Monday, May 26, 2008

... and in the morning I'll be gone away

All my beg are packed, i'm ready to go.....
Actually i dont really have anything to write... scrolling through some folder and came across these two photos. I think i like it...

I need a holiday. I'm down with migraine since last Friday. Maybe no time to have lunch and such. Or maybe due to shifting to a new house, apartment actually. And yet to have the time to sort out the items in the new house. Anyway, i'll be in KL next week, wonderful! Eventhough a very short stay, it's still gonna be very the very wonderful.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Life thru a lens

I've been thinking all night long, what have i been doing lately, that i'm so busy and have no time for my blog? Well, i did do something currently, getting busy and crazy with my new lens, Canon G9. Living in Dubai, photography can be a 'cheap' pastime compare to others. Well not so cheap if one is planning to buy those DSLR with top of range lens. But anyway for me, the Canon G9 served and serving me good for time being, of course better than my previous Sony T100.

The G9 i'll say as a Compact digital camera you really need to get-to-know-her-first before you can understand her. It's not SLR camera and nor it's a compact digital. There are lotsa button, aperture setting, shutter speed, so on and so forth of the photography jargons. Anyway, since i got my pure virgin hand on her, it has been fun all along. Some of the pics taken has been uploaded to my Facebook link

Here are some preview...

So do i have talent or what? But one draw back of having a complicated camera, i can only snap others and views, but where is my own pic?

Those pics shown are taken at and from Madinat Jumeirah Suoq. I wish i can snap more but when it's getting dark, it's not easy to snap good pics with my bare hand!

Let me take you far away, you'll like, a holiday....

Scorpion is coming to town, 22nd May 2008... tempted!

Arrrrgghhhh tempted... tempted... tempted...


Friday, May 16, 2008

My turn to go on holiday has come, but do i have the time?

It has been almost 40days since my last post in this journey. Time, an item which i don't luxurily has now. It has been, work and sleep and no play. And it has been one and a half month since i enrolled and became a member of gym freak, Fitness First and that's the duration i am to go for any exercise, not even sex. Hmmm.... The malay's term it as 'makan, berak dan tido', simply translated as eat, shit and sleep. And that's just what i have been doing when i have 'free time'.

It has been a hard day at work. But not that i'm complaining as these shit with works, are what i've been asking for. Just to be busy and forget bout life, at least for a moment. But really, can anyone forget whatever events occured in the past? I doubt such a human being exist.

Anyway, the works i'm currently invovled are almost at the tail end of the progress and expected to complete circa October this year. Which spell as, i'll be out of contract after October, but anyway, i wouldn't care much as by then, i've achieved what i've planned for, period. Short term plan after that, just to go back and chill in KL as i've missed (by October), 2 years of fun life in KL. No place is better than home. Not that i have to crave for at my home, but to the least of it.... i have a place called home.

Arghh Friday comes... and shall go like any other day.

Why the heck i'm waiting for a day off when i'm not off to do anything, anything..

Anything bout you honey... :-)