jerk.

Most of my close friend, are now married with or without children. So basically, that'll maketh me an uncle. I'm an uncle to Dania and Eddin, the 'product' created by my best friend, Ned and wife and Shida and hubby. Okay, before you are confused, both babies were created at different time and location. I've known Ned since 1994, 1st year in UTM, close to him and his family since then. And Shida, i'm close to her since 1997, met her in person in 1998. Travel to Europe together few years back, laid back on the beach together with her wearing that nice bikini (Okay!Okay! I bet Shida will be wondering, since when we traveled together? Ahaks... well something in blog, is created to spice up the storyline). Anyway, She's now happily married with a baby, The Little Giant, Eddin who gonna be 1 on 28th November 07. We are both shoulder to cry on for each other in times of sorrow. Ned, on the other hand, is my close friend, very close with this guy, i was his best man and close to his family. The bestest friend i used to have was Ija, really close to her, known her way back in 1999 and close to her family too. But now, she has moved on, and stay in Melawati.

Well, bottomline is, i always belief that what goes around will comes around. So, no matter how bad the deed were, i still as much possible, doesn't want to have any ill-feeling towards any living soul. Even the fat pig from Melawati. But if people doesn't want to be my friend for any particular reason, then i can't help much cos i don't think i'm able to make all soul happy. My ex-fiancee doesn't want to be my friend anymore because it's too painful for her. Aleen is a friend to me again, and i respect her, because i walked out on her before.

Truth is, I'm alone and lonely now. What goes around will comes around rite?, well, i know that no matter how hard i've tried to make people happy, i too did hurt people's heart and feeling. Anyhow, I'm now trying very hard to crawl the walk and try to stand tall again. In a month time, I'll add another number to my age and with grey hair appearing every now and then, I'm accepting all this as fate.

Am i depressed? Or stressed out? No one will knows. But I'm learning and preparing to face the new agenda of life, being 31 and single is not that bad. Or being 35 and without a family is okay... Well, at least i can be the coolest uncle of all! Am i rite, Dania? Eddin? Erina? Erica? Danny?

Haaaaa... at least i have you to text me everyday and remind me of good times and happy days.

Soo much of being an AngeL... the burden is killing me now...

Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's November now, and gradually the temperature is going down. It's more or less around 30 deg C in the day and maybe 23 or 24 deg C in the nite. It's winter season as the local called it. But it's still hot, well not that hot though.

And it has been one and a half month since i had the best sex of my life (hahahah how i wish!), well actually, since i was back in KL. The best time of my life, 5th Sept to 23rd Sept 07. And as of now, my spirit is still in KL, tucked between a girl legs hahahahahaha...

November in Dubai are activities month. There're Desert Rhythm Concert with Joss Stone and Kanye West as main guests, Justin Timberlake coming to town, Dubai AirShow 2007 with the Airbus A380 at the center stage (currently on-going), Dubai Auto Show 14th-18th Sept with 8 out of 10 fastest production sportscar will be on show, Stomp the musical show is coming to town too and so on and so forth. Kinda happening eh? Well, poor thing is, i doubt i will have the time to visit any of those, but i think Dubai Auto Show is a must! And it's around the corner only. Wouldn't want to miss the great car show and nice booties, would i?

Anyway, it has been really a while since i updated my blog. Not that i'm too busy, just feel a little bit dry up my brain. Maybe due to cough syrup, perhap. Or busy with my Facebook, which i eventually deactivated the account, just to make peoples happy. Well, i still have my blog, right? Cough, way back last year May till August, i was plagued with severe dry cough problem. To the extend that i can't perform in bed (once okay!) and was thinking that i might has Tuberculosis. But after a visit to Gleneagles at the end on August 07, the cough was cured. And now, since end October, i was cough till i feel like wanna blow my brain out of my head! And till today, i'm still cough, that dry cough. Changing of weather perhap... Anywa, now i'm back on cough syrup and honey. I wish i can have my honey for the cure...

Hmm i'm bored here and with the current things are going, i don't think i can go back to KL again, anytime soon (well my finger still crossed on this).

December... my birthday and sale festival! Yeay! Something to cure the depressed me.