Friday, October 17, 2008

in Exile

Love one left you,
Work pressure,

All these in one go, can break a man. It does break me (But guess that no one will bother, any more). Maybe I am not strong enough, but again, when you've placed as much effort as a person can imagine, and suddenly you're pushed to a conner with a marking on you forehead saying "I Don't Want You Any More", you do feel like your world is coming to an end. Yes everyone has their own reason in deciding next course of action, but am I not too good to be part of that decision?

As a matter of a fact, this year, I keep on breaking actually, rather continuously. I'm starting to accept the fact that I can make people happy for a moment of time, and when they are done with me, I will be left alone... in the air.

Frustration can sometimes help a man decide on what he want. Apparently, when you are breaking down, your sense of thinking doesn't really work. The result of this? An Exile.

Single seat, good performance. Money paid and just waiting for me to go back to KL and enjoy the ride. Since all the well planned holiday has been busted yesterday, this is one thing which can make me occupy the 12days stay in KL. Previous owner named it Sportster Exile. I shall name it Pornster. Well, I do have to learn how to ride again, as it was 4 years ago since the very last time I rode a big bike.

Anyway, it will be fun... I have to cheer myself up, am I?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

AngeL with Broken Wing

16th October 2008...
Twelve days from my ETD to KL.
I'm prepared to be with my AngeL.
I've planned what we gonna do.

And yet, luck is not on my side, as always.
She decided to move away from me.
It's for her own good, if I'm gone. Because, why should I be around, if she already in love with someone else. That guy should be better than me.

Anyway, as always... I'm the one who has been fucked.
2nd July 08, 16th Oct 08... all the dates with same event. Sigh!
And yes, life has to goes on.

In the arms of an angel
Fly away from here
From this dark cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You’re in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort there

This vacation. Hmm I might just cancel it, I think. Do I have any other reason to go for vacation?

Well... I'll be free as a bird then.


Thank you ... you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In The Arm Of An AngeL

14days to go..

I'll be flying on the jet plane again, heading East, to where I belong.
Excited! Can't describe much further. Excited!

My main aim... to spend time with you as much as I can. Yes I know, I was not there for the most of 2008.

My second aim... buy a bike.

..and it left me thinking, I am at the tail-end of this stay in Dubai, so what's next?... Accept the current standing offer in Dubai, or Bahrain. Heck! I want to go back to KL. But again, with current uncertainty shrouded the economy of the world, it might be hard to land a good job in KL. But anyway, my course of riding always change, depending on the situation and future incidents.

Talking bout incidences... I've become blunt towards other, and more content towards my own self. Which I think I should have done as such, long long time back. But I don't. Maybe my existence is to make you happy, I don't know.

Anyway, 12days in Malaysia. A short period of time and I have to fully plan what I want to do. I didn't visit my parent during the last vacation in June. So this time, my first activity is to fly back to Kota Bharu the very next day I'm in KL and spend the first weekend in Malaysia, with my parent in Terengganu and Kelantan. The rest will be KL. I've cancelled my Singapore or Bangkok plan as time is too short. I've cancelled by Redang plan as it is Monsoon season in November. I think it is best for me to lounge at my crib in Kota Damansara, considering I've paid rm13,000 mortgage payment this year and I've stayed there, so far for accumulative of 6 days! Part and parcel of working abroad I guess.

Oh yeah, third aim... the Angel.. well, actually... Angels. I have to plan to visit 4 Angels. Arghh time is, again, short....

But what shall I get for them eh?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Airis Delisha Story...

Congratulation Ija...
I'm sorry to learn bout ur princess..

The following was taken from Lily Hashim facebook.. i do share her grievances.
When will a Malaysia Professional Quality be really a Professional Quality product?

Godspeed. Amen.

Poor baby Airis Delisha,

As announced the other day, my sister Liza has just had a beautiful baby girl. However, her baby hasn't been very healthy and has been admitted to the hospital again for Jaundice . Her condition is quite weak as her weight is decreasing down quickly.

Both baby and mom are having local treatment at Serdang Hosp. I wish for your kind prayers for little Airis Delisha to come back home safely.

I'm also concern about the quality held at the hospital. I was told that Serdang Hosp has lack of "this and that" in term of services and equipments providing not forgetting to mention that they have made some silly mistakes by advising my sister to deliver her baby quickly (at the same day she had her final routine check up) as her baby was too big, around 3.8kg. My sister was induced for 3times but has surrendered for a C-sec delivery as the induction procedures has made her too weak to have a normal delivery. At the end when the baby was born at only 2.5kg! At a very tiny weight with a minor Jaundice baby Airis was discharged from hosp without a proper advice and references as what a new mother usually needs.

Apart of all that happened on that day, I wonder why all of the nonsense happened again and again to every generation we have?
Where are the paperworks of every procedures put on the patient? Didn't they supposed to scan the and write down the final weight of the baby before deciding to induce? And why didn't they use proper gear to reduce the unnecessary pain on the patient , Why aren't there any pre and post natal education held? Why husbands weren't allowed to be with his wife helping the labour? Why husbands weren't informed about the labour procedurals and risks? Why leave everything to the wifes while we are trying hard to fight the pain! It's common sense that when we're sick we can't think properly and we are unstable to make any decision and for that respect practitioners that received great education in medics should also include husbands or at least one of family member to sit down with the patient while discussing the procedures that will or will not happen on the delivery day. Most importantly you must be honestly doing your work professionally as you dealing with humans for God sake! It;s about saving one's life!

It's upsetting to see all the silly mistakes and sarcasms still held esp at govt hospitals. We don't want a first class treatment, but just enough for the practitioners to at least respect and deliver their work as professional as possible. Like a mother always told her children to talk nicely, respect people around you, do not harm things and bla...bla...bla as all living creatures have feelings. Human to human communications should held in respect.

Because of all of these, people tend to spend tons of money for a private hosp. And it has becoming a trend that people prefer for a private hosp that they they believe to get proper services and equipment they needed. But how do you know it's gonna be good in private one if the mentality and behaviour has not been yet been improved? It should be realised by now that because it has becoming a trend in the community, therefore it is not healthy way of life. Having children demands so much preparation and where possible we do need to save money for so much things for them. But if every time we had to spend at least rm10,000 only for a trendy labour, guess how much we have wasted for 3-4x labours?

Public are increasing becoming more sophisticated by formal and informal education we just want a fair, organised, professional humanely treatment to everyone that is sick. No more carelessness, no more sarcasm and no more fairy tales or 'cerita atuk nenek' transmitted please... And to those in maternity ward in m;sia, 'please hand me my baby as gentle as your mother care for you for 9months'.

That's all I can say, No offence but it's happened and it's true and it needs a fullstops!

My prayer to my sister and her baby Airis always.