Thursday, October 1, 2009

KLBR09 Promo trip.. continuation (Part Two)

After the fun hoooo haaa in Pattaya, we drove off to Bangkok, leaving our souls behind in Pattaya!

First night in Bangkok, upon arrival, we visiting R Infinity Bike Shop (I think that's the name) in LatPhrao, before checking into the hotel nearby. Nuthing much we managed to do that night, as Bangkok is too packed and none of us know how to go about in Bangkok. But we end up having dinner somewhere on Sukhumvit Road, where all Arab roam! (..and make me feel like I'm in Dubai again!)

Saturday in Bangkok. The promo tour continue its journey to Bangkok Harley Davidson, Big Twin Bangkok, Triumph Showroom and VS Speed (after a series of lost and found and lost again). next stop was Pan_Shovel Workshop (owned by Bandidos EastendsMC) where all the cool bikes are. Dare i said, so far, of all the bike I've seen, Pan_Shovel is the coolest (ol'skool rock!). We end the day promo by heading to Chatuchak, the biggest weekend market one can ever imagine! It's darn huge, I think the whole floor area of Midvalley and Garden will fit nicely there! One can basically buy all sort of thing here, be it pet, exotic animal, cloth, used stuffs, decoration, painting bla bla bla... But prior to that, we stopped by at L.A Choppers shop at JJ Mall. At Chatuchak, the task is to meet Captain Jack Sparrow and Dinosaurs MC. Later that night, we head to bro Ying of Ying Youngterk Tattoo shop (just nearby) and chilled before we all head to Rachada night market and later Sanam Luang (a park in front of King palace). At Rachada we all bumped into a bunch of reggae groupie and noticed that one of them is Roi Diew (a performer) and a couple of American Muscle for sale... at a night market!

Sunday was a relaxed day and I've decided not to get too tired for later evening trip back to Kuala Lumpur. And since Sunday is a rest day, none of the shop opened. But we still managed to find Thor's Custom and leave the poster at it's door. We head back to Chatuchak as we failed to locate Jack Sparrow yesterday. After everything is done, we left Bangkok town at about 6pm and it's heavy rain! 12am, we arrived at Chumphon for a quick breakfast.. a quick one which lasted for two hours. The next six hour trip to haadyai was a very tiring one, but we still managed to reached haadyai safe and sound, for a roti canai breakfast. And the next 6 hour, we spent driving on Malaysia's soil! Such a bliss to be back home.

Nine days in Thailand, it was a tiring fun trip. Tiring as we covered almost 4000km. Fun because of all us, cracked jokes all the time. And the true meaning of the trip is meeting local people, be it hippies, bikers, rastafarian, naked girls, everyday people and whatnot.. they all have one thing if common... peace and love.

Thanx Red Garage for the trip.

Thailand is really land of smile.