Monday, June 22, 2009

Heading South...

I'm now at a junction where the light is switched off. Yes, it has been a bleak months in Malaysia. Was working without paid for couple of months and now, I've been terminated from the very same Company I've pledged my support to, upon completion of the project in Dubai. Stupid me to have stayed on and trusted such a human being being the Company.

Anyway, it is now time for me to continue my journey. I have been quite in silent mode for the past couple of months, since I came back from Dubai to again, reside in Kuala Lumpur. No part particular reason I shall state here, just simply LAZY. Actually, I've been busy, riding, meeting friends, visiting places and now... looking for job!

It may sound as simple as it may! 10years of experience under my belt, so should be darn easy for me to land a job. But, somehow, it is not as simple as it should sound! Time is bad, so all the people said. Economy is bad, as they keep on saying. Opportunities are there but it's limited. And the thought of attending interview... it's pretty daunting.

But heck, it is something I gotta face.

Any journey will have its bump. I had mind... as a matter of a fact, I'm facing the bump at the moment. And it seem to be quite a huge one.

This journey gonna be very interesting.. I said to myself. It has always been, am I right? This time, it really pushed me to the brink of... I was a bout to type in EXTINCTION but somehow I know, it sound too darn dramatic, eh?.. anyway... the situation I am in now, really testing me, be cool, the pressure, stress and whatnot! But again, without such a pressure, what's there in live? right? So i thought!.

Friends has been the most important part of my life these days. They are there for me, come hell or high water, well, not literally though. But, there are there.

So, it is time for me, to choose which route I should head to. I have a couple of months to survive on the funds or whatever I have left in me now. I have no time to waste anymore, which I clearly understand the pressure that I am facing now.

I know what I should do, now... but I don't know how.

I wish I met the Blind man. Teach me how to see!