Thursday, December 11, 2008

When Mother Earth Speak..

Recently, 5th December 2008 to be exact, landslide occurred at Bukit Antarabangsa in Kuala Lumpur. A lush township with houses, bungalow, apartment on top of a hill, facing Kuala Lumpur town. 4 was found dead and 1 Sri Lankan is still buried under the rubble. Few houses were badly damaged. This incident or better term it as tragedy, was due to rain and fragile or unstable soil condition... From certain point of view. From another school of thoughts, it is God will. Some quarters will say, the people who stayed there are at fault, knowing the hill is unstable yet living there. Another point the finger to the Government, Local Authorities bla bla bla. Frankly, and sadly, this is what we Malaysian good at, pointing finger. Instead of finding the best solution for a cure.

Anyway, I don't really know what's going on now at the ground zero, but from what I've read and gather, the people with the know-how predicting that by June 2009, there'll be another landslide. Actually, if we dig up the archive, way back in 1993 one whole block of apartment collapsed due to landslide, can't remember the name of the apartment. And few years after that sad tragedy, huge landslide occurred at the toe of tallest condominium there, The Antheneum. I mean, that area is not shy of damaging landslide, but yet people live there.

People do have a choice on to choose where they wanna live.

And again, as much as I'm sorry for the landslide victim in Bukit Antarabangsa, which i wish and hope all are safe n well.... It is 15th December 2008

I am 32 today.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I have nuthing much to say...

It's about dark reflection.

Or it is bright reflection.

You be the judge.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

who wanna live forever?

I'm at a junction of no turning back.
It is sort like a crisis, do I stay on here?

With current economic situation, it is just wise for me to stay on. Hmm no one knows what will happen to everyday people for the next two years. But indication is clear, the wealth is heading south. It is time to safe, save your money, save your family, save your life.

Well, at least I've downgraded my life, from driving a car to riding a bike...

smile smile smile..

Friday, October 17, 2008

in Exile

Love one left you,
Work pressure,

All these in one go, can break a man. It does break me (But guess that no one will bother, any more). Maybe I am not strong enough, but again, when you've placed as much effort as a person can imagine, and suddenly you're pushed to a conner with a marking on you forehead saying "I Don't Want You Any More", you do feel like your world is coming to an end. Yes everyone has their own reason in deciding next course of action, but am I not too good to be part of that decision?

As a matter of a fact, this year, I keep on breaking actually, rather continuously. I'm starting to accept the fact that I can make people happy for a moment of time, and when they are done with me, I will be left alone... in the air.

Frustration can sometimes help a man decide on what he want. Apparently, when you are breaking down, your sense of thinking doesn't really work. The result of this? An Exile.

Single seat, good performance. Money paid and just waiting for me to go back to KL and enjoy the ride. Since all the well planned holiday has been busted yesterday, this is one thing which can make me occupy the 12days stay in KL. Previous owner named it Sportster Exile. I shall name it Pornster. Well, I do have to learn how to ride again, as it was 4 years ago since the very last time I rode a big bike.

Anyway, it will be fun... I have to cheer myself up, am I?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

AngeL with Broken Wing

16th October 2008...
Twelve days from my ETD to KL.
I'm prepared to be with my AngeL.
I've planned what we gonna do.

And yet, luck is not on my side, as always.
She decided to move away from me.
It's for her own good, if I'm gone. Because, why should I be around, if she already in love with someone else. That guy should be better than me.

Anyway, as always... I'm the one who has been fucked.
2nd July 08, 16th Oct 08... all the dates with same event. Sigh!
And yes, life has to goes on.

In the arms of an angel
Fly away from here
From this dark cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You’re in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort there

This vacation. Hmm I might just cancel it, I think. Do I have any other reason to go for vacation?

Well... I'll be free as a bird then.


Thank you ... you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In The Arm Of An AngeL

14days to go..

I'll be flying on the jet plane again, heading East, to where I belong.
Excited! Can't describe much further. Excited!

My main aim... to spend time with you as much as I can. Yes I know, I was not there for the most of 2008.

My second aim... buy a bike.

..and it left me thinking, I am at the tail-end of this stay in Dubai, so what's next?... Accept the current standing offer in Dubai, or Bahrain. Heck! I want to go back to KL. But again, with current uncertainty shrouded the economy of the world, it might be hard to land a good job in KL. But anyway, my course of riding always change, depending on the situation and future incidents.

Talking bout incidences... I've become blunt towards other, and more content towards my own self. Which I think I should have done as such, long long time back. But I don't. Maybe my existence is to make you happy, I don't know.

Anyway, 12days in Malaysia. A short period of time and I have to fully plan what I want to do. I didn't visit my parent during the last vacation in June. So this time, my first activity is to fly back to Kota Bharu the very next day I'm in KL and spend the first weekend in Malaysia, with my parent in Terengganu and Kelantan. The rest will be KL. I've cancelled my Singapore or Bangkok plan as time is too short. I've cancelled by Redang plan as it is Monsoon season in November. I think it is best for me to lounge at my crib in Kota Damansara, considering I've paid rm13,000 mortgage payment this year and I've stayed there, so far for accumulative of 6 days! Part and parcel of working abroad I guess.

Oh yeah, third aim... the Angel.. well, actually... Angels. I have to plan to visit 4 Angels. Arghh time is, again, short....

But what shall I get for them eh?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Airis Delisha Story...

Congratulation Ija...
I'm sorry to learn bout ur princess..

The following was taken from Lily Hashim facebook.. i do share her grievances.
When will a Malaysia Professional Quality be really a Professional Quality product?

Godspeed. Amen.

Poor baby Airis Delisha,

As announced the other day, my sister Liza has just had a beautiful baby girl. However, her baby hasn't been very healthy and has been admitted to the hospital again for Jaundice . Her condition is quite weak as her weight is decreasing down quickly.

Both baby and mom are having local treatment at Serdang Hosp. I wish for your kind prayers for little Airis Delisha to come back home safely.

I'm also concern about the quality held at the hospital. I was told that Serdang Hosp has lack of "this and that" in term of services and equipments providing not forgetting to mention that they have made some silly mistakes by advising my sister to deliver her baby quickly (at the same day she had her final routine check up) as her baby was too big, around 3.8kg. My sister was induced for 3times but has surrendered for a C-sec delivery as the induction procedures has made her too weak to have a normal delivery. At the end when the baby was born at only 2.5kg! At a very tiny weight with a minor Jaundice baby Airis was discharged from hosp without a proper advice and references as what a new mother usually needs.

Apart of all that happened on that day, I wonder why all of the nonsense happened again and again to every generation we have?
Where are the paperworks of every procedures put on the patient? Didn't they supposed to scan the and write down the final weight of the baby before deciding to induce? And why didn't they use proper gear to reduce the unnecessary pain on the patient , Why aren't there any pre and post natal education held? Why husbands weren't allowed to be with his wife helping the labour? Why husbands weren't informed about the labour procedurals and risks? Why leave everything to the wifes while we are trying hard to fight the pain! It's common sense that when we're sick we can't think properly and we are unstable to make any decision and for that respect practitioners that received great education in medics should also include husbands or at least one of family member to sit down with the patient while discussing the procedures that will or will not happen on the delivery day. Most importantly you must be honestly doing your work professionally as you dealing with humans for God sake! It;s about saving one's life!

It's upsetting to see all the silly mistakes and sarcasms still held esp at govt hospitals. We don't want a first class treatment, but just enough for the practitioners to at least respect and deliver their work as professional as possible. Like a mother always told her children to talk nicely, respect people around you, do not harm things and bla...bla...bla as all living creatures have feelings. Human to human communications should held in respect.

Because of all of these, people tend to spend tons of money for a private hosp. And it has becoming a trend that people prefer for a private hosp that they they believe to get proper services and equipment they needed. But how do you know it's gonna be good in private one if the mentality and behaviour has not been yet been improved? It should be realised by now that because it has becoming a trend in the community, therefore it is not healthy way of life. Having children demands so much preparation and where possible we do need to save money for so much things for them. But if every time we had to spend at least rm10,000 only for a trendy labour, guess how much we have wasted for 3-4x labours?

Public are increasing becoming more sophisticated by formal and informal education we just want a fair, organised, professional humanely treatment to everyone that is sick. No more carelessness, no more sarcasm and no more fairy tales or 'cerita atuk nenek' transmitted please... And to those in maternity ward in m;sia, 'please hand me my baby as gentle as your mother care for you for 9months'.

That's all I can say, No offence but it's happened and it's true and it needs a fullstops!

My prayer to my sister and her baby Airis always.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Hangover

I feel like... aaarrrghhhh....

I wanna write, I wanna write,
But I don't have the right idea.

I wanna ride, I wanna ride,
But I don't have the bike, just yet.

I'm right, I'm right,
But something I'm wrong,
And people do wronged me.

My right eye feel like it has been punched!
My eye ball seem to be reddish!


Should I just return to where I feel I have the sense of belonging?
But the question is....


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dizziness of the Winding Road

I when back home yesterday, from a hectic day in office. Suddenly, it hit me, right smack in the middle of my mind, that I'm 32 this year (not exact, but will be soon in a couple of month, before the year end). And I'm here, which I term as nowhere, a place I called, neither here nor there. I think I'm one of the few (or maybe not that few) those who are unlucky. Unlucky to have a family, just yet. But the other kind, the kind who have a family already, term us, the lucky one. Lucky for still being a single. Anyway, as for me, I miss those time coming back to a home, having a kid waiting for me and my partner kissing my lip. Somehow when I speak of them, it sound more imaginary rather than real! But I do used to have kid, a baby Persian mixed Siamese cat, hmm well not so a baby, he was darn big. But manja like a baby.

Anyway, the point here is, at which point in your life, you should settle down? Prior to being 32, I used to think that by 30, I should've been married and starting a family. And most of my single-more-than-30-years-old friend, doesn't seem to care that much bout starting a family, anymore.

Can being a single be term as settling down too?

Well, as much as I wanna agree with all those who gonna say 'Relax, for a guy, your still young' yada yada yada.... Be in our shoe or shoes, then you'll know how young is young.

Will God send me an Angel? I am still hoping for it.

But rest assured, if I'm destined to be single, then I'll be the AngeL.

Just a rant.. I am soo need to have a cuppa latte.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's time to ride on...

My last post, mid of last month, I was frustrated as the bike I wanna buy, was a no deal! Anyway, it turn out to be 'the-start-of-everything'. Since then until now, there're a few of bikes was advertised. So now, I have few choices. But the one caught my eyes was the RM70,000 Harley Davidson FXDWG. Coolest. Coolness. Not so cool price tag though, darn-ness!

Anyway, it's still a no deal, period. I need to secure a loan from a bank or anyone to own it. Anyway, still working on it! And while I am still on this topic, now that I'm really set to buy a bike, I'm a bit confused with the way things are heading. I'm supposed to hear back to Malaysia by mid October, after completing the 18months contract period here in Dubai, but now it has been confirmed that my services are still needed here, hence I'm required to come back to Dubai after my October break. Hopefully it'll start on 6th October and end after 14days of hanging out with my girlfriend(s). Well, if I were to buy that RM70K bike, it is kinda okay for me to come back to Dubai and earn more money (as most of my saving will go to the bike, already). November I'll be in Dubai and My birthday, I'll be in Dubai, still. But hopefully, i can be with you in KL to celebrate New Year.

Anyway, my current company is trying to get a job in Bahrain. Dunno how does Bahrain look like, but it seem to be a small country, kinda quiet, I supposed, if compared to Dubai. But they host one leg of F1 every year. Go Figure! And the biking scene over there is kinda amazing too...

And... at the end of last week (yeah my week end on Thursday and start on Saturday, a bit confusing eh?), I was, unofficially offered an offer to work in Dubai with a Japanese company. SSSSShhhhhhhhh! Don't tell my Boss, just yet (Heck, this is a public blog anyway!). Anyway, it is just an UNOFFICIAL OFFER.

SO, there it goes, does my future hang in a balance? I doubt! I was fucked off a shitty love life, and I'm set to be back to KL as a biker, and seriously planning to get a Harley (I'm close to it, just need a right bike), or spend another year or two in this desert, either Bahrain or Dubai. Should I choose the later, no point of me buying a bike in KL, as I can buy it here. But it'll mean, riding in the night or during the winter only as one can't ride Harley in the summer, that'll COOK your balls! Choose to be in KL, will mean, if I get my bike, I'll definitely enjoy riding in my own country, with green scenery all over, but I'll definitely be out of fund!

I guess, it is correct, once you earn this much, it is kind difficult to return and work for less money. Damn you money! You are not everything, you are not the utmost important, but you are damn sure is SOMETHING!

So now, I am thinking...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am frustated for time being

Today, two of my bikers friend, on their Sportster, ride to Bangi to test drive a bike, an orange color sportster and after and hour or so, i received and sms from my buddy saying that current owner can't decide to sell the bike or not and will inform back tomorrow. Anyway thanx bro for sparing sometimes (valuable weekend time) to go and assist me to test the bike. Appreciate it a lot!

I mean, darn, i was so set to buy the bike. Eventhough i am in Dubai now and the bike is in Malaysia, but hey, i am going back soon rite? (am I?). Anyway, i just gonna keep my finger crosses, still, and keep on searching for a bike, suitable for me. Here's how the bike look like, (hope current owner won't get angry by posting this bike on my blog, anyway this is sort of free advertising!). Seem to be okay, i don't really know.

I think I'm a bit crazy, to agree on an expensive cash purchase, when i myself yet to view the item i'm buying. But... well what the heck!

Anyway, last week, i was upgraded... again. My only bro's wife gave birth to a baby boy. And my father name him Juttanakorn Nazlung Phongsawat. A half Thai, half Ibanese baby boy. Cute?

This is his second child, and after 4 year, i never even met the first child, which is Jessadaporn (something) Phongsawat.. And yes, i can't remember his exact name. Bad Uncle! Bad Uncle!

Wouldn't it be easier if my contract working here in Dubai is valid for another 2 or 3 years, so i can buy a bike here and ride here instead of Malaysia. But, riding here, hmmmm i won't have you to ride with me then. Darn!

Friday, July 25, 2008

...fallin' back again and will i stand tall?

The journey here in Dubai is almost coming to an end, i hope. The sooner the better. An d i really do hope i can get put of here. But what will i do in Kuala Lumpur? Get a Harley and ride North? Get a car and go on roadtrip? One thing for sure, i do need a long vacation. I should. Maybe the whole November, i'll be out of Malaysia and travel the world!

Ewan and Charley has by now travelled to most part of the world, from Long Way Round the World to Long Way Down from John O'Groats to Cape Town. My journey, on the other hand, is very much stagnant. Each and everyday, i'm wishing that none of these had happened, but i'm a simple man who can't change the fate but doesn't live my life thru chance either.

Am i in midlife crisis already? I'm 32 for God sake. 32 and very much single without a family of my own.

It has been 9 years since my graduation and i'm still thinking, why am i an engineer? I don't even enjoy being one. I know i need something to spice up my life, and rest assured, it's not easy when you are in Dubai. I know i need to change my career and find something i love doine. Open up a cafe? Coffee house of my own? Hmmm... or perhaps a ranch full of bulls and whatsoever four legged!

Wishful thinking still...

Well, life is full of bum. I bet none of you guys living a life without any complication. Anyway, life is a journey with one end... dying. But it's pretty much doesn't really matter how it end, because the ending are the same for all. What matter most if how one live one life. The life you lead will determine what you are and will determine what you'll become... sad? happy? loveable? fuckable? joy?

Lets the journey countinue...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Why It's Always Me?


Talking about watching movie, that large popcorn or that dh30 per screening, make me recall some rather annoying habit in the cinema in Dubai. In any cases, in any scene, if it’s involved the hero or the good to triumph over the bad and evil, people here the cinemagoers they clap as if they're watching a live show. I mean, it's a movie anyway; it was made to be in such way. But anyway, any country has its own cinema culture I guessed. Another frustrated night yesterday, I surfed the net and confirmed that The Wanted is showing at 7pm, but to no avail there is no show except for 11.50pm, which is midnight. It pissed me off as i really want to eat that caramel popcorn and watch movie.

I'm so into popcorn or anything that popped!

Anyway, not to feel too much dejected, and yes I feel that way a lot lately, I head to Harvey Nichols thinking of buying a pair of jeans. But at dh2600, that torn blue PRPS jeans is too expensive. But the cuteness of Coach Scottie Dog phone lanyard caught my eyes. I'll give to you once I’m back in Malaysia, hopefully for good ;-).


I really must go for a movie tonight, really need, NEED okay, to eat popcorn. Caramel. Wish can eat popcorn with you, naked on my couch. But of course, if i'm not too drunk from later Japanese dinner with a bottle of Sochu.


Kiku, the food was delicious as ever and the Sochu with a piece of sour plum was really smooth. I was dead drunk and tired. Came back at 10pm last night and sleep right away. Really tired and the stiffness on my left side really… really… hmm how shall I say it eh…. Painful? Anyway, this is the second weekend I had this pain. Am I getting older? But I think, must be due to lack of sex, don’t you think so?

But of all these, popcorn is still on my mind and I’m heading to the cinema later today.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Masturbation.... DIY or Someone do it for you?

Yes, if you can see it right, the figure on the above pics is 777, which is Dirham777, in equivalent to RM683.79. And yes that's a Dh1000 note to pay for the bill. And no, it's not a meal for 10 person, it was a meal for 2 person, fully grown adult! I was at Meat & Co steakhouse last night for dinner, with a friend of mine. Ordered a 250gram of Aussie wagyu beef for me-self and 300gm of New York strip black US Angus beef. These two items cost about Dh400. Plus the good smelling, good tasting Torres Azzure from Spain, make me feel mellow after the dinner. And we ordered starter, consists of some rib beef, salmon something, wild mushroom sandwich and grill prawn. And yes, after a gap of 20 years or so, i ate my first full size prawn. And i didn't vomit... hmm maybe i can eat prawn after all...

Anyway, it was a good dinner. And if just i have the money to bring Meat & Co to Malaysia... South African really know how to cook their beef! And brorewors.

By the way, yes i know, the title had nothing to do with what i've written above, but just wanna have something outrages that will catch readers attention. Hahahahhaa.. no pun intended anyway.

But really, which one you would prefer, D-I-Y or someone else do it onto you?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why The Corn Popped?

Dirham 30 per movie for Hancock. Dirham 25 for a bucket of large popcorn and a cuppa coke. I'm set for the movie at Mall of the Emirates last Thursday night. Since there's nothing much for me to do after a hectic week, I went for a movie screening with a friend of mine. And the smell of the popcorn, it really make me hungry. Well maybe for the fact that I didn't ate any lunch except for that whopper jr at 5pm. SO I said to myself.... 'That caramel flavored popcorn smell sooo irresistible' and I said to the barista...'One large caramel popcorn please'.. And man, it is so fucking big bucket! Well, anyway, I'm in Arab country, everything is big here.

Anyway, the movie was.. hmm well.. okay lar... But the popcorn was superb and well, i'm not that big mid-section, so I just stop half way of the bucket. Damn it was such a fucking lotsa popcorn!

With my stomach full of corn, fully popped, I head back home at midnite just to receive a call from my friend asking me out to a club, Chi at The Lodge. Grab my shoes and head to Chi. It was a night i spent Dh120 for a glass of Grey Goose vodka with slice of lime. Darn expensive, but taste good though. Well, actually I spent dh240, as I purchased 2 glass (Hahahahah to myself). Taste as good as the Ciroc I have at home or the Stolichnaya Elit I had before.

Friday was a lazy day as I woke up at 2pm to cook meehun goreng and stay at home watching dvd's. And since I'm soo bored, I set for another movie at the Mall. And this time, I have to make sure that it must be good, so i settled for Kungfu Panda. Jack Black really rock! But there goes my another dh30.

Why can't a movie cost dh10 and a bucket of popcorn is dh8?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Maybe You've Been Brainwashed

Right, it's 50deg here, i think. Most of the time I'm here indoor, but still can feel the heat from the hot sun and from the work pressure. I'm here last year April as a Steelwork Manager and later Deputy Project Manager. And now, since last couple of weeks, since my Project Manager resign, I was entrusted with the work to manage the whole project. Darn a big responsibility, and darn a tough life for the next 3 months til the completion of the Dubai Metro Project for my Company. Anyway, it's a challenge.

Working with the Japanese really is a daunting day-to-day task. They really hungry for information and stand by the date given. Whereas for we Malaysian, well, a lil'bit of slack here and there is okay. Anyway, This is a challenge I'm taking, even it meant for me to stay back almost everyday till 11pm before i reach my apartment. And i have one person from Malaysia, calling me almost 30minit daily now, especially before my bedtime.

Of these busy-ness.... I'm bored of my personal life and what did I do? I get a new mobile phone. Was planning to wait for Sony Ericson Xperia X1 but since it wont be in the market til year end, I end up buying Sony Ericson P1i. So now, I can 'on' my Maxis phone line and send mms. Yeay to me.... It's a good phone, seriously. That's me with my new hair, in the toilet and with the new phone.

And the most important thing, since 2nd July 2008 (ironically, every 2nd July, since 2006, something bad happened to me), I'm moving on. Now is almost mid-July, frankly, can't wait till the last day of this project. Wanna go home and hit the road on a road trip North. Maybe Kl-Ko Samui....

Damn! I don't even have time to go snap photos!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Will I Be Okay?

It's time to let you go.
It's time to say goodbye.

What if the person one love the most, cheated on you, again and again? What will one feel? Let say that, the person is the love of your life, wouldn't it will make you be in total agony of being in love? In love with someone who love another?

Well it's just a thought. But that thought does sprung out from a real event occured today evening here.

I'm here, half a world away from where I belong. From my life. So I can't blame my other half much if she need more love or sex. Girl's does has her own need right?

Anyway, with me, as i recalled, nuthing is great anymore, the love kinda fading, the sex kinda lame and the time spent kinda less, so I guess, all those add up to one matter... she's in love with another.

I'm shivering now... The news I just received really shake my very foundation. But deep inside me, i do sense that something is going on back at where i belong. But myself and i know, i can't stop her from doing what she really want in her purple and pinky life.

So here i go again.....

As an Angel, i really pity the guy who come to me and told bout those story. How could a girl, who he love for his whole life, do such a thing onto him... Fuck the girl/bitch. I told him, life has to go own... period.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Life's full of interruption and complication

I'm back in Dubai....
And it's hot here, getting even hotter than hot.

It's something fishie.... in Pavillion KL. Everybody should try it, RM38 for 30minutes of non-stop tickling sensation feeling. It feel like, your partner is sucking your toe while having sex, heaven!

Actually, i don't really have any idea to type here, but for the sake of updating by blog, and filling the time while i'm on 5 minutes break from my hectic life.

This is the final 4months i gonna be here in Dubai, i think, unless something else is holding me back here...

Monday, May 26, 2008

... and in the morning I'll be gone away

All my beg are packed, i'm ready to go.....
Actually i dont really have anything to write... scrolling through some folder and came across these two photos. I think i like it...

I need a holiday. I'm down with migraine since last Friday. Maybe no time to have lunch and such. Or maybe due to shifting to a new house, apartment actually. And yet to have the time to sort out the items in the new house. Anyway, i'll be in KL next week, wonderful! Eventhough a very short stay, it's still gonna be very the very wonderful.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Life thru a lens

I've been thinking all night long, what have i been doing lately, that i'm so busy and have no time for my blog? Well, i did do something currently, getting busy and crazy with my new lens, Canon G9. Living in Dubai, photography can be a 'cheap' pastime compare to others. Well not so cheap if one is planning to buy those DSLR with top of range lens. But anyway for me, the Canon G9 served and serving me good for time being, of course better than my previous Sony T100.

The G9 i'll say as a Compact digital camera you really need to get-to-know-her-first before you can understand her. It's not SLR camera and nor it's a compact digital. There are lotsa button, aperture setting, shutter speed, so on and so forth of the photography jargons. Anyway, since i got my pure virgin hand on her, it has been fun all along. Some of the pics taken has been uploaded to my Facebook link

Here are some preview...

So do i have talent or what? But one draw back of having a complicated camera, i can only snap others and views, but where is my own pic?

Those pics shown are taken at and from Madinat Jumeirah Suoq. I wish i can snap more but when it's getting dark, it's not easy to snap good pics with my bare hand!

Let me take you far away, you'll like, a holiday....

Scorpion is coming to town, 22nd May 2008... tempted!

Arrrrgghhhh tempted... tempted... tempted...


Friday, May 16, 2008

My turn to go on holiday has come, but do i have the time?

It has been almost 40days since my last post in this journey. Time, an item which i don't luxurily has now. It has been, work and sleep and no play. And it has been one and a half month since i enrolled and became a member of gym freak, Fitness First and that's the duration i am to go for any exercise, not even sex. Hmmm.... The malay's term it as 'makan, berak dan tido', simply translated as eat, shit and sleep. And that's just what i have been doing when i have 'free time'.

It has been a hard day at work. But not that i'm complaining as these shit with works, are what i've been asking for. Just to be busy and forget bout life, at least for a moment. But really, can anyone forget whatever events occured in the past? I doubt such a human being exist.

Anyway, the works i'm currently invovled are almost at the tail end of the progress and expected to complete circa October this year. Which spell as, i'll be out of contract after October, but anyway, i wouldn't care much as by then, i've achieved what i've planned for, period. Short term plan after that, just to go back and chill in KL as i've missed (by October), 2 years of fun life in KL. No place is better than home. Not that i have to crave for at my home, but to the least of it.... i have a place called home.

Arghh Friday comes... and shall go like any other day.

Why the heck i'm waiting for a day off when i'm not off to do anything, anything..

Anything bout you honey... :-)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blood Is Thicker Compared To Four Year Ago

I'm sad and i'm happy.

I met my brother today, Jon, at Dubai Airport. He was here for the past two months, working in Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone (Port area) but unfortunately he doesn't had the permission to go out from the port area. An today evening, he was flying back home and i managed to met him at 4pm, before he checked into the boarding lounge.

Hmm my bro... married to Ibanese girl way back in 2004. And now live in Miri, Sarawak, about 2hours by flight from KL. He has a kid, boy aged 3 (i think), named Jessadaporn Emzpua-Phongsawat (i think).

June 2004, that was the last time i met my bro. His wife at that time was pregnant, i think as i didn't met her when i was in Miri way back in 2004. So i think his son is already 3 years old.. or maybe 4. And everybody called him Jay and his full name sounded like what i've spelt but i does not know the correct spelling.

Am i a bad uncle? Hmm.. well i'm not to close to my bro anyway but he's my bro and he's blood! And since he chose to stay in Miri, which is kinda far from Peninsular Malaysia and Kelantan so we (me and my parent) doesn't met him often. As a matter of a fact, my parent met Jon back in 2006 when he came back for vacation, celebrating Thai new year. And unfortunately, i was not around at that time. And now, to matter worse, i'm now based in Dubai and he's now working all around the world, where his ship take him to.

So, i'm happy that i managed to meet my bro after a gap of four years and i'm sad because after four years, i only managed to meet him for 10-15minutes as he has a flight to catch. God's know when will i see him again.

And he's 5 years younger than me...

So bro, may your live happily ever after...

Friday, March 28, 2008


My my... i've been a bad blogger! The last post was end of last month, and a gap of one month, here's another post. I really need to disclipine myself in writting, but again, how can one write when the mind is.... floating?

Where have i been?

No where, except for that trip to Dibba-Khorfakkan-Fujairah-Masafi last weekend, and that'll Friday to all of you out there. And i've been to Abu Dhabi, yeay at last! Well not a plan trip, sort of like, feeling crazy and drive up to the capital of UAE one fine wednesday midnite.

And slept at 5am that nite (or morning) and woke up at 8am to go to work. And Dubai sky was blanketed with thick black smoke. Viewed from my house in Arabian Ranches, the smoke originated somewhere nearby my office. And i was thinking, shoot! Is Dubai been attacked? Get into the car and i tuned to Channel 4 and learnt that a suspected fireworks factory caught on fire early in the morning. The smoke was kinda awesome! Not the tragedy though.

You know, living in Dubai, make one craving for local food... local as in Malaysia local. Can't get one anymore, not when Noshi Noshi closed down last August. And with another indonesian food restaurant opened, somewhere on the main street of Al Karama, named Mutiara, it somehow cured the carving for food part, but not the craving to eat the Malaysian girls... hmm yummy! When for lunch at Mutiara... 6 of us and all i can say was, the food was pretty okay and i'll definitely go there again for lunch or dinner. But the damaged was DH406, ouch!

And today... weekend again and i'm here again on my bed.

hmmm i wanna go home, to you... but i know, you wont be there, not anymore.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a point to ponder

"Sitting here wasted and wounded... at this old piano".

I'm early thirties, i'm here half a world away from my life, i'm wasting.

Wasting the moments to come, searching towards in the darkened room.

I need to turn on the light.

Just how...... To many things in the past, looming in my mind. It's 3am now. And i'm seeing in the dark, it's all blackened.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The desert do have something to offer

The desert. Most people seem to think that the desert is hot. Well not the case for my desert trip last Friday on 15 Feb 08. It was a windy day and the sand was cool. With two Toyota Land Cruiser, and 12 of us, plus two guides, we travelled 65km to a desert at Lahbab. The safari itinerary was, to go for the sand dune bashing, photos snapping on the sand hill, quad bike riding, sand boarding, bbq under the sky and belly dancing.

It was a thrilling ride on the desert with the Pakistanis driver, it's like taking a roller coaster ride. The Bbq was okay.... and the belly dancing was, well... it was Russian, i think. But okay lar..

You know, in Malaysia, there's horse race every now and then at Sungai Besi Racecourse but i never had the chance to go and watch obe. Last nite, my colleague offered me the tickets to go for dinner at Nad Al Sheba. Little that i know, it's a dinner with horse race, from the grandstand with a full view of the course.

The race, well i don't really understand on who's who. And which horse is the best. Before the start of the race, i was given a card to fill in which horse will be the winner for the 7 races. The price money for correctly naming all 7 winner is DH20k. It's not gambling though, but something like a bonus for naming the correct winner. Hmmm sound like legal gambling eh? For the seven race, i selected the following horse's number as winner 2 1 2 6 4 3 6. The horse i picked won the race 2nd and 4th race, and after that, when i realised that in the event there're more than 1 winner who correctly name the winning horse, the price money will be equally distributed to everyone, up to 100 person.

So that's about it, no point to wait till the last race. After the 5th race, and losing, i head home. But it was a splendid nite. The horses are damn nice and i bet are damn expensive too.

I wanna ride horse.... with you, to the end of the rainbow.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Let me see, 10 days in Malaysia, so short that i couldn't managed to meet some of my friends. Well, some don't even bother to spare time and see me. Anyway, all in all.. i had good time. Short but good quality times.

I've cleaned and arranged all the stuffs in my house, well at least the basic one. Ironic is, when i was here in Dubai, my mind was set to do this and do that to the house. But when I'm there, the set mind simply freeze. Anyway, i love my new crib. Next agenda, house grill. Ordered and expected to install circa mid Feb. After that.. hmmm perhaps should get the kitchen set or new bedroom set.

Arrghh see, I'm here and I'm thinking of doing this and that again!

Well, i guess i miss staying in the new house.

Anyway, back to Dubai, to a chilled winter and since the sandstorm on the 1st February 08, the weather seem to be colder. And cool!

February..... Valentine Day. No one to hang out with, i guess.


Saturday, January 12, 2008


"I'm going home, to a place where i belong"... Doughtry

It's 11th January today... a rainy day. It rained since yesterday. And kindly chilled! Make me feel lazy to wake up and go to work. Rain.. and particularly due to it's 3 days left for me before my flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

It's rainy season here in Dubai and it's muddy on the road. Dubai doesn't has any drainage system, so all the pouring water from the sky will clogged on the road, that plus the dust and sand, creating sort of mud.

Gloomy weather, 13degree to 18degree Celsius everyday.. hmm kinda love the coldness, but what matter most, I'll be heading home, soon and very soon.

Wonder, what shall i eat, first... kinda crave for lala...

And who can give me the lala treat...?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Finale...Grand Finale...Grandier Finale...Grandiest Finale

31 December 2007...
The end on one long year. Long.. as there has been lots of events occured, pleaseant and unpleaseant, sweet and bittersweet, painful and grateful, so much that i'm really eager to usher in the new year.

The year 2008. What will it bring?

Stuck in Dubai for most of the celebrated public holiday in Malaysia... the 50th Independence Day, both Eid celebration, Labor Day, Christmas, and now New Year, i insist on going to Jumeirah Beach to witness the famed firework over Burj Al Arab. Arrived at the beach around 11ish pm, and get a nice spot but one thing slack was that, i didn't bring my tripod along. And capturing night mode imagines using just your hand... hmmm kinda frustrating. Anyway, when the clock stroked midnight, the gallow sound of drums indicating the new year has been ushered. And there goes the thundering raw of thousand of spectator voices. Happy New Year!

And the magical firework started..... for a strong 20minutes (i think). Managed to capture some of the show in camera mode and the rest were shot in video mode. Superb, finale and grand finale...

Well, everybody thought that the last bang was the grand finale... not till the second round of blast, even louder than the first, fired up to the sky. A grandier finale then previous moment.

The grandest.... well, two simultaneous blast, banging the dark sky, accompanied by laser display of ... well.. something.

It was the most extravagance firework i ever witness... shoot.. it were! The firework were blasted from two location, side by side, working simultaneously throughout the show. Hmm it was a great night, to be on the sandy beach with so many people, from i think, no less than 20 countries.

The draw back... traffic jam!

Anyway... it's 2008 now. What shall i expect of 2008? Well, i don't know, really. I'm over 30 now and still without a family. So maybe i ought to start a family. Or maybe it's just a maybe. Always hope for the best right?

Can't wait to be back again, in two weeks time. To a new place i shall call home.