Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blood Is Thicker Compared To Four Year Ago

I'm sad and i'm happy.

I met my brother today, Jon, at Dubai Airport. He was here for the past two months, working in Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone (Port area) but unfortunately he doesn't had the permission to go out from the port area. An today evening, he was flying back home and i managed to met him at 4pm, before he checked into the boarding lounge.

Hmm my bro... married to Ibanese girl way back in 2004. And now live in Miri, Sarawak, about 2hours by flight from KL. He has a kid, boy aged 3 (i think), named Jessadaporn Emzpua-Phongsawat (i think).

June 2004, that was the last time i met my bro. His wife at that time was pregnant, i think as i didn't met her when i was in Miri way back in 2004. So i think his son is already 3 years old.. or maybe 4. And everybody called him Jay and his full name sounded like what i've spelt but i does not know the correct spelling.

Am i a bad uncle? Hmm.. well i'm not to close to my bro anyway but he's my bro and he's blood! And since he chose to stay in Miri, which is kinda far from Peninsular Malaysia and Kelantan so we (me and my parent) doesn't met him often. As a matter of a fact, my parent met Jon back in 2006 when he came back for vacation, celebrating Thai new year. And unfortunately, i was not around at that time. And now, to matter worse, i'm now based in Dubai and he's now working all around the world, where his ship take him to.

So, i'm happy that i managed to meet my bro after a gap of four years and i'm sad because after four years, i only managed to meet him for 10-15minutes as he has a flight to catch. God's know when will i see him again.

And he's 5 years younger than me...

So bro, may your live happily ever after...

Friday, March 28, 2008


My my... i've been a bad blogger! The last post was end of last month, and a gap of one month, here's another post. I really need to disclipine myself in writting, but again, how can one write when the mind is.... floating?

Where have i been?

No where, except for that trip to Dibba-Khorfakkan-Fujairah-Masafi last weekend, and that'll Friday to all of you out there. And i've been to Abu Dhabi, yeay at last! Well not a plan trip, sort of like, feeling crazy and drive up to the capital of UAE one fine wednesday midnite.

And slept at 5am that nite (or morning) and woke up at 8am to go to work. And Dubai sky was blanketed with thick black smoke. Viewed from my house in Arabian Ranches, the smoke originated somewhere nearby my office. And i was thinking, shoot! Is Dubai been attacked? Get into the car and i tuned to Channel 4 and learnt that a suspected fireworks factory caught on fire early in the morning. The smoke was kinda awesome! Not the tragedy though.

You know, living in Dubai, make one craving for local food... local as in Malaysia local. Can't get one anymore, not when Noshi Noshi closed down last August. And with another indonesian food restaurant opened, somewhere on the main street of Al Karama, named Mutiara, it somehow cured the carving for food part, but not the craving to eat the Malaysian girls... hmm yummy! When for lunch at Mutiara... 6 of us and all i can say was, the food was pretty okay and i'll definitely go there again for lunch or dinner. But the damaged was DH406, ouch!

And today... weekend again and i'm here again on my bed.

hmmm i wanna go home, to you... but i know, you wont be there, not anymore.