Saturday, January 12, 2008


"I'm going home, to a place where i belong"... Doughtry

It's 11th January today... a rainy day. It rained since yesterday. And kindly chilled! Make me feel lazy to wake up and go to work. Rain.. and particularly due to it's 3 days left for me before my flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

It's rainy season here in Dubai and it's muddy on the road. Dubai doesn't has any drainage system, so all the pouring water from the sky will clogged on the road, that plus the dust and sand, creating sort of mud.

Gloomy weather, 13degree to 18degree Celsius everyday.. hmm kinda love the coldness, but what matter most, I'll be heading home, soon and very soon.

Wonder, what shall i eat, first... kinda crave for lala...

And who can give me the lala treat...?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Finale...Grand Finale...Grandier Finale...Grandiest Finale

31 December 2007...
The end on one long year. Long.. as there has been lots of events occured, pleaseant and unpleaseant, sweet and bittersweet, painful and grateful, so much that i'm really eager to usher in the new year.

The year 2008. What will it bring?

Stuck in Dubai for most of the celebrated public holiday in Malaysia... the 50th Independence Day, both Eid celebration, Labor Day, Christmas, and now New Year, i insist on going to Jumeirah Beach to witness the famed firework over Burj Al Arab. Arrived at the beach around 11ish pm, and get a nice spot but one thing slack was that, i didn't bring my tripod along. And capturing night mode imagines using just your hand... hmmm kinda frustrating. Anyway, when the clock stroked midnight, the gallow sound of drums indicating the new year has been ushered. And there goes the thundering raw of thousand of spectator voices. Happy New Year!

And the magical firework started..... for a strong 20minutes (i think). Managed to capture some of the show in camera mode and the rest were shot in video mode. Superb, finale and grand finale...

Well, everybody thought that the last bang was the grand finale... not till the second round of blast, even louder than the first, fired up to the sky. A grandier finale then previous moment.

The grandest.... well, two simultaneous blast, banging the dark sky, accompanied by laser display of ... well.. something.

It was the most extravagance firework i ever witness... shoot.. it were! The firework were blasted from two location, side by side, working simultaneously throughout the show. Hmm it was a great night, to be on the sandy beach with so many people, from i think, no less than 20 countries.

The draw back... traffic jam!

Anyway... it's 2008 now. What shall i expect of 2008? Well, i don't know, really. I'm over 30 now and still without a family. So maybe i ought to start a family. Or maybe it's just a maybe. Always hope for the best right?

Can't wait to be back again, in two weeks time. To a new place i shall call home.