Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where is where?

Last Sunday, I head down to South Mumbai for a brunch event at Indigo Restaurant, located in an alley just behind the fame Taj Hotel. Had good food, at least a day away from masala-inspired food and that bottle of champagne. Somehow, I don't feel I am in Mumbai, at least for that few hour.

In the evening, I head down to Kola Ghada Art Festival, somewhere in South Mumbai too. An event where all arts lover, took to the street to exhibit from the smallest of small to biggest of all. Well, there's a replica of Eiffel Tower there. I did enjoyed my time there, snapping pictures.

I am seeing more and more of this town. But the conclusion remains the same.

I feel trapped.

I have to go somewhere, but where?

There's always a moment in time, in one life, we are stuck when in fact we are not. We feel we are moving and in actuality, we are stagnant. We feel it is a dream, but everything seem real. We feel like winning, or losing for that matter, but in fact we are yet to leave the starting line. Sigh!

... let it be for now, and enjoy the smell of cuppa coffee.

Coldplay, Coffee and after Grey Goose

Another fine Saturday morning.

Another day pass by, with nothingness.

Another memory flashing before my eyes.

I am supposed to head to the street, but feel kind of lazy, feel spiritless.
They say this Country is very much spiritual in all sense.
But it somehow make me spiritless.

Time, please pass by.

10 days to go and I am already dreaming of there.
Here is just an unfortunate event.

Now, from there on, where shall I head to?

Monday, January 25, 2010

to Rudy

He's 31 and is heading to National Hearts Institute, to undergo bypass, something like a modification work is required since his engine is not running smoothly.

All i can lend is my support, from a distance. He has been a good friend to me, even though we both just met back in April 2009. I do pray that you'll get healthy bor...

You and me, we have unfinished plan... and we'll drink to that when I am back home.

You hang in there bor... It aint the End till it's End.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Old Year End 2009

Year End 2009…

Frankly, I should’ve post this event first, before the New Year post right, but.. whaddaheck…

It was one chill night, me and my friend settle for dinner at Chilli’s at Hiranandani. Some 10 minute from where I stay at Nahar’s Amrith Shakti. I was there a bit early. An hour and a half early. So while waiting by the roadside and looking all all those people with happy faces, I decided to chill in front of a shop. Well actually, it is a liquor shop. World of Spirit is its name.

3 can of Strong Kingfisher and it is a tall can.. full pint. Strong means, 8% alcohol content. As much as Guinness Stout in KL. Dang! I miss good black beer. I’m a bit tipsy for dinner. But still managed to eat some nachos and a bottle of Foster.

And this cost INR4500… 72.5% Alcohol content.

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010…

I don’t really celebrate the New Year, left alone celebrating the 2009 year end. Particularly because I’m here, a place I don’t feel I belong to.
The start of the New Year, I went to this fish market. Well, actually it is just few rundown stall by the roadside selling fresh fishes and vegetables. But, it’s okay, can get most of the stuff I need. Owh yeah, most… as since now that I’ve been staying in Mumbai, I have to modify some of the recipe I used to cook when I was in KL. It’s still taste okay. One can’t be too choosy when one is in an alien place. (But, why the heck come n stay here in Mumbai… darn it!)

Bought some fishes, chicken and beef. And lunch was chicken tomyam.
Chicken… yes they sell very very very fresh chicken okay. It’s in fact alive! Pick which one you prefer, they weigh the chicken, they chop the neck and process it. Walla… there goes your chicken in a plastic bag.
And mind you, there’s no electronic or mechanical weigh machine here. They still rely on those old school counter-weight typed weigh machine.

This is some part of everyday life in Mumbai.
The part everyone sees on TV simply doesn’t exist. That’s just a dream.

And it is a nightmare for me…