Saturday, December 22, 2007

of Life...

Past midnite, early morning 22nd December 2007. Reading some friends blog and listening to the ipod. Hmm can't seem to close my eyes and enter the ya-ya wonderland. Suddenly it dawn to me, a year almost end and what has i accomplished in 2007. Nuthing much and I'm now wasting my time in Dubai.

I'm now 31 and will be 32 next year. Hmm i should be able to do the following:
1. Clear my debts in 4months time
2. Buy a new car (don't really need one, but just wanna get rid of Waja)
3. Maintain and decorate my new house
4. Buy a Harley here in Dubai
5. Vacation in Europe
6. Beaching in Maldives with my love one
7. Find a love one
8. And adopt a daughter.

Suddenly, the song played on my pod...

It's time to let you go
It's time to say goodbye
There's no more excuses
No more tears to cry
There's been so many changes
I was so confused
All along you were the one
All the time I never knew
I want you to be happy
You're my best friend
But it's so hard to let you go now
All that could have been
I'll always have the memories
She'll always have you
Fate has a way of changing
Just when you don't want it to

Throw away the chains
Let love fly away
Till love comes again
I'll be okay

Life passes so quickly
You gotta take the time
Or you'll miss what really matters
You'll miss all the signs
I've spent my life searching
For what was always there
Sometimes it will be too late
Sometimes it won't be fair

I won't give up
I won't give in
I can't recreate what just might have been
I know that my heart will find love again
Now is the time to begin

I can't hold on forever baby
I'll be okay

This song always make me cry...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Eid Mubarak ... But where's the water?

Long weekend here in Dubai. 18th December, Arafat Day. 19th December, Eid. 20th December, 2nd day of Eid. 21st is Friday. 4 days for relaxation and plain relaxation.

But... where's the water? Where's the damn water? Woke up on the 18th morning just to realise that the tap is already dried. No water at all, except for the tap at the garage. Hmm, it's a bit of helter skelter you see. Water is the utmost important and such a neccessity that you don't mind to leave your day without electricity, but water? Hmm.. and why, oh why.. of all the days, the water chose to be dried on holiday?!

Anyway, on the first day without water, we all head to Jumeirah Beach and bathe and sunbathe. The beach was superb, clear warm water and we had our space. Blissful and total relaxation.

The second day... settled for shower in the pool at Terranova, Arabian Ranch. That's my housing area. A cluster of villas.

Third day, shower in the toilet at home with a long hose connected to the tap at the garage. At nite, pool again. Warm water with cool breeze. Really maketh your birdie shrinked!

The fourth day, pool again...

And really hope that there'll be no fifth day.

Total relaxation, at home with no plan of going anywhere but did settled for alfresco dining at home. On Tuesday night, bored of having rice and proper meal for dinner, i decided to buy some sweet potatoes and tapioca. Boiled it and prepare a dip made of grind coconut mixed with sugar and salt. Yummy! Remind me of Naili's. With some samosa fried and black coffee, the dinner was set at the balcony, under the star and cold breeze. It was that damn chilled... And yeah, there were candles light.

Since everyone doesn't really celebrate Eid here in Dubai, we suggested to have a BBQ party at home, which was later cancelled due to 'insufficient' water supply. But since all the stuffs for the BBQ has been purchased, i decided to go ahead with the party, but just for housemates. Grilled some chicken, mutton rib, sirloin steak and hotdog. Again, another alfresco dining on Wednesday night.

Snapped lotsa photos too.

The 3rd day of this long weekend end at Starbuck Jumeirah Road. Our favorite coffee place to be in for thursday night. Get to watch lotsa cars and bikes. And for the first time, seen a Bugatti Veyron on the road! Nice car.

The last day of the total relaxation days, end up at home doing nuthing other than swimming pool. And the dinner was something a little bit Malaysian. I prepared a type of burger, which really taste like Burger daging special... Malaysian roadside stall style! Splendid!

And here i am now, in my room alone. Yup, i get this room to myself now, alone. Yeay! Thinking of wut should i do when i'm back in KL this 15th January. Hmmm 10days, kinda short eh? Anyway, my main agenda this time is to get my house sorted out.

My new crib, hmm dunno if everything is still intact, or otherwise. It has been awhile since the last time my ex-colleague visited the house. I wish i can have someone constantly visiting my house and someone willing to sincerely help me to look after the house. Hmm draw back of being single and working abroad. Maybe i should just sell it off. Anyway, i'll be making a decision when i'm back next month.

This is sad as thinking bout the fate of my house and all my stuffs in it really make me worried. Hmm *sigh*

Monday, December 17, 2007

a nite at Hard Rock Cafe Dubai

14th December 2007, after the trip back from Festival City, it was around 9pm and everyone already tired, so we decided to head home. So basically, nuthing much happened for the nite i was 30th 364days old.

The very next day, on 15th December, at night, after done cooking the rice vercimelli soup (Meehun sup la), some of my friend insist on having supper at Hard Rock. So to Hard Rock we go (or went...)! Arrived at HRC Dubai around 11ish pm, kinda easy to get a table. Just look at where we sat that nite! Anyway, had a good chocolate brownie with ice cream and a jug of Kilkenny beer. The band was entertaining!

The band... hmmm it is a culture at HRC Dubai, that anyone celebrating birthday, will be called up to the stage and will be asked to blow a candle... placed on top of whipped cream. So, this friend on mine, wrote something on a paper and passed it to the singer, can't recall what her name was. She's Aussie. Sweet girl with a good voice and antic. So she called me up to the stage, alongside 2 more guys.

And this was the result!

Was a good nite, at least there's something on my birthday night.

And i did get a kiss on my cheek! yeay! Well, from a stranger.

Now, two days has passed, and received an mms from a friend back in KL, wishing me "Happy Belated Birthday: U r old and Gersang.". And the mms contained picture of clam. LOL!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Porn 15:12

Came back from a dream walk at Ikea at Dubai Festival City last nite around 9pm. (Sort of equivalent to Ikano Power Center in Malaysia). Watched Passion of The Christ on my ibook, while waiting for the clock to turn 12am.

00:00Hrs 15th December 2007, i'm officially 31. Well kinda turned 31 twice last nite. Malaysia is 4hours earlier, at 20:00hrs i recieved my first birthday song from KL. And the rest were at 00:00hrs... 01:00hrs. Can't really sleep last nite, but i do thanks all of you who stayed up late just to wish me happy birthday. I'm now a year older, a year wiser. Am i?

Celebration? Hmm lemme think, yesterday.... nuthing happen except for that bowl of fries at New York Fries and the hotdog, not as good as 1901 though. Stroll inside the dreamland for all new house owner... Ikea, imagining on how my new crib will be decorated. Tempted to buy a leather jacket, but again better safe the money for the Bose speaker or iPhone. Or just Bose? Hmm... think! think! Well, i guess that when you are far away from the person you love, you tend not to think much on celebrating your birthday. Somehow, this has become like just another day and date. Anyway, i should be happy and thankful that i'm healthy still, to date.

So now, what should i get myself for my birthday gift?

Sony Ericsson P1?
LG Viewty KU990?
Harley Davidson Sportster?

Hmm.... somehow i think i just want to have you as my gift...

Friday, December 14, 2007

31 years of living

14 December 2007... I'm here on this planet earth for 30 years and 364days. I'll be 31 tomorrow. And come 2008, i gonna be 32. Such a big figure i reckoned.

Since my last post, somewhere last month, i was a bit tied up with works. New scope of works. I was promoted to Deputy Project Manager effective 1st December 07. With new power, comes new responsibilities, or something like that. And all that while, i dawn to me that, i need a concept or theme for my blog. A theme of what i gonna write about. Hmm it's kinda hard to flesh out new idea and proceed from there, unless i'm fairly clear what my blog is about. And the problem is, even til now, i'm still blurred. But again, when i think deeply about the whole picture, my blog is about my journey. And in my journey, i doesn't know where its' end. Much ado about setting a theme.

My previous post, about friendship, draw lotsa comments among friends and anonymous. I wish to thank all who commented and read my blog.

Birthday plan? I'm asking myself. I'm here in Dubai, no one special to celebrate with, only my co-workers. Am i turning into a dull person? Anyway, i might end up having dinner in Hard Rock tonight and might be asked to step on the stage and blow the candle. Standard Hard Rock Dubai celebration. But guess most probably i'll be home, thingking bout what's next!

Yup, it crossed my mind a few times, in this life, we tend to fall and stand tall. But it's always about, What's Next?

What's Next? Couple of months back, i rigorously submit lotsa application online, to various organisation in Malaysia. Really having the urge to go back and work in KL and thinking that it's not worth all the sacrifice growing up here in this shitty country. Anyway, i'm promoted and circumstances had changed. No matter how suck life in Dubai, for my short term next step, i gonna stay here, well of course, unless i'm offered a better job anywhere else. Choosing a next step is never an easy task to be carried out. All the things happened in our past shall be the guidance or lesson learnt. But do we really look into the past when we're making plan for the future? Well i know i'm not one of those. For me, my next step is just a next step. What comes around, i take it as fate or chance. And in this journey, i'm still searching in the dark, to find my way to someone's heart. All i'm asking for is the stillness of heart. But somehow, post 30th year, i think i'm fated to keep searching in the dark.

As we tried to walk the next step, we somehow, without ever knowing, are walking down memory lanes, down into the path of histories.

And we all, humble HomoSapien, don't really adore own history, do we?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Dubai Motorshow 2007

I was at the Dubai Motorshow 2007 yesterday from 2pm til 5pm at Dubai World Trade Center. Paid the Dh20 entrance fee and photo snapping session begins. The Motorshow is held every two year. For this year, the main reason why i want to visit the exhibition is the World Fastest Car in the world, the Shelby Super Cars ( the Ultimate Aero which can zoom to max speed of 414kmh.

The rest or the marques were Mercedes Benx, with two SLR (one is the 722bhp version) and a nice CLK, Beemer with the Alpina version of 5 and 6 series, Volvo, Land Rover, Mini, Toyota, Honda, Seat, Lamborghini, the Prancing Horse, Lexus, Audi (nice R8), Dodge, GMC, Hummer, Chevrolet, Caddilac, Saab, Kawasaki, Suzuki, West Coast Custom and more or the to marques. The best view in my own opinion was to be able to see Bugatti Veyron from 1m away (and there're two of them). Such a super car.

I've been to numerous car show back in KL, but in KL visitor can only take photo with the cars, not in the cars. Here in Dubai, except for the super duper expensive car, visitor can happily pop open the door and enter the car. I can even sit inside and Aston Martin Vantage and that super duper nice CLK 6.3 AMG. Such a car!

The rest of the show, was about showing new model, loved the Lexus is300, the new Accord and nice c30 Volvo. Well, all in all, i did enjoy the show. I wanted to upload more photo with this post but somehow when i uploaded those two photos, instead of the photo, a wierd code appeared. Anyway, i've uploaded some photos taken yesterday at my photo page

Some of the thing i can do in Dubai. Well living here, not that i can't view the car on the road, but at least for the sake of doing something in this boring part of the world, i tried to enjoy the show. And the best part, i get to snap lotsa photos.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I have a problem!

I can't upload a photo for my blog profile.. how eh?

Anyone, help me!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Friendship Remains And Never Can End... can't it?

Recently, i was at The Mall Of The Emirates, doing nothing but watching people. Nothing much, but i get to see people walking hand in hand, husband and wife, father and son, boyfriend and girlfriend, Pakistan man and Pakistan man, Arab man to Arab man, and it makes me wonder, people live happily because we all love another soul, love is indeed all around us, but why at this age, I'm still lack of love?

Back in KL, i do have a number of close friends. Friends who i can really rely on. And i do have a best friend, who is closed to me for years and still treat me like a piece of shit. And basically, i did managed to create categories of close friend. Friend who i can rely on when I'm sad. Friend who will help me when I'm in need of ... help. Friend who is satisfaction-guaranteed, enjoy to shower or breaking the glass. Friend who love to ask to to be the shopping companion, the travel partner. Friend who enjoy my style of cooking. Friend who enjoy me. All sort of friend. Well, i do have lotsa friend, maybe because I'm friendly but that doesn't stop some out there think that i'm a jerk.

Most of my close friend, are now married with or without children. So basically, that'll maketh me an uncle. I'm an uncle to Dania and Eddin, the 'product' created by my best friend, Ned and wife and Shida and hubby. Okay, before you are confused, both babies were created at different time and location. I've known Ned since 1994, 1st year in UTM, close to him and his family since then. And Shida, i'm close to her since 1997, met her in person in 1998. Travel to Europe together few years back, laid back on the beach together with her wearing that nice bikini (Okay!Okay! I bet Shida will be wondering, since when we traveled together? Ahaks... well something in blog, is created to spice up the storyline). Anyway, She's now happily married with a baby, The Little Giant, Eddin who gonna be 1 on 28th November 07. We are both shoulder to cry on for each other in times of sorrow. Ned, on the other hand, is my close friend, very close with this guy, i was his best man and close to his family. The bestest friend i used to have was Ija, really close to her, known her way back in 1999 and close to her family too. But now, she has moved on, and stay in Melawati.

Well, bottomline is, i always belief that what goes around will comes around. So, no matter how bad the deed were, i still as much possible, doesn't want to have any ill-feeling towards any living soul. Even the fat pig from Melawati. But if people doesn't want to be my friend for any particular reason, then i can't help much cos i don't think i'm able to make all soul happy. My ex-fiancee doesn't want to be my friend anymore because it's too painful for her. Aleen is a friend to me again, and i respect her, because i walked out on her before.

Truth is, I'm alone and lonely now. What goes around will comes around rite?, well, i know that no matter how hard i've tried to make people happy, i too did hurt people's heart and feeling. Anyhow, I'm now trying very hard to crawl the walk and try to stand tall again. In a month time, I'll add another number to my age and with grey hair appearing every now and then, I'm accepting all this as fate.

Am i depressed? Or stressed out? No one will knows. But I'm learning and preparing to face the new agenda of life, being 31 and single is not that bad. Or being 35 and without a family is okay... Well, at least i can be the coolest uncle of all! Am i rite, Dania? Eddin? Erina? Erica? Danny?

Haaaaa... at least i have you to text me everyday and remind me of good times and happy days.

Soo much of being an AngeL... the burden is killing me now...

Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's November now, and gradually the temperature is going down. It's more or less around 30 deg C in the day and maybe 23 or 24 deg C in the nite. It's winter season as the local called it. But it's still hot, well not that hot though.

And it has been one and a half month since i had the best sex of my life (hahahah how i wish!), well actually, since i was back in KL. The best time of my life, 5th Sept to 23rd Sept 07. And as of now, my spirit is still in KL, tucked between a girl legs hahahahahaha...

November in Dubai are activities month. There're Desert Rhythm Concert with Joss Stone and Kanye West as main guests, Justin Timberlake coming to town, Dubai AirShow 2007 with the Airbus A380 at the center stage (currently on-going), Dubai Auto Show 14th-18th Sept with 8 out of 10 fastest production sportscar will be on show, Stomp the musical show is coming to town too and so on and so forth. Kinda happening eh? Well, poor thing is, i doubt i will have the time to visit any of those, but i think Dubai Auto Show is a must! And it's around the corner only. Wouldn't want to miss the great car show and nice booties, would i?

Anyway, it has been really a while since i updated my blog. Not that i'm too busy, just feel a little bit dry up my brain. Maybe due to cough syrup, perhap. Or busy with my Facebook, which i eventually deactivated the account, just to make peoples happy. Well, i still have my blog, right? Cough, way back last year May till August, i was plagued with severe dry cough problem. To the extend that i can't perform in bed (once okay!) and was thinking that i might has Tuberculosis. But after a visit to Gleneagles at the end on August 07, the cough was cured. And now, since end October, i was cough till i feel like wanna blow my brain out of my head! And till today, i'm still cough, that dry cough. Changing of weather perhap... Anywa, now i'm back on cough syrup and honey. I wish i can have my honey for the cure...

Hmm i'm bored here and with the current things are going, i don't think i can go back to KL again, anytime soon (well my finger still crossed on this).

December... my birthday and sale festival! Yeay! Something to cure the depressed me.

Monday, October 29, 2007

When you're living without the 8 great sex moment

Mundane life.... seem to be going on and on here.

It has been a while since my last post on my Journey.

Basically, nuthing much had happened since the last blog, or since holiday. I'm very much wanting to be on such a holiday again. Spending time with friends, and quality times with close friend.

I'm basically, rigorously applying for lotsa job, in KL. I just moved into my new apartment, well, my ex-staffs helped me with the shifting part last Saturday. And i really wanted to go back to KL and deco & reno the crib. Furthermore, i have no one who i can rely to on and off visit the apartment and check on my stuffs. My finger has to be crossed on this.... hopefully every things are okay.

And since the last few days, i was down with cold, and now cough. The kinda cough used to plague me last year, for three months. Scary and now, i dunno how serious it gonna be. My close friend asked me to buy bee-honey and ginger, which can help in soothing the throat. Darn it, i hate this condition... coughin, headache.... lack of sex...

Met a friend from KL last couple of weeks, Eddin's father. We had a good dinner at Tony Roma's. Luv the steak! I'm delighted when i have guest coming from Malaysia, make me feel close to HOME.

hmmm i'm in vain.

Friday, September 28, 2007

the result is 8 times of great sex...

Hmm lemme see, it has been really a while since i posted something on my blog. The journey seem to halt but actually i was bz with preparing for a long journey home to Kuala Lumpur.

I was away from Dubai from 5th Sept til 23rd Sept, back to Kuala Lumpur and Kelantan. More or less 17days, kinda short trip though.

Being able to go back to Malaysia was an enlightenment! One major thing on my mind was to taste as much food as i can. Started with a simple teh tarik and fried maggie at favorite mamak, Devi's in Hartamas. And followed by the fried lala, fried cockles, grill fish, yong tau fu, and rojak buah at Hartamas Square, chicken rice at Chee Meng, those superb Thai dishes in Kelantan... pek sak kaeng som pla, yam mamuang, kai thod manau, sup tulang, perut lembu, and i'm drooling now. The beer seesion with my father's friends, getting drunk everyday. And yeah, the superbly done khau yam (nasi kerabu) and ayam kampung grill. I miss Malaysia the most for its food and delicacies.

But i think i miss the girls more than the food.... did i?

I guess for anyone who work abroad, food is a factor. And i wanna go home, be in KL again, cos i miss all the good food Kl got to offer and i miss the osyter... my favorite osyter!

Another thing dat i enjoyed being back was meeting friends. And lovely dania... but she dunno me anymore... waaaa why don't u recognised ur uncle daddy?

And yes, 2weeks is not enough for a holiday. Should've asked for 2 months... or better still, should've gone back for good.

Anyway, here i am again in Dubai, and dunno how long i'll stay here. Now i know, my life is in KL..

Friday, August 17, 2007

in reply to Miss EasyDent blog...

I've heard of the news of the bus accident. Terrible news, saddened and it remind me of the highway occured some years back during Hari Raya holiday in Cegar Perah, Pahang. Two bus collided (i was on the same road passing the accident spot 45minute before the accident).

Why do these horrible accident occured? Our government and responsible Authorities will always blame the driver... classic case.

I've driven in Aussie, i've driven in Sri Lanka, in Singapore, in Thailand, in Dubai and of course in Malaysia. My roommate is French, originate from a province near to German Border, situated the fame no speed limit highway named Autobahn.

That highway system is so safe that a car can travel to wutever speed the driver want. And it's that safe.

Malaysia highway? Hmm well i was a frequent user of the PLUS highway, and it's in bad condition. Compare it to singapore highway (superb surface) and Dubai highway (no pothole!). And i'm too a frequent user of the trunk road connecting Kota Bharu and Kuala Lumpur, via Gua Musang, Kuala Lipis and Raub. Any of you used these road before will understand the state of our road. The driver really need to be good in handling the corner and chicane (and one hairpin-like corner in Merapoh). And these roads are dark, no light except for interchanges or town.

The attitude of a driver play a small but vital role in driving, but the more crucial aspect in safety is the machine we're driving and the tyre we're using and the condition of the road. All these factor are, no doubt, not within the driver's control while on the road.

The road.... i started driving since i was 15, and been driving for 16years already. In Malaysia, almost everyday i saw at least one pothole on the roads. On the highway, the surface of the pavement, too smooth (yes good for comfort), provide less grip and it's slippery when wet. And i really think the roads should be light up. Take Dubai for example, all road are as bright as in the day (okay, accident always happened here in Dubai sebab most of the driver is the bodoh nak mampus nyer type).

The machine... how many of us really car bout our car's tyre, suspension and breaking system? I think most will always go for cheaper price and ignore the quality. That's a factor which is within our control but will be out of control while we drive. Of course, good spareparts are expensive in Malaysia, since our salaries are sarcastic! And how many of the driver really car the bunga of the tayar?

The driver... Will you all agree if i said, none of the driver want to be involved in an accident? Before we hit the road, we always pray for safe journey. So all drivers want to be safe and doesn't want to be in an accident. Speed doesn't kill. Reckless driver, drunk driver, mobile phone user, changing cd, lit-up ciggy, one hand of stering wheel, and any other activities in a car will lead to loss concentration (even a second) and only then the accident might occur. But of course, these factors are not quantified, so it's easier to blame the speed. Take our driving school for example... all school use the super duper small kancil as training car, and all student are required to drive at 50kmh only ( i think) or maybe less.

The Government... yes there're aplenty campaign of safe driving and stuffs. But i belief our government should do more in tackling the road and machine issue. After all, we citizen elect the government.

As car technology progresses, drivers skills and attitudes too must developed. Don't be like drivers in Dubai.

Anyway, i doubt the accident count will go down ever. But to all reader, small thing we can do, be on our own campaign. Drive safely, respect others. If we can'r educate other people on safe driving, at least we can educate ourself..

Am i right?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

24 days and counting...

Today, 3pm, Etihad ticketing office in Downtown Dubai... I'm smiling.

In my palm, a piece of paper, so valuable it's priceless (err actually it cost me Dhs2530) and it'll determine my next destination.

The journey of The Motorcycles Diaries continue....

...and Leaving On A Jet Plane keep on singing in my head.

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
I'm standin' here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn
The taxi's waitin', he's blowin' his horn
Already I'm so lonesome I could die

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go

'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh, babe, I hate to go

hhhhmmmmm ...

There's so many times I've let you down
So many times I've played around
I'll tell you now, they don't mean a thing

Every place I go, I think of you
Every song I sing, I sing for you
When I come back I'll wear your wedding ring

Now the time has come to leave you
One more time, oh, let me kiss you
And close your eyes and I'll be on my way

Dream about the days to come
When I won't have to leave alone
About the times that I won't have to say ...

And i'm counting the days, i'm planning for all those days.

11/9/07 - Collect my house key, a key for house number J1-19.

Friday, August 10, 2007

the meaning of 50 degree Celsius

I'm looking at the mirror on the closet, and my mind is saying "Damn this guy is HOT!".

Yes indeed i am dat damn hot... who doesn't? 3 months of hard labor working under Dubai's summer sun. From June with temperature hovering around 40 degree C to August, temperature at noon is reaching 50 degree C. Even with the compulsory 3 hours lunch time from 12pm to 3pm, it's still hot to work at any other hours. And the condition, which keep on burning my, i think, fair skin and turning every exposed bit of myself into a tanned color. And yes, i'm hot..... and burning now.

August is indeed the hottest month here and the hottest news is that, my leave application has been approved. So guys, expect me to be in Malaysia from 7th September onward, but of course, if i managed to get the flight ticket.

And August too is the month my house is fully completed and i can collect the key already. So that's one of the main reason i'm going back early of September. Actually it's better for me to go back mid of a month (kan u kan?), but since September is Ramadhan, and October is Raya, i've chosen to go back earlier. Finger cross.... please Emirates, give me the ticket!

Day by day, i'm getting bored of being an Engineer... (why the heck i chose this profession??!), and i feel like owning an eating place or a coffee shop (a Thai kopitiam perhap...). Maybe i should think of this idea more seriously kan? Eating place in Kuala Lumpur, sure laku cos we Malaysia love to eat. Since i'm moving to Kota Damansara soon, will the idea of opening a coffee shop there will work? and generate profit?

Maybe i should try....

Friday, July 27, 2007

Something Fishy, fishee, fishey

Friday the 27th of July 2007.

Woke up at 9am to the smell of nasi lemak. Yup, nasi lemak in dubai. Haven!
The rest of the day was like a gloomy day (well the sun still shine as bright though), dunno wut to do. Reading some blog on my bed. I worked for full 6 days, 12 to 15 hours a day and been waiting for an off day. But when the day really come.... nuthing happened. I guess my life is getting bored.

Anyway, with no plan and my French roommate is still snoring, i decided to follow one of my housemate, go to the fish market, to buy some fish, vege and fruit. After an hour walking on the wet floor, a place full of indian, we settled for ikan merah (for kari kepala ikan) and ikan pedang (i named it myself). Wonder? well ikan pedang is a fish look like ikan parang but thinner and less boney. Taste good deep fried. Especially if u renjis some sos ikan cap sotong and some sugar and water.. yummy! Some of you know this secret of the way i deep frying a fish.

Fish market situated hear to Gold Souq, an area around Naif Road, famous for textile, Indian and Pakistanis. Gold Souq is totally goldish! (is there such word?). Well, i'm not really into gold. Last time i bought them was for my engagement way back in 2005. Row and row of shops selling nuthing else but gold. The price, around Dhs82 per gram inclusive of handling charges for 22 karat gold, equivalent to grade 916. This area is i think as big as Masjid India area and all shops sell gold, hence the Gold Souq.

My weekend end at 9pm... very abrupt!

Oh yeah, i have with me 2kg of cherry... (damn it's hard to get cherry nowadays) i'll be bz with Cedric tonite... with Smirnoff and cranberry and apple juice.

Absofuckinglutely bliss!

Monday, July 23, 2007

That Grand Canyon Trip 2007

The sight of mighty rock formation raise high above sea level, deep Canyon with a river flowing, cliff as high as KLCC Twin Tower faced with tonnes and tonnes of red rock and the whole area is a barren land. No sight of life form living except for some tuyuk, pok katok and pok kor. That were the scene greeted my friends and I when we first Arrived at the Grand Canyon on Friday.

Reality check, again... Well, the scene, which greeted me on Friday were more or less like what I’ve described just now, except for the place name is Al Ain. And it's not barren, there're plenty of life form there and dates, lots and lotsa dates... And Pakistanis too. Al Ain situated some 100km from Dubai, a town built by Sheikh Zayed some thousand of years back It’s located in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. Hmm well, actually, maybe he built it somewhere in 1800s or 1900s, I don't know. Don't really dig into this country history that much. Thousand of years sound more dramatic for a story, don't you think? Anyway, I arrived there around 5pm and headed to Al Ain Oasis right away. Main reason of going there is to go to this particular Oasis. It's not a nomad community or Bedouin village but a dates farm. Not where you'll find your date but where you'll be eating the dates. Okay, not that kinda 'eat' okay, eat the date as in fruit. It's a big farm, some hundreds of acre I thing with a superb road system and full of Pakistanis. We bought a stack of date for dh10, freshly cut from the tree.

Upon exiting one of the farm exits, I came across two camels and a horse stable, which was full of shit. But since that was the first time I’m seeing a camel, couldn't help but to snap some pixies. Next to the small stable is a goat market. Goat market is a market where herdsmen’s sell goats, pretty obvious I think. Oh, anyway, the herdsmen’s are Pakistanis. There’re big goat and small goat, and some sheep. At least, that's what I called the entire goat. Smelly creature! My friend, who stayed in Sudan before and have some knowledge bout goat's family tree, told me that this is goat, that is garoof, that one is khibas, beside it is lamb and there rest is Pakistanis. We end up purchasing a brown color goat for dh300. So cute, but 10minute after that the goat end up dead! Slaughtered! Huar huar huar (please laugh in sinister mode, thank you).

Before we left Al Ain, we all when to a mountain called Jabeel Hafeet. Bout 1000m or more in height and the journey was like driving up to Genting, minus the cold weather and that superfast sentra taxi. It's a mountain with a hotel on top, minus the casino, of course. The view was splendid, I supposed, if there's no dust/haze of cloud. It does remind me of my trip to Mount Berinchang last February, driving up for a nice view but was greeted with cloud which pretty much covered the scene. The short trip ended around 8pm after we head down from the mountain and stopped at the mountain’s toe at Green Muqarrabah. A nice garden and river stream. Full of peoples. Didn't managed to snap any nice night view photo as I don't have the tripod with me, darn!

Anyway, tomorrow will be having goat for dinner, which is by now, appropriately called mutton. And sad thing is, I can't really eat mutton that much cos it make my blood doesn’t goes upstairs’ or goes up to much. Does this mean I’m having high blood pressure or low blood pressure symptom? But never had that problem when I eat the cow meat. Hmm hopefully not, or else I can't eat that juicy Korea meat anymore. Yummy So kalbe.

I traveled here and there but I’m getting nowhere. I just wanna go home.

Friday, July 20, 2007

When i'm Grey And Old...

When I’m grey and old…

When you were young, time seem to be standstill and each moment passes by slowly. At the age of early thirty, I’m still single and very much available, even though I’m now started to accept the fate that I might be single. Have to get used to term alone and lonely. Anyway, as I sit here in my site office facing the mirror, running my fingers thru my hair (which are turning into red color) I noticed that among those nicely colored red hair, there’re grey hair, aplenty. Am I old? Nope, but I am growing older and living in Dubai for the past 3 months mean, no sex for quite some times. Well, books said sex could make one look younger and stuff like that. Hm where is my baby yum yum?

Here in Dubai, summer has maketh me a tanned person! Well I don’t really like being tanned, but some of my friends said I look better with tanned skin. Dunno, maybe they are right. After this year summer I think I’ll be a zebra, dark on the outside and fair on the inside… if you know wut I mean. Come summer, come cherry season and it’s considered as cheap, at Dh21 per kg. And the cherry taste dat damns good.

Last nite, while on the way back from Union Coop (a local supermarket) buying the cherry, there on the radio the deejay played Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. Both my roommate, Cedric, and me were almost brought down to tears. Tear, thinking of our girlfriend in Malaysia. (As if I have one, but for me, at least I have peoples I love, period!). Each and everyday, both of us will be talking bout going back to Malaysia as we misses our life there. Yup, my friend is a French but falling in love with a Philippina living in Malaysia, and he love Malaysia so much. And I only can go back somewhere in November, and it has to be on 2nd week or 3rd week only… some of you will know why I choose 2nd and 3rd week.

My last blog post was on 3rd July 07 and I wrote something which made me feel sad, becos at the same date last year, I learnt of something which.. well never mind, nothing else matter, as I’m moving on.

Anyway, 3 months to go before I can go home to Malaysia and 3 months of total agony. By then I think I’ll grow grey hair like Mr. Fantastic.

1.05am, Friday morning, after a brief lepaking session at Jumeirah Beach, I’m here bout to go to sleep and dream of wonderful moments. Jumeirah Beach seems to be located in Cebu instead of Dubai….. Full of Phillipinos tonight.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Dubai Summer Surprises....

Dubai Summer Surprises…..

Here I am again, writing my rants for you all, whoever you are, wherever you live and here in the hot desert in the Middle East, it’s fiesta time! Called Dubai Summer Surprises, with the mascot aptly named Modhesh (and I don’t even know what does it means). It more or less looks like Michelin’s mascot Birbendum.

DSS is a 2 months long festival, lined up by the Dubai Tourism to attract foreigners, especially from the cold West to come here and splurge the Dollar. While most of UAE nationals are heading out of town due to hot weather. Temperature is expected to rise to 50 degree C. Most of the flight tickets to Malaysia, for example, are fully booked till end August. So here I am, stuck in this part of the world and enjoying DSS. Till now, I still can’t figure out why does peoples from all corner of the world come here to Dubai, either to work, stay, vacation or whatever. I mean, this place is hot to an extend the normal tap water will burn your arse (well, you have to wash the shit after you shit right? And seriously, it does burnt your cute arse (or the front section) if you are not careful in handling the speed of the water). One thing good is that, you have hot water all day long, even at nite.

Enjoying DSS? Well, not quite, as I don’t really earn dat much to be able to spend my penny like the Mat Salleh does. But, for the past few days, I did get myself some things. Something like, two pair of Energie jeans, tables and lamp from Ikea, good wine in Hard Rock Café (again!), a pair of Geox shoe. And next in line will be that red hooded sweater hanging in Emporio Armani boutique. The damages.. Energie jeans, Dhs715 & Dhs650, IKEA stuffs Dhs300, wine and baby tee for Dania Dhs300, Geox shoe Dhs645 and the Armani sweat shirt will set me back Dhs650. Well, before I came here, I said it to myself, no more shopping for me at least for a year as I need to clear my debts and save some penny for my new house. But, life is sooooo darn bored here in Dubai and during summer, the only place I can visit are the shopping malls. Period!

Okay… reality checked! DSS, is also where most of the malls having part sale. Geox shoe for Dhs225, Energie jeans for Dhs215 & Dhs260, Ikea stuffs for Dhs200 and HRC bill, still stand at Dhs300 (Aged wine do come with a price!). Oh yeah, I’m not that crazy to buy a sweat shirt for Dhs650. The Emporio Armani sweatshirt is on 50% discount and the price is Dhs325. Hmmmm good bargain eh? Well, hopefully I won’t incur any further damages to my unstable financial status, so do I really need to buy that sweatshirt? Well, since today I felt cheated, I think tomorrow I’ll go n grab that sweatshirt.

Since I came back from Muscat, I’ve been looking for a medium to publish my pics but couldn’t come to a term. I used to upload all pics on but too bad the webpage was block by the Government here. Was thinking on or I’ve moved to a new villa, a gated community named Arabian Ranch, a smart villa with a touch screen on the wall, controlling the electrical switches in the house. The houses here are like ‘kotak’ (Fyda: no relation to ur anak sedara comel ok), like the houses on an Oasis. Shared a room with the French guy. It’s a nice house with 2000plus channel on the tube. I even have a Thai channel on the list and some interesting channel, 69 TV, Arab Sex TV, LiveArab, Hotsex yada yada yada and channel from Italy, Russia, France, all Arab countries. And 24hrs broadband Internet connection at home but without wireless connection (still working on it) and I can test my webcam after this. Yeah, bought it two weeks ago in Muscat but yet to have the chance to use it.

And for the past week, I’m learning to speak to the Pakistanis, Indian and Japanese, using sign language. Daunting task okay!. Yup, I have to handle two Engineers from the Client side who are Japanese and can’t speak English at all. But he respect the fact that I’m from Malaysia and the fact that I know Goku and Doraemon. And since I know a little bit of Japanese language, so making talking to both of them an interesting encounter. But with the Pakistan and Indian general workers who doesn’t know English, I bantai speak Melayu je….

3 months here and I’m still thinking why the heck I chose to work here (if I earn Dhs30k a month ok le). Malaysia is another 3 months away. I’m so eager to go back to Malaysia and meet you.

But, I have another offer in line… Working in Australia, which I’m really hoping that it will materialize. But, if it does, I hafta find a way to get out of Dubai. My return Etihad’s ticket is valid til November but all seats are fully booked till end August. Well, if I got the job, I have to go to another country, a diversion, in order to go back to Malaysia.

Hmm…. Maybe Venice.

Nice song on my pod, “No one know what’s it like to be mistreated, dishearten … behind the lies”… The wording are full of meaning applied to me currently as my Angel flew away with the pig.

Anyway, i've promised to upload some photos... go to

Thursday, June 21, 2007

And i hit the road again....

The Sultanate of Oman

Thursday 14th June 07, 1600hrs, I head to the Sultanate of Oman for a nite, in order to renew my visa in UAE. Here, one is allowed to stay in UAE for maximum 60days and have to exit and re-enter to renew the visa. The nearest country is Oman, Qatar and Iran. Going to Iran or Qatar is kinda expensive since both countries are accessible only by air, from Dubai. So the best and cheapest choice is to go to Oman. So there I was, with a friend of mine, driving a 450km journey to Muscat, the capital of Oman. At about 1720hrs, we reached the border town of Hatta, a totally different landscape than the pathetic Dubai. Here life’s seem to be mellow, surrounded by rocky mounting akin to Grand Canyon on a smaller scale, with desert on my left and right. Stopped for last fuelling at a Shell petrol station and purchased the required Omani car’s insurance for Dh100 and headed straight to the immigration check point at the border. Got my passport out and got it stamped. Well as simple as it may sound, it took the officer some minutes to count from 1 to 60. Reason being, I entered UAE on 16th April 07, and was given a 30days visa but here, that 30days is automatically extended to 60days. So upon showing my passport to the officer, he has to count, by fingers and toes in order to determine if 14th June 07 is more than 60days or not. I mean, with a blink on an eye, everyone of you should noted that 14th June was less than 60days, counted from 16th April. Unless, of course if there’re 33days in May! Anyway, the journey was continued without any hassled, even at Oman border post. Paid my visa to enter Oman for Oman Riyal 6 (which is equivalent to Dh60) and without further a due, I proceeded to Muscat.

I was told that Oman has a totally different landscape and culture compared to Dubai. The first scene to greet me upon entering this Kingdom was rocky mountain (which remind me of Afghanistan… ok ok.. never been there but seen it in CNN) and when I reached the civilization, there’re trees along the highway… along the 400km journey to Muscat. The only green you’ll see in Dubai is newly grown grass with lotsa dung, from cow or camel along Sheikh Zayed Road. The first the town I passed thru was Sinas, made a 3 o’clock turn at the main roundabout, heading to Muscat. Next was Liwa, another big roundabout. Then come Sohar, and yes another roundabout. Then, forgotted the town name but remember very well the nice roundabout and a few dozen more before I reached As Seeb, with a sign ‘85km to Muscat’. Head straight to Muscat, passing Bawsher town and Ruwi and then at the last roundabout, at the Great Muttrah, make a right turn and head to center of Muscat. This country has soooo many roundabout I can tell you that.

At the last roundabout, I saw the sea.. the Arabian Sea. Parked my car near the Muttrah Souq and the Rolex on my wrist shown 2215pm. Was so delighted cause, Muscat is only 3km from Muttrah. And since there is something eccentric bout Muttrah, I decided to make a short walk along the Corniche and snap some photos. Nice street, calm sea view and majestic old castle on the rock. But since it was kinda late, the souq was closing, so missed the chance to make the stroll down the souq. After a quick bite and an orange juice, the journey continued and in less than 15minutes, I reached Muscat. Totally eccentric! Basically there’s nothing in Muscat except for some government offices, Minister of Finance building and Sultan Al Kaboos castle. Yup, that’s the name of the King, Sultan Al Kaboos. But Muscat is so classic and I like it. Around midnite, head back to town, about 15km from Muscat and the daunting task of searching for a place to bunked. Hotel is basically expensive, a 3star is OMR30, 4star at OMR76 and I settled for a cheap one without any star for OMR25, about RM250. Mahal giler okay! You can stay in Concorde in KL and have 3 glass of ‘the best the tarik in town’ at Melting Pot with that kinda price! Anyway, that nite, I was dead tired, slept til 11am the next morning.

Being a Malaysian and not really aware of local culture, I head back to Muttrah Corniche area. It was a bit quiet on Friday noon there. The shops, most are closed and the Souq was still sleeping. One of two handicraft shops selling silver product were opened but the price is pretty expensive. Was interested with one particular pendant, round shape, with nice carving in silver and gold plated, selling for OMR6. Hmmm if in Kelantan, KR6 is RM6, but since OMR6 is RM60, it was to expensive and the shop owner doesn’t seem to be interested in selling the pendant as there’re a couple of mat salleh there buying something. Opps… terforgot.. KR means Kelantan Riyal, the currency used in Kelantan, the French’s Speaking Republic East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia ☺.

With no place for lunch I head to Muscat for photo session and then to Sidab Street, another eccentric town 6km from Muscat. I was in an oasis! Cool weather, simply love the landscape there. Time to head home to Dubai! And since my stomach was a bit cranky, I head to the town area of as Seeb. Apparently, the whole of Muscat is made of few small town namely as Seeb, Bawsher, Great Muttrah and Muscat as the center. As Seeb is where all the shopping complex are and I went to a place called Markaz something something at 145pm…… and I was closed! A shopping complex the size of Llot 10, closed at noon. After getting something from M&S, I head to another center, named Muscat City Center and it was alive, at least with Carrefour. Carrefour is a big thing over here okay, so does in Dubai. Had my lunch at the foodcourt and I purchased me self a webcam! Yahoo…. I have a webcam now…. But I don’t have internet connection duh! Anyway, at about 1700hrs, I continue my journey heading back to Dubai and stopped by one or two nice roundabout.

Reaching the border around 2230hrs and head to Dubai straight away, as it was dark, no pitstop to snap photos. But while driving on Oman road, someone did snapped my pix… my car that is. The speed limit there is 120kmh, but since I’m driving at nite, I was thinking ‘wuddeheck! Try speed up to 140kmh la’ and I think twice I notice the flash light appeared from the speed camera. And to make matter worst, there’s hundred of the speed camera placed on the road… exactly on the road and not somewhere hidden. But I was kinda tired and wanted to go to my beloved bed as soon as possible. Anyway the Chevy Optra driven by me was a rented unit. Arrived home at midnite, after clocking 960km on the tripometer. What a journey eh? 960km in less than 48hrs.

Well, time is the essence and I don’t have much time in Oman, the Company should’ve given me a 4days 3nites paid trip instead in 2days and 1nite, so that I can explore more of Oman. Oman was totally different from Dubai. And the local I think if friendly Arab, and not like Dubai peoples. Full of poser and peoples from a country who drives anywhere but the correct lanes! And no one honking you any now or then, unlike Dubai, the car engine condition is second to the condition of the horn. The horn has to be tip top at all cost! Stupid eh? Well….. this is a stupeid kontree (well you hafta said it French lingua cos this is my French mate favorite phrase). All in all, Oman is a relax country, original country and not a state trying very hard to be something else. Making the trip to Oman, eventhough it was a brief one, an enjoyful trip. A country, is ‘travelable’ if the places are nice, the peoples are friendly and the foods are good. Oman might not have the kinda food I like (tomyam la, apa lagi!) but it is original and eccentric. Making my short stay there a fun trip.

Anyway, no good trip is like a trip back to home.

Friday, June 8, 2007

at last, it is a bit cold....

The name Gonu, a cyclone hitting cost of Oman. The speed, approximately 210kmh to 260kmh, a Category 4. Nearing the class of Katrina which hit New Orlean year ago. UAE is neighbor to Oman, and Dubai is only 6hours drive to capital Muscat. If you look at the world map, UAE is a coastline state. So, for the past 3days, UAE has been placed of red-alert and every Goverment agencies has been warned of the behemoth wind heading towards the Gulf. Fujairah, one of the seven Emirates (UAE are made up of seven Emirates), situated on the North side, has been warned on sandstorm and incoming Gonu. Here in Dubai, the temperature has significantly droped, by average 5º Celsius and daily temperature was around 37º or 38º Celsius and it is damn windy.

The condition is a bit okay than the normal harsh humidity and hot sun. Well the sun is still hot, but since there's wind and a strong wind, it cooled the condition a bit. Anyway, since i'm here on a desert land (or sand), strong wind means, dust (made of sand particle) are flown at high velocity. It is not a nice scene for persons who works in an open area. Painful i tell u! But so far, the danger of Gonu which was warned by the Goverment doesn't seem to affect Dubai much. Thank God! And today, it is still windy, but the sky has cleared and no more cloud sighted. Meaning, the sun beam is now penetrated directly to the earth surface, as usual.

I'm due to go to Oman next Thursday, and knowing that the landscape in Oman is way nicer than Dubai, i hope everything are still intact and Gonu doesn't really damaged the land there.

For the past few days too, since Gonu strike the Gulf, me and my friends spent most of the time indoor, actually, in a club. A Phillipino club named Maharlika. Entrance fee is Dh25 (cheap!) and beer is Dh75 per pitcher and vodka cranberry is Dh70 per pitcher. Cheap vodka eh? Well, it is cheap, but with cheap drink, comes lotsa side effect. Me and Cedric ordered a pitcher of vodka cranberry (last Tuesday nite) and 2 pitcher of Heineken. Everything seem to be ok on that nite, i even drove back home at 3am. However, the next morning, my head was glued to the pillow. And i still have to wake up early and go to site. At site of Wednesday morning, i can't do anything accept for sitting and getting a grip! From 730am til 9am and after a bar of snicker, at last i feel that i'm on terra firma again. Only then i can do my work. So does Cedric. We both conclude that, no cheap vodka anymore and will settle for beer only, the next time we go to club. Wednesday was a good dinner nite out. When to TGIF with some friends and had a good juicy (did i mentioned juice? Arghhh, i miss juice) rib steak and sisha (I don't smoke, okay) at an opened air coffee shop by Sheikh Zayed Road.

And last nite, after woke up from an early sleep (around 9pm), the French guy enter my room as said (of course in French accent) "Wake up, lets go out", and it was 1130pm. So we head to Maharlika again (there's something about this French guy with Philippina's girl) and had 4pints of Heineken. No vodka last nite.

Well, it's not soo cold as in cold, but as per Dubai standard, at least something.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Why i hate Emirates and Etihad...

Emirates Airlines and Etihad, both are based in United Arab Emirates. The former is based in Dubai and has long well known for its top of the class service while the later is UAE national carrier and based in Abu Dhabi, the Capital of UAE. No pun intended, but for now, i hate both... word and don't get me wrong, i admirer both fleet. Reason being, both remind me of aeroplane, and both remind me of a mode of transport so fast and efficient it can transport human from Dubai to KL in 7hrs 30minutes. One of the work site is based beside Emirates airport at Al Garhoud, and it is soooo painful (seriously!) to see peoples going in and out of the airport and seeing the plane taking off. Reasong being, i miss home... i miss Malaysia. I miss my life and i miss u. Indeed.

Being homesick (or am i sick and tired of Dubai?) in a desert will bring a whole new meaning for a person to love the mother land. Since day one i step my foot on UAE soil (it was more to concrete slab at Abu Dhabi Airport), i've been missing what i'd left behind in Kuala Lumpur. And staying here in UAE, for a person like me who enjoy cooking and Thai food, i really crave for good food. Again, no pun intended, there're lotsa restaurant over here selling good food, but anywhere you go, the same menu is on the list. Shawarma, kebab, beriani, mandi, that fresh kobis, bawang and carrot with lemon and gharoof... to all of you who doesn't speak Arabic, it's called Kambing in English and goat in Malay. For me, all this food, be it from Yemen, Iran, Afgan, Egypt, Arab, Lebanon or wherever Middle East, it all tasted the same, with lotsa whatsoever spices. I really need a good dose of tomyam at Lala Seafood or Nasi Daging/Lidah Merah in Kampung Baru. Or a meal of bubur nasi... with telur masin, ikan masin, kailan osyter sauce.. damn that's what we called Yummilicious! Please my friend, come November when i'm in Malaysia, please don't offer me a treat at Tarbush, Naab, beriani or roti.... I'll go to mamak for maggi goreng (Mira, please accompany me yeah). Speaking of maggi, basically for the past two months, maggi has been a routine meal in the afternoon, since it is too hot to drive out for lunch and it's basically easy to prepare the maggi in a cup for a quick meal. Do i loose my weight? hmm well i think so... But some part did stay as big as it should. Wink Wink!

Last weekend (that'll be friday), myself with some of the housemate when for eyes-cleansing ritual at Mall of the Emirates and Ibn Battuta Mall. Since it was too hot outside, it was only ideal to stay indoor and visit some malls. At nite around 10pm, all of us head to Eat & Drink for dinner. Chinese fried rice and Fried noodle. Eat & Drink is a eating place selling Lebanon food and some of Chinese dishes. The food was ok, and i always frequent this place. The price is kinda reasonable, a plate of Beef Noodle for Dh12, plus Roman Juice for Dh8, again Roman = pomegranate = delima = ruby. After dinner, we all when to a supermarket Union Co-op, to buy some fruits. Well i didn't buy anything though, since i was not in the mood at all the whole Friday, me and my French friend were busy tasting all the fruits placed on the racks... From grapes, apricot, cherry, strawberry but not the apple or watermelon la kan. And we end up buying just the grapes. Luckily no one caught us tasting those fruits. And belief me, a KG of grape is about Dh10 to Dh14, depending on the type and quality. A KG of apricot or peach is around Dh12. But a Kg of Rambutan and Mangosteen is selling at Dh27.90! I guess i wont be tasting tropical fruit for a while....

Sleepy eyes.. it's time to head home.... ops.. not! To head to the house.. I don't have a home here.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Am i Jaded or i'm just Cryin'?

Last Tuesday, me and some friends went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. After KL, Singapore, Bangkok, Bali (both Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe), Sydney and Jakarta, i've visited the 7th HRC, which is here in Dubai. A nice restaurant, not like Kl, Bangkok, Jakarta or Singapore. The food was good, typical HRC dish. Had a nice taste Spain wine Torres, a Dh175 per bottle shared with the French guy. The house band was from OZ, they were ok. Basically, i had a whole load of fun time and was kinda pissed. A bottle of wine and 2pint of Heineken for 2 person....

The rest of the week... hmmm with summer kicked in already, nuthing much is happening. 43deg C is the minimum temperature in the day time and easily rose to 46 i reckoned.

And they said, June, July and August is the worst. Hmmm why i'm here in Dubai????

But on Thursday nite, 31st May 07 i had another whole lotta fun time during the Aerosmith gigs. About 10,000 peoples was there, more or less. The show kicked start at 2220pm and curtain closed at 0010am. Arrived at the Dubai Exiles Rugby Club around 7ish pm, had a plate of Beriani mutton for Dh8 and head to the entrance. Get myself tagged. Oh yeah, i went there with a friend name Remy. So, since we were there kinda early, about 3hours before the show, we head to a small field, by the entrance hall, get ourself a pint of Budweiser for Dh30 and 'lepak' on the field, counting the stars and 'kutuking' the already drunken Mat Salleh. There're row and row of Harley Davidson parked outside, and a promo by Harley too, Fatboy at Dh80k. Downpayment at Dh8k, installement for four years at Dh2.3k per month! Tempted!

Anyway, before i start with the story bout the show. Let me bring you all to a tiny attention. Aerosmith, a group of rocker, as old as me. They started our somewhere in the early 70's. Known them for ages but really get hooked to the song in 1994, The Big Ones album. And since then, i've been listening to their song, everynow and then.

Aerosmith concert in Dubai? An Arab land? You gotta be kidding me! Well, i was surprised myself when i walked into Virgin Superstore (the sell loads and loads of CDs), to notice that Aerosmith is coming to town. Without fruther a due, i grab myself the ticket, which was Dh195 for standing at open field. Standing in a cage underneath Steven Tyler's armpit was Dh995. Sitting at the back was Dh395. And standing in the second row was Dh295.

Remy and i enter the pit around 9ish and there're already load and loads of peoples, mostly Westerner. Some Indian, some Philippinos, maybe Malaysian and 1 or 2 Arab. In total, i think there're about 10k attendees, filling the field. The DeeJay played out tunes from the end 80's era and early 90's to the liking of most of the rockers, or aged rockers. Aerosmith bandmates, by now are around 60 years old. Old fart but good one. Peoples who turned up for the show last nite, the youngest i think was 5years old, the oldest around 60's and teenagers from high school. Peoples who wore high heels, dress, gothic.. hmm not really an Aerosmith items. But what i can sum was, peoples in Dubai is hungry for entertainment, any sort of Western entertainment. So, when there's a big and famous band put up a show, everyone will have to attend for the sake wanna be part of the events. Rest assured, of all the attendees last nite, only half were Aerosmith fan. The rest... teen girls n boys, peoples wanna have booze and party outdoor, peoples wanna be seen and poser. Yup, Dubai have a lot of posers. Someone who is hardly himself or herself and trying very damn hard to be someone else... or something else, as a matter of a fact!.

2220pm the first song kick start and i can't recall what song was it. Was kinda high on Bud. Followed by Jaded, Falling in Love in So Hard on the Knee, I don'w Wanna Miss a thing (remind me of Amargeddon 1998) which were song from today, and when good 'ol Steven sang Cryin' and showed Alicia Silverstone pics on the big screen, the crowd really when wild. That was the highest moment in Aerosmith era, the end 80's and early 90's. Then all 3 screen showed a canyon pics and cloud to the tune to riff guiter by Joe Perry, it was time for Livin' On the Edge. The closing end of the show, the band played sone from the 70's ie Sweet Emotione, Dream On etc which got the 50's and 60's year old lads and lasses to rocks! Closing was a show of belly dancing by a girl (damn hot body!) with Steven Tyler trying so damn hard to mimick her moves (hs body is not hot at all!). The show end at 0010am.

It was a good show, considering they're 60 years old and confidently and energetically put up a strong perfomance. Worth every penny spend for the tickets. The downside of being in at a gigs full of Mat Salleh, hmm peoples getting drunk over a pint of beer. But one good thing, they're just drunk and minding their own business. No ugly scene at all. And since it is a hot and stuffy nite, you have girls in mini skirt (damn mini okay! Just an inche from the pussie line!), girls in bikinis, guys without shirt, guys soaked and wet, everybody did had fun last nite.
Pity, they didn't sang AngeL.....

Monday, May 28, 2007

Am i driving on the right side?

Living in Dubai, mean i'll be driving on the left of the car and on the right side of the road. Am i driving on the right side? No idea! In malaysia, i'm driving on the right side of the car and on the left side of the road. Confusing eh? Well the very first time i drove on Dubai road, it does confuse me a bit, not used to have the door on my left side. Used to have girl on my left side, doing something interesting while i'm driving.. wink! wink!

Anyway, driving experience here on a smooth road is wonderful... if you're driving alone on a 6lanes speedway. Max 120kmh limit with loads of fully functioning speed camera (speedtrap summon is around dh210! And no discount!). Well, that's wishful thinking. The mean speedway, the back bone on Dubai is called Sheikh Zayed Road and it's a behemoth 6lanes highway. Here you can see the speed demon driving on the most right side of the road. The Asian, driving on the middle lane. The everyday peoples driving on left lane, and then middle lane, and then right lane and then on the line between two lane and then suddenly hit the break, and honking every now and then. That's the worst of being on the road in Dubai. Majority peoples living here, are not as developed as the nation itself, in term of self-attitude. And this make everyday commuting on Dubai road is a hazardous exercise. That's one of the main reason i don't like it here. Friends said Dubai is nice place to stay, well indeed, but not quite. A nice place to stay, in my vocabs mean, the peoples and places are nice. Here, only the places are nice, but nice for the rich peoples. The peoples... hmmm sad. The weather.... sunny, only good for the laundry. Will i stay here in a long run? NOPE!

One thing appealed to my liking is the car. Well car over here are generally cheap as there're no form of tax. You get to but a Lamborghini Gallardo for Dh690k (in Msia i think around RM1.5mil or more), a Mini Cooper S at Dh100k, a Golf GTi at Dh110k, a Proton Waja 1.6 at Dh39k, a Harley Davidson V-Rod at Dh77k and so on and so forth. Kinda cheap eh? But one need to have a resident visa to buy one, and as for me, i'm still on travelling visa. And for Malaysian, every person are allowed to import in one vehicle per person, but proof has to be made to show that one has stayed in a Country for more than 6months and owned the vehicle for more than 6months (i think, Ma'am Rafidah will know better). Well, tempting, but one problem, all vehicle here are left hand drive and Malaysia road system are right hand drive.

So come to the question? Am i driving on the right side? I'm driving on the right in Malaysia, but is it right? And i'm driving on the left here, but am i wrong? The British, French and American will know how to answer best in this matter.

Story goes ways back in year before car was made known to mankind. Peoples ride horse and cart. In Britain, for dunno wutsoever reason, the Brits rode on the left side of the road. When they joist (dunno how to spell, the sport where two knights go up on each other arse on a horse with a long wooden pole), the hold the pole-thingy on the left hand and the right hand old the horse steering (wut's the thing on horse-neck called eh?), so when they design a car, the Brits decided to drive on the right. So, when they set on the conquest around the world, they spread the how and what they ride in Britain. As for French peoples, they are known to dislike their British neighbor. So to retaliate, they decide not to follow the Brits and ride on the left, instead of right hand. They too, spread around the world (at least to the world they used to conquer) the way people should ride. And when the Brits went to Northern America, they fought with the Yanks and the Yanks made allies with French, so they too don't want to follow the way the Brits ride. So there you go, some lesson in driving not thought at driving school. Luckily, most of the Nation in this world decided on driving on the left or on the right.

What if someone come up with and idea, that the driver of a vehicle should be sitting on the back? Well, in Malaysia, we already practise that method years and years ago, till today. Go to Penang and you'll see some of the trishaw are of such design. 'Driver' at the back, and passenger at the front.

Shhooott... that's a Chinese design....

Friday, May 25, 2007

Misery Need Company....

Friday the 25th May 2007. A big day for someone on the other side of the globe and a gloomy day for me. I'm living in city where the sun shine almost 365days a year, but my day today was gloomed. I stay whole day in the room, doing nuthing but watching movies (pirated version of course!). Woke up at 11am and cook scramble egg with cheese and french fries and ate it as brunch with a French guy.

For the past week, i was stationed at work site near to Burj Dubai (or Dubai Tower) which will be the tallest building in the world. Rumour has it the height will reach 1000m. And it is that damn high! The weather everyday i think reached 45 degree Celsius, eventhough on the radio it always stay at 37deg C. The sun somehow did find a way to penetrate the spf50 sunblock i had on my skin and burnt my skin. Anyway, since i'm already here in Dubai, just have to learn to live with the heat. And everyday, i'm counting the day i'll be going back to my country, Malaysia. There's a saying "Eventhough it rain gold in people country, rain stone in your own country is way better" (I know, the word doesn't rhyme and the grammar's broken, but that's what we called direct translation from a Malay saying). Each day, i'm wanting to go home and be with my life, and each day peoples asked me, "Do you like Dubai?", i'll say, "naaaah.. i don't like it and nuthing here is good for me, Malaysia is way better". Frankly, till now, i can't think of a valid reason why people come and live here.
And when you are away from your country where you were brought up, you tend to lost contact with peoples you know. Well, not exactly lost contact, but for instant, most of my friends are married, or about to be married or busy with boyfriend, busy with their own life, busy shopping for boyfriend birthday present and yada yada yada.... but at certain extent, you do feel that you've lost everyone! That's when you'll feel damn lonely. And i did! I don't blame on this, as when i decided to leave Malaysia and go to any country, i was branded as a runaway. Sometimes, an email from home is the most item i look forward when i get online. Or an sms from close friend early in the morning (Dubai is minus 4hours from Malaysia, so whoever sent me sms at 8am, will somehow wake me up at 4am here, and my message ringtone is a cute laughter voice of Eddin and a mommy cat! Which cheer me up everytime i receive a message). A call from Malaysia, that's a wonderful feeling! But these are just my wanting. Well i do can call my friends and say hi, but it get too frustated when your effort to place the long distance call goes unanswer. And i was even charged a one minute charge (abour Dh2.50) as the voicemail start to get connected.
Anyway, as i've said, peoples back home have their own errand at hand, and i can't expect them to be available everytime i need someone to talk to. Tomorrow is a weekend anywhere else in the world but here. I'll be working tomorrow.. suck! And i bet, i'll be sitting at the site, watching the Indian worker do their things and me wondering of my own future. A future which i still can't see really clear. Kudos to all my friends who already has a family (or families) and whoever about to start one.
9.10pm now, and it's time to dine. Nuthing special but i think me n Cedric (the French guy) will be going to Mall of the Emirates to get something to eat... and clense our eyes!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

..and the journey continue

23rd May 2007. The first day i'm writting on this blog. I usually wrote my rants on but for no apparent reason, in UAE, it's difficult to view my own blog.

I've been here in Dubai since 16th April 07 and my first impression bout this city started to change. When i first step my foot in Abu Dhabi airport, i was amazed with the car passing thru at the arrival area. While accompanying this new stewardess-to-be, named Natasya from Malaysia for few minutes, i get to see there're at least 5 Porsche Cayenne past in front of me. And for the past months, the only thing which is nice to see here in Dubai is the cars. It's cheap here. No road tax whatsoever. And that makes the traffic here kinda pathetic. Dubai is a small city, and basically the whole world is living inside it. Name any nationality, and you can find it easily in Dubai, especially Indian, Phillippine, Pakistan and Arab. But where are the locals?

So far, i've been to Deira Old Souq and i like it. Doesn't really make me feel like i'm in UAE, but more to New Delhi. Bought my new Sony T100 there with a good bargain. I've been to Mall Of The Emirates, well basically i go to the MOE every week! I live in Umm Suqeim area, which is 20minutes jog to Burj Al Arab, so MOE is kinda near and they house Carrefour, a place to buy all the food for the Villa. I've been to Ibn Battuta Mall, nice mall. Will go there again in the near future, and this time will bring my T100. Where else? hmmm clubbing? Yet to go to any posh club in Dubai (and there're a lots! More than Malaysia) but been to a pub full of Phillippino's, beer is cheap, so i don't really care bout the crowd. Last weekend (that'll be thursday nite) i when to a pub in York Hotel at BurDubai. Full of prostitutes, Russian, African, Chinese. Had a few pints of Kilkenny and Guiness with an Indian friend. Was approach by a couple of young Russian lady, tempted (and with a free treat offered y my friend) but it's just me... sex for money or money for sex doesn't really my way.... just need the beer. Planned to go for dessert safari, maybe in a week or two and bought a ticket to watch Aerosmith on 31st May at Exile Rugby Club (yet to know where's the exact location though). I'll have to go to Oman next month to stamp my passport as i'm only allowed to stay for 60days in UAE.

There're some activities which are to my interest! Sky diving, which i plan to do it in December, perhap on 15 Dec (damn, there'll go DH1,100) and air ballon ride (damn again, another DH850) maybe in November (perhap on the 9th) and upon obtaining my working Visa, getting (buying) a Harley Davidson. Oh yeah, hop on the Big Bus Tour of Dubai, just to have a glimpse of places of interest here in Dubai. Lotsa plan, but i dunno if i do want to stay here for that long. Because, other than what i've mentioned and shopping, yup... shopping is great here and can't wait til coming Dubai Shopping Festival in December (i think), for me Dubai is not a good place to stay.

Things here are expensive, i think more than Singapore. Peoples here.. hmm well don't really want to comment bout that as most of the comments will be negative. And it is HOT! Today, the temperature in the noon i think is 45deg Celsius. It's burning my brain, but for the sake of earning some extra quids compare to working in Malaysia, well, just gotta be brave and bold. Anyhow, i'll give myself, say a year to get a good feel of Dubai since peoples say that the weather is nice during winter (snow in the desert?). After which i'll re-evaluate of where i wanna head next (australia is still one of the place though), or head back to Malaysia and rearrange my life.

My life, for the past couple of days or so, has more or less melted! Things happened back home in Kuala Lumpur, which not supposed to be of my concern, but it did. I guess i gotta pull all the strenght i could and push forward. Some might say, no matter how much you love a soul, you might be together to walk her on the field of barley. I left the Country, to run away from peoples and thing was going just fine, till it dawn to me that there's hill for me to climb. I wish God will send me an Angel. Far fetch, i know.

Hmm i miss Malaysia... the foods, the peoples, my friends, good vibes, my family and she (the most).