Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where is where?

Last Sunday, I head down to South Mumbai for a brunch event at Indigo Restaurant, located in an alley just behind the fame Taj Hotel. Had good food, at least a day away from masala-inspired food and that bottle of champagne. Somehow, I don't feel I am in Mumbai, at least for that few hour.

In the evening, I head down to Kola Ghada Art Festival, somewhere in South Mumbai too. An event where all arts lover, took to the street to exhibit from the smallest of small to biggest of all. Well, there's a replica of Eiffel Tower there. I did enjoyed my time there, snapping pictures.

I am seeing more and more of this town. But the conclusion remains the same.

I feel trapped.

I have to go somewhere, but where?

There's always a moment in time, in one life, we are stuck when in fact we are not. We feel we are moving and in actuality, we are stagnant. We feel it is a dream, but everything seem real. We feel like winning, or losing for that matter, but in fact we are yet to leave the starting line. Sigh!

... let it be for now, and enjoy the smell of cuppa coffee.

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