Friday, July 27, 2007

Something Fishy, fishee, fishey

Friday the 27th of July 2007.

Woke up at 9am to the smell of nasi lemak. Yup, nasi lemak in dubai. Haven!
The rest of the day was like a gloomy day (well the sun still shine as bright though), dunno wut to do. Reading some blog on my bed. I worked for full 6 days, 12 to 15 hours a day and been waiting for an off day. But when the day really come.... nuthing happened. I guess my life is getting bored.

Anyway, with no plan and my French roommate is still snoring, i decided to follow one of my housemate, go to the fish market, to buy some fish, vege and fruit. After an hour walking on the wet floor, a place full of indian, we settled for ikan merah (for kari kepala ikan) and ikan pedang (i named it myself). Wonder? well ikan pedang is a fish look like ikan parang but thinner and less boney. Taste good deep fried. Especially if u renjis some sos ikan cap sotong and some sugar and water.. yummy! Some of you know this secret of the way i deep frying a fish.

Fish market situated hear to Gold Souq, an area around Naif Road, famous for textile, Indian and Pakistanis. Gold Souq is totally goldish! (is there such word?). Well, i'm not really into gold. Last time i bought them was for my engagement way back in 2005. Row and row of shops selling nuthing else but gold. The price, around Dhs82 per gram inclusive of handling charges for 22 karat gold, equivalent to grade 916. This area is i think as big as Masjid India area and all shops sell gold, hence the Gold Souq.

My weekend end at 9pm... very abrupt!

Oh yeah, i have with me 2kg of cherry... (damn it's hard to get cherry nowadays) i'll be bz with Cedric tonite... with Smirnoff and cranberry and apple juice.

Absofuckinglutely bliss!

Monday, July 23, 2007

That Grand Canyon Trip 2007

The sight of mighty rock formation raise high above sea level, deep Canyon with a river flowing, cliff as high as KLCC Twin Tower faced with tonnes and tonnes of red rock and the whole area is a barren land. No sight of life form living except for some tuyuk, pok katok and pok kor. That were the scene greeted my friends and I when we first Arrived at the Grand Canyon on Friday.

Reality check, again... Well, the scene, which greeted me on Friday were more or less like what I’ve described just now, except for the place name is Al Ain. And it's not barren, there're plenty of life form there and dates, lots and lotsa dates... And Pakistanis too. Al Ain situated some 100km from Dubai, a town built by Sheikh Zayed some thousand of years back It’s located in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. Hmm well, actually, maybe he built it somewhere in 1800s or 1900s, I don't know. Don't really dig into this country history that much. Thousand of years sound more dramatic for a story, don't you think? Anyway, I arrived there around 5pm and headed to Al Ain Oasis right away. Main reason of going there is to go to this particular Oasis. It's not a nomad community or Bedouin village but a dates farm. Not where you'll find your date but where you'll be eating the dates. Okay, not that kinda 'eat' okay, eat the date as in fruit. It's a big farm, some hundreds of acre I thing with a superb road system and full of Pakistanis. We bought a stack of date for dh10, freshly cut from the tree.

Upon exiting one of the farm exits, I came across two camels and a horse stable, which was full of shit. But since that was the first time I’m seeing a camel, couldn't help but to snap some pixies. Next to the small stable is a goat market. Goat market is a market where herdsmen’s sell goats, pretty obvious I think. Oh, anyway, the herdsmen’s are Pakistanis. There’re big goat and small goat, and some sheep. At least, that's what I called the entire goat. Smelly creature! My friend, who stayed in Sudan before and have some knowledge bout goat's family tree, told me that this is goat, that is garoof, that one is khibas, beside it is lamb and there rest is Pakistanis. We end up purchasing a brown color goat for dh300. So cute, but 10minute after that the goat end up dead! Slaughtered! Huar huar huar (please laugh in sinister mode, thank you).

Before we left Al Ain, we all when to a mountain called Jabeel Hafeet. Bout 1000m or more in height and the journey was like driving up to Genting, minus the cold weather and that superfast sentra taxi. It's a mountain with a hotel on top, minus the casino, of course. The view was splendid, I supposed, if there's no dust/haze of cloud. It does remind me of my trip to Mount Berinchang last February, driving up for a nice view but was greeted with cloud which pretty much covered the scene. The short trip ended around 8pm after we head down from the mountain and stopped at the mountain’s toe at Green Muqarrabah. A nice garden and river stream. Full of peoples. Didn't managed to snap any nice night view photo as I don't have the tripod with me, darn!

Anyway, tomorrow will be having goat for dinner, which is by now, appropriately called mutton. And sad thing is, I can't really eat mutton that much cos it make my blood doesn’t goes upstairs’ or goes up to much. Does this mean I’m having high blood pressure or low blood pressure symptom? But never had that problem when I eat the cow meat. Hmm hopefully not, or else I can't eat that juicy Korea meat anymore. Yummy So kalbe.

I traveled here and there but I’m getting nowhere. I just wanna go home.

Friday, July 20, 2007

When i'm Grey And Old...

When I’m grey and old…

When you were young, time seem to be standstill and each moment passes by slowly. At the age of early thirty, I’m still single and very much available, even though I’m now started to accept the fate that I might be single. Have to get used to term alone and lonely. Anyway, as I sit here in my site office facing the mirror, running my fingers thru my hair (which are turning into red color) I noticed that among those nicely colored red hair, there’re grey hair, aplenty. Am I old? Nope, but I am growing older and living in Dubai for the past 3 months mean, no sex for quite some times. Well, books said sex could make one look younger and stuff like that. Hm where is my baby yum yum?

Here in Dubai, summer has maketh me a tanned person! Well I don’t really like being tanned, but some of my friends said I look better with tanned skin. Dunno, maybe they are right. After this year summer I think I’ll be a zebra, dark on the outside and fair on the inside… if you know wut I mean. Come summer, come cherry season and it’s considered as cheap, at Dh21 per kg. And the cherry taste dat damns good.

Last nite, while on the way back from Union Coop (a local supermarket) buying the cherry, there on the radio the deejay played Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. Both my roommate, Cedric, and me were almost brought down to tears. Tear, thinking of our girlfriend in Malaysia. (As if I have one, but for me, at least I have peoples I love, period!). Each and everyday, both of us will be talking bout going back to Malaysia as we misses our life there. Yup, my friend is a French but falling in love with a Philippina living in Malaysia, and he love Malaysia so much. And I only can go back somewhere in November, and it has to be on 2nd week or 3rd week only… some of you will know why I choose 2nd and 3rd week.

My last blog post was on 3rd July 07 and I wrote something which made me feel sad, becos at the same date last year, I learnt of something which.. well never mind, nothing else matter, as I’m moving on.

Anyway, 3 months to go before I can go home to Malaysia and 3 months of total agony. By then I think I’ll grow grey hair like Mr. Fantastic.

1.05am, Friday morning, after a brief lepaking session at Jumeirah Beach, I’m here bout to go to sleep and dream of wonderful moments. Jumeirah Beach seems to be located in Cebu instead of Dubai….. Full of Phillipinos tonight.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Dubai Summer Surprises....

Dubai Summer Surprises…..

Here I am again, writing my rants for you all, whoever you are, wherever you live and here in the hot desert in the Middle East, it’s fiesta time! Called Dubai Summer Surprises, with the mascot aptly named Modhesh (and I don’t even know what does it means). It more or less looks like Michelin’s mascot Birbendum.

DSS is a 2 months long festival, lined up by the Dubai Tourism to attract foreigners, especially from the cold West to come here and splurge the Dollar. While most of UAE nationals are heading out of town due to hot weather. Temperature is expected to rise to 50 degree C. Most of the flight tickets to Malaysia, for example, are fully booked till end August. So here I am, stuck in this part of the world and enjoying DSS. Till now, I still can’t figure out why does peoples from all corner of the world come here to Dubai, either to work, stay, vacation or whatever. I mean, this place is hot to an extend the normal tap water will burn your arse (well, you have to wash the shit after you shit right? And seriously, it does burnt your cute arse (or the front section) if you are not careful in handling the speed of the water). One thing good is that, you have hot water all day long, even at nite.

Enjoying DSS? Well, not quite, as I don’t really earn dat much to be able to spend my penny like the Mat Salleh does. But, for the past few days, I did get myself some things. Something like, two pair of Energie jeans, tables and lamp from Ikea, good wine in Hard Rock CafĂ© (again!), a pair of Geox shoe. And next in line will be that red hooded sweater hanging in Emporio Armani boutique. The damages.. Energie jeans, Dhs715 & Dhs650, IKEA stuffs Dhs300, wine and baby tee for Dania Dhs300, Geox shoe Dhs645 and the Armani sweat shirt will set me back Dhs650. Well, before I came here, I said it to myself, no more shopping for me at least for a year as I need to clear my debts and save some penny for my new house. But, life is sooooo darn bored here in Dubai and during summer, the only place I can visit are the shopping malls. Period!

Okay… reality checked! DSS, is also where most of the malls having part sale. Geox shoe for Dhs225, Energie jeans for Dhs215 & Dhs260, Ikea stuffs for Dhs200 and HRC bill, still stand at Dhs300 (Aged wine do come with a price!). Oh yeah, I’m not that crazy to buy a sweat shirt for Dhs650. The Emporio Armani sweatshirt is on 50% discount and the price is Dhs325. Hmmmm good bargain eh? Well, hopefully I won’t incur any further damages to my unstable financial status, so do I really need to buy that sweatshirt? Well, since today I felt cheated, I think tomorrow I’ll go n grab that sweatshirt.

Since I came back from Muscat, I’ve been looking for a medium to publish my pics but couldn’t come to a term. I used to upload all pics on but too bad the webpage was block by the Government here. Was thinking on or I’ve moved to a new villa, a gated community named Arabian Ranch, a smart villa with a touch screen on the wall, controlling the electrical switches in the house. The houses here are like ‘kotak’ (Fyda: no relation to ur anak sedara comel ok), like the houses on an Oasis. Shared a room with the French guy. It’s a nice house with 2000plus channel on the tube. I even have a Thai channel on the list and some interesting channel, 69 TV, Arab Sex TV, LiveArab, Hotsex yada yada yada and channel from Italy, Russia, France, all Arab countries. And 24hrs broadband Internet connection at home but without wireless connection (still working on it) and I can test my webcam after this. Yeah, bought it two weeks ago in Muscat but yet to have the chance to use it.

And for the past week, I’m learning to speak to the Pakistanis, Indian and Japanese, using sign language. Daunting task okay!. Yup, I have to handle two Engineers from the Client side who are Japanese and can’t speak English at all. But he respect the fact that I’m from Malaysia and the fact that I know Goku and Doraemon. And since I know a little bit of Japanese language, so making talking to both of them an interesting encounter. But with the Pakistan and Indian general workers who doesn’t know English, I bantai speak Melayu je….

3 months here and I’m still thinking why the heck I chose to work here (if I earn Dhs30k a month ok le). Malaysia is another 3 months away. I’m so eager to go back to Malaysia and meet you.

But, I have another offer in line… Working in Australia, which I’m really hoping that it will materialize. But, if it does, I hafta find a way to get out of Dubai. My return Etihad’s ticket is valid til November but all seats are fully booked till end August. Well, if I got the job, I have to go to another country, a diversion, in order to go back to Malaysia.

Hmm…. Maybe Venice.

Nice song on my pod, “No one know what’s it like to be mistreated, dishearten … behind the lies”… The wording are full of meaning applied to me currently as my Angel flew away with the pig.

Anyway, i've promised to upload some photos... go to