Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Hangover

I feel like... aaarrrghhhh....

I wanna write, I wanna write,
But I don't have the right idea.

I wanna ride, I wanna ride,
But I don't have the bike, just yet.

I'm right, I'm right,
But something I'm wrong,
And people do wronged me.

My right eye feel like it has been punched!
My eye ball seem to be reddish!


Should I just return to where I feel I have the sense of belonging?
But the question is....


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dizziness of the Winding Road

I when back home yesterday, from a hectic day in office. Suddenly, it hit me, right smack in the middle of my mind, that I'm 32 this year (not exact, but will be soon in a couple of month, before the year end). And I'm here, which I term as nowhere, a place I called, neither here nor there. I think I'm one of the few (or maybe not that few) those who are unlucky. Unlucky to have a family, just yet. But the other kind, the kind who have a family already, term us, the lucky one. Lucky for still being a single. Anyway, as for me, I miss those time coming back to a home, having a kid waiting for me and my partner kissing my lip. Somehow when I speak of them, it sound more imaginary rather than real! But I do used to have kid, a baby Persian mixed Siamese cat, hmm well not so a baby, he was darn big. But manja like a baby.

Anyway, the point here is, at which point in your life, you should settle down? Prior to being 32, I used to think that by 30, I should've been married and starting a family. And most of my single-more-than-30-years-old friend, doesn't seem to care that much bout starting a family, anymore.

Can being a single be term as settling down too?

Well, as much as I wanna agree with all those who gonna say 'Relax, for a guy, your still young' yada yada yada.... Be in our shoe or shoes, then you'll know how young is young.

Will God send me an Angel? I am still hoping for it.

But rest assured, if I'm destined to be single, then I'll be the AngeL.

Just a rant.. I am soo need to have a cuppa latte.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's time to ride on...

My last post, mid of last month, I was frustrated as the bike I wanna buy, was a no deal! Anyway, it turn out to be 'the-start-of-everything'. Since then until now, there're a few of bikes was advertised. So now, I have few choices. But the one caught my eyes was the RM70,000 Harley Davidson FXDWG. Coolest. Coolness. Not so cool price tag though, darn-ness!

Anyway, it's still a no deal, period. I need to secure a loan from a bank or anyone to own it. Anyway, still working on it! And while I am still on this topic, now that I'm really set to buy a bike, I'm a bit confused with the way things are heading. I'm supposed to hear back to Malaysia by mid October, after completing the 18months contract period here in Dubai, but now it has been confirmed that my services are still needed here, hence I'm required to come back to Dubai after my October break. Hopefully it'll start on 6th October and end after 14days of hanging out with my girlfriend(s). Well, if I were to buy that RM70K bike, it is kinda okay for me to come back to Dubai and earn more money (as most of my saving will go to the bike, already). November I'll be in Dubai and My birthday, I'll be in Dubai, still. But hopefully, i can be with you in KL to celebrate New Year.

Anyway, my current company is trying to get a job in Bahrain. Dunno how does Bahrain look like, but it seem to be a small country, kinda quiet, I supposed, if compared to Dubai. But they host one leg of F1 every year. Go Figure! And the biking scene over there is kinda amazing too...

And... at the end of last week (yeah my week end on Thursday and start on Saturday, a bit confusing eh?), I was, unofficially offered an offer to work in Dubai with a Japanese company. SSSSShhhhhhhhh! Don't tell my Boss, just yet (Heck, this is a public blog anyway!). Anyway, it is just an UNOFFICIAL OFFER.

SO, there it goes, does my future hang in a balance? I doubt! I was fucked off a shitty love life, and I'm set to be back to KL as a biker, and seriously planning to get a Harley (I'm close to it, just need a right bike), or spend another year or two in this desert, either Bahrain or Dubai. Should I choose the later, no point of me buying a bike in KL, as I can buy it here. But it'll mean, riding in the night or during the winter only as one can't ride Harley in the summer, that'll COOK your balls! Choose to be in KL, will mean, if I get my bike, I'll definitely enjoy riding in my own country, with green scenery all over, but I'll definitely be out of fund!

I guess, it is correct, once you earn this much, it is kind difficult to return and work for less money. Damn you money! You are not everything, you are not the utmost important, but you are damn sure is SOMETHING!

So now, I am thinking...