Saturday, December 26, 2009

Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix

Christmas come and goes...
Sitting here, with couple bottle of beers,
I'm thinking...

Well she's walking through the clouds
With a circus mind that's running round
Butterflies and zebras
And moonbeams and fairy tales
That's all she ever thinks about
Riding with the wind.

When I'm sad, she comes to me
With a thousand smiles, she gives to me free
It's alright she says it's alright
Take anything you want from me,

Fly on little wing,
Yeah yeah, yeah, little wing

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Nice side of Mumbai

It is the capital of Maharashtra, India.

It is one of the East India Company outpost in the South Asia Continent. It has quite a number of colonial period building, with architecture heavily influenced by the Moorish design and British design. One of the building is Prince of Wales Museum at South Mumbai. It is now called Chhatrapi Shivaji Maharaj Sastu Sangrahalaya. Actually, most of old building bearing British-influenced name has been change to Chhatrapi Shivaji. He was, something like, William Wallace to The Scots (I think!).

Personally, I like it here, around this place. Well, not to say that I'm starting to like living here. From living in Mumbai point of view, for this category, this area of South Mumbai is quite clean. And since it is Sunday, there were less traffic.

Anyway, PoW Museum is a museum of ancient exhibits of India. Well, there are some from Japan too and cool painting from Da Vinci era. For foreigner, it cost INR300 per person for entrance, against INR25 for local. And since I had with me my trusty Nikon, I had to pay another INR200 on top of my ticket. So, it was kinda expensive, for a museum trip! It cost me Aus$10 to enter Australia Museum back in 2006. Once inside, I was amazed with all those carving of rock, of Hindu's God figurine, Buddha as such. There's one section, the art gallery, remind me of DaVinci Code the movie, with Madonna and Child and Saints drawing on the wall. They even have a portrait of President Lincoln. And to my amazed, Japanese porcelain is soooo fine. Being Malaysian, I'm used to Chinese's Ming Dinasty porcelain, but let me tell you this, the Japs really know how to craft their porcelain back then.

Next stop I visited was the Gateway of India, a behemoth monument facing the open sea. Nothing much here except to tonnes of people, Chhatrapati Shivaji statue, horse cart and the fame, Taj Mahal Hotel. The one attacked by terrorist back on 26th November 2008. It is still very much under repair and as most of Mumbai's landmark or building, entering it, one must pass through metal detector and guards.

Nice hotel... LV boutique is located here, but it's kinda expensive compare to Malaysia's price.

South Mumbai, at least a clean place (by Mumbai standard of course), such an eccentric place.But still, from my point of view, this country is an okay place to travel, but not for permanent "living-in" place. They have about 1.2billion citizens already.

So why am I here, again... I have no idea.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I see...

150 years old railway station. What? That old? Apparently, yes, it’s that old, as mentioned by one of the local staff, as we passed by that particular building at Nariman Point, which is South of Mumbai. The architecture of most of the buildings there is influenced heavily on Moorish design and colonial period design. The railway station itself resembled the one we have in Kuala Lumpur, the old KTM station. This location, is where all the shopping centers are located. So he said. But, can’t verify the statement as I was there this afternoon for a meeting with the Client. Well yeah I can see some BMW passing by, shop selling Omega watch, Bottega Veneta boutique and such, but it is a part of Mumbai which is clean. Yup, clean…. The roadside is clean of rubbish. But, it is still hectic and havoc. Hey it’s Mumbai right. Perhaps one of the weekends I should venture into this area and do some photographing.

Anyway, while heading there, a journey of approximately 25km from Wadala, where my office is, I passed through some interesting landscape. It’s some sort of oil refinery. Interesting because, there are bullock-carts, pushing a big tank, presumably with oil inside. It might be a norm here, but where I came from, can’t see any bulls in town no more, except for those bullshitter!

Next was a sort of slum area, by the roadside. This area really can bring down tears… The way of life that these people practices. They stay in make-shift houses about 3meter high, made of whatever materials they can get or afford to buy, wood, cardboard, poly-sheet as roof and it’s a double storey house.

And I see dead people! Well, a dead person. Maybe its part of the local ceremony, the body was paraded, perhaps to the morgue or cemetery but what shocked me was, the body was place on a cart, pushed by someone and it’s just covered with white cloth! No coffin okay….. What a life!

For a week, I keep thinking, why the heck I accept this job in Mumbai. One need to be mentally strong to survive working or staying here.

Do I possess that kind of mental strength? God knows….

Friday, December 4, 2009

It pointed to Mumbai.

I’m 3000 miles from home. On a land, being hectic and havoc is part of daily ritual for most of the millions who called this part of the world, home. Not me though. This is just another unfortunate journey of my life, without my Pornster.

Mumbai. India’s capital of entertainment industries, Bollywood. A place where one will have to redefine the meaning of Rock and Roll. Where lots of citizen lives in slum area, some even with cardboard as wall for their shelter. Were people do shit on the road! And I have no idea why the heck I accepted this job. It’ll a two year stint here, constructing Mumbai Monorail. To make matter worst, I’m now working in a Consultant company, an environment I never dreamt of joining, since my Industrial Training days way back in 1998 (I was attached to a Consultant firm back then, 5 months of constant boredom!). Anyway, here I am.

Routine. Wake up every morning, 45minute travel time from where I stay and where I work. Passing through some of the slum area, on a concrete road, which is very bumpy and not so nice view along the way. Work in an OKAY office at one of the Monorail proposed Depot/station named Wadala. Stay indoor for the rest of the day from 9am to 6pm. Lunch is provided, so can’t choose much, just eat whatever provided. Reach home everyday around 7.30pm. And basically, can’t go anywhere since there’s nowhere to go nearby where I stay. Suck big time.

Well, that’s just my opinion after 2 nights in Mumbai. Maybe my view of this place will change once I get to see the other part of Mumbai, the nice place where all the Bollywood star hail.

As for now, all I’m seeing is Berakwood.

Monday, November 30, 2009

New lease of life, Next point of direction

Months of disappearance. Idea...scarcity. Mood...mellow. I have one?

After my last post on the Thailand trip, I was in the state of, well, how shall I put it nicely in a manner sentence... hmm, I was in the Milky Way. Yeah, that's about it, I'm lost. Having no direction, as like Captain Jack Sparrow without the compass. Anyhow, I did occupy myself with working as a greaser at a Bike Shop, helping my friend built his cool Ol'skool motorcycle.

One fine morning at a coffee shop, with the money left just enough for me to buy a cuppa coffee, I got a job interview, and i went for the interview, and I got the job! Yeah, after a hiatus period of nearing to se7en months! Anyhow, it's a job, again, as an Engineer, best part... I'll be based in Mumbai, perhaps for a year (which I hope will be less). Well, I'm still waiting for the Visa, and it might be here on my desk anytime now. And tomorrow, 1st December 09, I'll be heading to a mystical land, India.

So, for past few days, I was busy with meeting and hanging out with my close friends. Eat, ride, movie and chill... Gonna miss these good times. And I'm sure I gonna miss my Chipster, dearly...and both Jax and Gongon. Yes I'll be back again, but missing the rest of the year in your growing life is saddened. Given choice, I doesn't want to leave, again. The agony of living somewhere out there, when you know you belong right here. Choice, which I doesn't have for the moment, with accrued debts and no fund to start up anything. Choice... something I'll need if I were to seriously think about my next point of direction, due North doesn't seem fit me anymore. A detour I'm looking for. A new direction, heading towards Greaser's Haven/Grill, perhaps.

Gone but not Forgotten. Mohd Norif Paival, loosing most of your family members in one single capsized boat tragedy is something ... alas, no word can describe the pain and sorrow you and the survivor are feeling now. May their souls are now at a better place, up there. May their bodies, rest in peace. To you my friend, takziah.
(Mohd Norif Paival is my ex-colleague in UTM, who families were involved in capsized boat tragedy in Pulau Banggi, Kudat, Sabah on 27th November 09). Amen.

It's just a sad note.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

KLBR09 Promo trip.. continuation (Part Two)

After the fun hoooo haaa in Pattaya, we drove off to Bangkok, leaving our souls behind in Pattaya!

First night in Bangkok, upon arrival, we visiting R Infinity Bike Shop (I think that's the name) in LatPhrao, before checking into the hotel nearby. Nuthing much we managed to do that night, as Bangkok is too packed and none of us know how to go about in Bangkok. But we end up having dinner somewhere on Sukhumvit Road, where all Arab roam! (..and make me feel like I'm in Dubai again!)

Saturday in Bangkok. The promo tour continue its journey to Bangkok Harley Davidson, Big Twin Bangkok, Triumph Showroom and VS Speed (after a series of lost and found and lost again). next stop was Pan_Shovel Workshop (owned by Bandidos EastendsMC) where all the cool bikes are. Dare i said, so far, of all the bike I've seen, Pan_Shovel is the coolest (ol'skool rock!). We end the day promo by heading to Chatuchak, the biggest weekend market one can ever imagine! It's darn huge, I think the whole floor area of Midvalley and Garden will fit nicely there! One can basically buy all sort of thing here, be it pet, exotic animal, cloth, used stuffs, decoration, painting bla bla bla... But prior to that, we stopped by at L.A Choppers shop at JJ Mall. At Chatuchak, the task is to meet Captain Jack Sparrow and Dinosaurs MC. Later that night, we head to bro Ying of Ying Youngterk Tattoo shop (just nearby) and chilled before we all head to Rachada night market and later Sanam Luang (a park in front of King palace). At Rachada we all bumped into a bunch of reggae groupie and noticed that one of them is Roi Diew (a performer) and a couple of American Muscle for sale... at a night market!

Sunday was a relaxed day and I've decided not to get too tired for later evening trip back to Kuala Lumpur. And since Sunday is a rest day, none of the shop opened. But we still managed to find Thor's Custom and leave the poster at it's door. We head back to Chatuchak as we failed to locate Jack Sparrow yesterday. After everything is done, we left Bangkok town at about 6pm and it's heavy rain! 12am, we arrived at Chumphon for a quick breakfast.. a quick one which lasted for two hours. The next six hour trip to haadyai was a very tiring one, but we still managed to reached haadyai safe and sound, for a roti canai breakfast. And the next 6 hour, we spent driving on Malaysia's soil! Such a bliss to be back home.

Nine days in Thailand, it was a tiring fun trip. Tiring as we covered almost 4000km. Fun because of all us, cracked jokes all the time. And the true meaning of the trip is meeting local people, be it hippies, bikers, rastafarian, naked girls, everyday people and whatnot.. they all have one thing if common... peace and love.

Thanx Red Garage for the trip.

Thailand is really land of smile.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Bike Rally 2009 - Promo Journey in Pattaya and Bangkok

I was on a trip. More or less 4000km journey from Kuala Lumpur to Pattaya and fro. The journey took me across biking world in Thailand, meeting people and their rides. It is a journey to promote the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Bike Rally 2009 at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club.

It all started on one fine morning, on 21st September 2009. Myself, with another three guys, Am of Red Garage, Atan Locklaq and Naz, driving up north heading to the border, on the second day of Eid. The journey started at about 8am from Lotus Jalan TAR, and we reached the border at about noon. Armed with lotsa poster, banners and magazines, we head to our first stop at Southern Big Bikes shop in Haadyai (well, actually second stop, as the place we stop was at Shell, Juru, Penang) to handout the poster and magazine (My Chopperz, issued by the KLBR09 organizer, Red Garage Malaysia). With sun is fast setting on the West horizon, we head out to next stop in Pattalung, reaching there at about 8pm. Numerous phone call were made, but to no avail. We were to meet one of the top local bike builder, but none of us know his number! Stopping by at local night market, Atan, approached one of the trader, who dressed up like a cowboy/biker and spot on, he know the guy we are looking for. After few phone call and with the help of two local chaps, we head out to Tew house of Tew Custom Bikes, in the middle of nowhere and in the dead of the night, only to wake him up in the middle of his sleep but still we were greeted with smile and joy. Tew is the guy who took back a meddle during 2008 Phuket Bike Week. Simple guy who offered us a place to sleep as it was midnight, but we settled for shower at his and continued our journey north. The thought that we were all though guys doesn't last that long, as everybody were tired and we stopped by at PTT (local petrol station) and rest for a couple oh hour.

The second day of the trip, started with a good chicken soup at a petrol station in Chumphon. Departed from Chumpon at about 9am, we reached Bangkok outskirt at about 3pm. Chumphon is basically a mid way stop-about if one where to travel from Bangkok to Haadyai, a journey of 1000km. We decided to head right away to Pattaya and find something to eat there, a decision which in my personal view, a very bad decision, as we reached Pattaya at about 5pm-ish. Everyone were hungry and it was lucky enough to find a good spot for a short meal, and it was a good meal. We reached Bung Jumeen house at about 6pm-ish and at last. Bung Jumeen is the President of Burapa MC and the hospitality given was second to none. The first night in Pattaya was a relax night. After having a chilled dinner with Bung Jumeen family at nearby grilled fish shop (chilled as it was raining, heavily, we relaxed at a table with a naked girl dancing on top of it!

On the three day, the promo team started works with visiting few bikes shop around town, namely Iron Horse, Hot Rod Custom, Brotherhood Cafe (thanx bro Nara), Shark Rider MC club house (thanx bro Vinnai) and somewhere at the A-go-go shop, owned by one of the biker. Everyone were dead tired and nothing happened that night.

The next day, the promo journey continued to visit East Coast Chopper, bro Tip workshop (local builder), Power Station Pattaya (Harley Davidson official dealer), another local workshop (i forgot the name but i think it's VS Motor) and end the promo work at bro Lek Carabao cafe. We then took some time off to fullfil bro Nara invitation to go shooting. Literally okay. Armed with one shotgun, a sniper rifle and two glock-lookalike, we head to Sattahip to his land and 'do some shooting'. Yup, we shot bottles. It was one in a lifetime experience. And trust me, after knowing the power the gun produced, I think I'm not suitable to be a robber or such a kind.

Friday was a chilled down day as we planned to head to Bangkok. We spent the whole day hanging out with Bung Jumeen at his place.

First half of the journey really amazed me, as the local bike builders I met, really do the bikes up from scratch, from a straight pipe which is later bend and whatnot to make a rolling chassis of a bike. Even though the garage is just a porch or backyard of a house, they all have the necessary machines and tools to build a bike. Regardsless of the shape of the bike produces, it is all a work of art.

Pattaya... a small town full of naked girls.

..end of part one...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eid Mubarak

Long weekend ahead. Malaysia will be celebrating the Eid somewhere on 20th/21st October 2009. Kuala Lumpur will, again, be a ghost town or Foreigner two starting from this weekend til the next. Most of the city folks will head back to the hometowns. Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends and Happy Holiday to Malaysian! But of course, to any of the readers out there on this planet called Earth, the wish is valid to you guys too.

As for me, initially, I planned to ride back to Kelantan, my hometown, stopping by at Kuala Terengganu along the way to celebrate Loy Krathong, which is a Thai celebration. But, current unavoidable situation has hampered the idea. So what I gonna do in this town?... This long holiday has no meaning to me as everyday is a holiday, now that I'm not working and doing nothing, literally.

Over a session of iftar at Studio Cafe the other day, I was unofficially invited to join the bandwagon heading to Haadyai and Pattaya to promote the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Bike Rally, which I replied 'yes' there and then. So, I'll be heading up North on the second day of Eid with a couple of friends, armed myself with my trustworthy Nikon. it'll be fun, I reckoned.

And to all my dearest friends and readers, do take extra care while you're on the road. Millions of cars and bikes gonna join the exodus out of town.

May God bless your journey, where ever you are heading.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mini Me

What will you feel, when you wake up, each morning and you are blurred... blur from knowing what's there in the future or blur from knowing what's there for you to achieve.

Pathetic right?

Anyhow, that's the best part of living a life, going through the up and down, stuck in the moment where you can't get out of it.

I've attended the Mini Gathering at Dataran Shah Alam last couple of week, as you can see, me and my Mini... (hahahahaha, how i wish it is MINE!). The car was first introduced in 1959 and are now celebrating it's 50th year in existence. Yup, 50 years and going strong. It doesn't simply die or fade away, if the owner really add 'spice' to it. The TLC it's supposed to receive.

I need to add spice to my life, that I know for sure.

What kind of spice, darn I'm not sure, just yet.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rainy July

I feel like it has been so damn long I've been idling. Idling... without any work and any proper stuffs to do. That's the fact of my life, not so miserable but the real one. It has been daunting task, you see, looking for job. And to make matter worst, I'm with my midlife crisis now (I think?!), I'm quite confuse if i should proceed be an Engineer. Or totally divert my career path to something really new.

aaaa Heck... misery love company, the more I think bout it... less fun life is.

Anyway, nowadays, I've hangout a lots with my close friends.. and sometimes, fake-close friend. Most of them are bikers, the Harley group of people. And thats what i do most, ride, eat, chill, ride and caught in the rain under the bridge!

The other day, last two weekend, myself and another 6 pals rode to Port Dickson, bout 120km from Kuala Lumpur. It was a chill ride, easy riding and good food by the beach. But on the way back, rain poured down heavily and we were all stucked under a bridge somewhere in Seremban, on the NSE Highway. That was the first time ever I stopped under a bridge due to rain. Hardly do that as it is kinda dangerous with fast cars zooming just few meters beside you. But the rain was heavy and it's instead dangerous to ride.

The time i rode to Kuantan, some 300km from Kuala Lumpur for Violent Storm Anniversary event, its rain 3 times at 3 different spots! Heavy rain, mind you. But I (we actually.. with another 2 bikers) didn't stop as there were less traffic on the road. What a ride..... lost my Arlen Ness tailight cover and damaged my Ipod Touch due to rain. Yeah, my bike vibrate too much causing the tail light cover to detached from its housing, somewhere on the East Coast Highway. I was chasing a 124 cubic inches harley at that time... that's 2000cc!

July was fun. Money is running dry but I still survived! Whoever having extra cash and doesn't seem to have any idea to do with it, please bank into my account... hahahha

I guess, for the moment, and since I've been gone from malaysia most part of 2007 to 2009, I just gonna enjoy riding hard and hangout with friends.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ramly At War

A short movie by a friend of mine... Julianne Block..

I'm officially a film-star! (self proclaimed of course).

With nuthing much to do with my career life, helping friends in this movie really a fun stuff! Hang out.... cheer.. beers... cheer... lost voice... muscle ache... and cool chinese-kungfu style-fighting scene.

Once the movie is 'premiered', I'll published it in my blog.

For now, google Ramly At War in for a short teaser.

Life can't never be bored when you're where you belong.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Heading South...

I'm now at a junction where the light is switched off. Yes, it has been a bleak months in Malaysia. Was working without paid for couple of months and now, I've been terminated from the very same Company I've pledged my support to, upon completion of the project in Dubai. Stupid me to have stayed on and trusted such a human being being the Company.

Anyway, it is now time for me to continue my journey. I have been quite in silent mode for the past couple of months, since I came back from Dubai to again, reside in Kuala Lumpur. No part particular reason I shall state here, just simply LAZY. Actually, I've been busy, riding, meeting friends, visiting places and now... looking for job!

It may sound as simple as it may! 10years of experience under my belt, so should be darn easy for me to land a job. But, somehow, it is not as simple as it should sound! Time is bad, so all the people said. Economy is bad, as they keep on saying. Opportunities are there but it's limited. And the thought of attending interview... it's pretty daunting.

But heck, it is something I gotta face.

Any journey will have its bump. I had mind... as a matter of a fact, I'm facing the bump at the moment. And it seem to be quite a huge one.

This journey gonna be very interesting.. I said to myself. It has always been, am I right? This time, it really pushed me to the brink of... I was a bout to type in EXTINCTION but somehow I know, it sound too darn dramatic, eh?.. anyway... the situation I am in now, really testing me, be cool, the pressure, stress and whatnot! But again, without such a pressure, what's there in live? right? So i thought!.

Friends has been the most important part of my life these days. They are there for me, come hell or high water, well, not literally though. But, there are there.

So, it is time for me, to choose which route I should head to. I have a couple of months to survive on the funds or whatever I have left in me now. I have no time to waste anymore, which I clearly understand the pressure that I am facing now.

I know what I should do, now... but I don't know how.

I wish I met the Blind man. Teach me how to see!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Twisted Mind Twisted Number

One fine Friday afternoon, I am at a bike gathering... Dubai Bike Week.

What is the different between 295 and 305? Try to answer it as if those number carry monetary value, in whatever currency you all see fit.

In my case, I was at one junction, do I purchased the one with Dh295 price tag? Or should I buy the one with Dh305 tag? Mathematically, those two number doesn't bring any significant different. But, psychologically number 2 is lower than number 3, hence YOUR mind will registered it as cheaper! I came a crossed this kind of situation a couple of time, at that front number really somehow determine should you or should you not buy the items. But, in reality, it doesn't really make much of a different. But the point is, marketeer must've known human weaknesses when it come to dealing with numbers. Most often than not, we've seen products priced at $2.99, $199... Why can't it be $3 or $200?

I think, most will agree if I say, $199 is still ONE HUNDRED plus plus... whereas $200 is a clear TWO HUNDRED!

Anyway, in my case, since that my mind was twisted at that moment in time, I end up leaving the shop empty handed. Sigh! No Ed Hardy tee...

But, on the other hand, I save $295 or so. Did i?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


As you can see or notice, lately, I've been posting on my blog, some of the photos taken using my Nikon, which I bought mid of last month. An upgrade from my other camera, Canon G9 (a semi-auto/semi-manual good point-and-shoot digital camera). So, anywhere I go now, I'm carrying a slingbag, with my bulky toy in it.

Somehow it goes to show that, this is what I am into right now. Photography. But, still on the learning curve, the kindergarten of photography. It is a fun and healthy hobby, I would say.

I've tried to incorporate riding and photography, but somehow it is not that easy. You know, riding Harley with bulky sling bag can be a bit dangerous. Furthermore, it is rainy season in Kuala Lumpur. Maybe I ought to do it one day, travel the world on the bike and capture the moment through the lens. (not the world as in the whole wide World)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Therefore I Blog!

Saturday morning, nothing much for me to do today.
Planned to go for a jog but my leg are still aching from yesterday beach day.

So I thought, why not introducing who I am...
So here am I.. the blogger, sipping a cuppa coffee at the White House Coffee House in Kota Bharu. Missing from the photo were two 'nasi lemak bungkus', one 'nasi lauk ikan' and one 'nasi dagang gulai ayam'. A breakfast for two.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Wonderland in Terengganu


East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Breakfast at White House Coffee House beside an old Castle in Kota Bharu. Lunch by the beach coast of Terengganu small village called Penarik, Wonderland at Taman Tamadun Islam (Islam Civilisation Garden) at Losong, superb satar beside Gerai Makcik Gemok 69. Dinner in Kota Damansara.

One whole day of marvellous trip!

East Coast is superb, tranquil and lovely food.
I kid you not!

Back in Dubai

21days of riding in the rain, I am now back in Dubai. Hastily and hoping it gonna be a short stay of maximum one month.

Dang! Where is my vacation?

I am healthy now. And looking forward to celebrate my people new year in Phuket this April.

Friday, February 20, 2009


It has been nearly 2 weeks I am back to my home. Bliss.

It has been nearly 2 weeks I am back on my bike. Bliss.

What is not bliss? Well, it has been nearly 2 weeks I am here in Malaysia and I'm still required to work as normal in Bukit Kemuning.

Dang! Where is my holiday? Finger crossed!

Anyway, my previous post, I was ranting bout my health, and lucky me, after a session of ultrasound scan and Docs rubbing my balls, I was given a green bill of health. Lucky me it is now a cysts as I've feared. But it is still there, so I think I'll go for another check-up.

Now that I have my bike with me, I want to sell my Waja. It is a 2002 1.8x Proton Waja bought for RM79,400 and could only fetch rm15,000.


Should I sell it or just keep it. If I sell it, I still have my bike to move around. If I keep, well, I have a car and my bike...

Well... actually, if I keep it, I gonna have two cars. Wink! Wink!

Where is my white caldina?

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Flying...

7th February 2009.

I'm heading back later tonight at 3am.
It's not part of my planned vacation.
Something is wrong with, deep inside my body.
Tuesday is the day.
Am I being haste?
You'll be haste when you know you are having something extraordinary inside your body.

Finger crossed!
Just hope for the best I can get and nothing is serious.
Anyhow, being in Malaysia again, nothing can beat that, I supposed.

Till the Doctor say I am Okay.... I am, for now, worried.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

One fine Friday morning.. It's at Mugg & Bean Coffee at Uptown Mirdiff

Love is in the air at Al Ain, Aerobatic Show. Superb aerobatic by, don't know who, maybe the Red Baron from the UK

Those are the fighters involved in the Aerobatic formation.

Me with a Red Bull theme plane.

What a lovely sunny Friday evening. While I'm counting down to the ETD to KLIA, I am now content on doing whatever I can here in land of UAE.

Next in line...
1. Iron Maiden Concert 13th February 2009
2. Ski dive.. yet to know when. Maybe on Valentine day, so I can be the Angel falling from the sky (with a parachute of course).
3. Power boating off the Gulf.

I am just simply traaaalalalalallala llalala...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

When I Wake Up... As I Put On My Makeup.....

Foggy Dubai... en route to work.
While I am at my wheel.

OK OK... the title of this entry is a bit misleading... Not literally okay.

It's now reaching the end of January. Wow, time really flies eh... 29 days into 2009 already and nothing much I've achieved so far, except for spending thousand of Ringgit Malaysia on camera, its lenses, flash and whatnot. The rest, I am still here in Dubai, which I termed it as... I'm still stuck here! Yes my previous entry, I was counting down to 31st January, however, as expected, I still have a no-go from my CEO.

It is kind of tiring, you see. The project I'm involved in, the Dubai Metro, has been completed. But, the Contract is still opened! Final negotiation with Client is.. are really daunting. Negotiation after negotiations and still both parties stuck in a round-about! Middle of February is both parties target date for final settlement, if of course, amicable settlement can be reached.

Anyhow, March will be a full blown holiday for me.

I'll learned to be a good photographer! That is my next target, with good camera in hand and good tutor (wink! wink!), I know I can do it (and this remind me of Rob Sneider in most of Adam Sandler movies.... "You Can Do It!).

Two weeks are seem to be a very long duration, somehow...

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Lovin' It.. Am I?

It's January the 26th...

Five days to go to the end of January. January the 31st.

Darn! How long is this going to take!
As if I'm counting down to the day I can happily leave this country and head back to mine.

But, alas, it is an 'as if'... I wish it is a true date for me to forward to.

No photo, no snow and no rains...
It's simply gloomy.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Tale of Two Eggs

Let me see, basically I have no apparent reason to post the picture above. It's taken using my Canon G9, and not my new Nikon D80, as it is still in Wan's possession. Anyway, as I entered to my 'empty' office, with nothing much to do, blogging seem to be the only thing I can do. Anyway, my rutins are as usual, switch on the laptop, gmail, facebook, online newspaper both Malaysia and UAE, forum and whatnot.

For past few days, two eggs are my daily breakfast menu. Why? Hmm.. maybe I feel that I'm sick. Maybe I feel that I've lost some energy... Mojo, perhaps? It's a good taste of half boiled raw eggs! With a glass of Nescafe.

I am still lost, here in Dubai. Well, the weather is good, 21degree Celsius, heck it even snow in Ras Al Khaimah yesterday, but my soul has left my humble body. I want to go home, be in Kota Damansara, but, ... there's always a but... I still can't do so. Dang!

Anyway, I'll be on a long holiday soon.
It can't rain all the time, I guess.

Monday, January 19, 2009

19:42...The Time Just Stood Still

19th January 2009.

Mundane day today, the sky is gloomy. Its rain sometimes. And I wish it rain all the times. Sigh is the one word I can properly described the world I'm living in today. I've become the last Malaysian left here in Dubai by my Company, the one left to finish off whatever left-over task available. The one left to send the news to existing staffs that 'Your contract are expired!'. The one left to answer to all creditors on when they'll get their due payment.

Damn! Someone gotta do 'dirty' work, I supposed.

Anyway, Dubai Sale Festival started on 15th Jan, without much fanfare as expected, since Dubai's Ruler has denied any form of fireworks or celebration due to War in Gaza. I'm yet to do my part of shopping though, and seriously I doesn't has much thing to buy. The only thing on my mind is to get a confirmation on my Emirates flight ticket back to Kuala Lumpur.

For now, I'm hoping for end January departure date, but somehow it does look bleak. Finger crossed, and I'm a strong believer of good things comes to those who wait. So I am waiting, patiently.

"How Long Is This Going To Take!" ...(King Julien part 1)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've been Tagged by Mira...

Dang! Now I have to answer the following;

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog/Facebook note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment or tag them in your note to read this.

1. Letme see, I have to write about 16 random things about me, thanx to Mira for tagging me along. Okay... 16... well, it is kinda hard to write something when you are asked to. Anyway, item number one, I'm 33 this year, not yet but 2009 is my 33th year living. But I know somehow I'm still stuck in a 25 years old body, except for some grey hair.

2. I don't smoke and not intended to start as I don't find any good reason for me to. But I do love vodka and wondering if I can stop drinking alcohol. Well, human being gotta drink like, we simple need H2O to get going. And it is in my name.. Sura mean alcohol.

3. I am a good person, very friendly and loving. And yes, I love to make love!

4. I own a small bike, in Malaysia but sad part, I'm stuck here in a wrong continent.

5. I am a big spender in a way, but not to myself, I tend to 'hias' my partner with nice stuffs. For me, I wear baju seluar bodo bodo je...

6. I love to cook and planning to open a Restaurant, which I think I'll name it Enjin. A restaurant with lotsa motorcycles engine as decoration. But again, will it make the place look like a bike workshop then? Well, it's a plan right, one can plan for anything. (but kinda cool, operate a restaurant... hmmm)

7. I am a male, and seriously, I intend to keep it that way!

8. ... I have to tone up my body or at least, keep it this way. As a start, I've join the gym last May. Next start, I really need to go to the gym at least once!

9. I like no. 3, cos it keep my stress level checked! Study does say sex is a good stress reliever.

10. I am at no. 10 and already crawling to think of any other point till I reach no. 16.

11. I am a coffee person. Like to brew my own coffee with my Dh130 coffee maker. Would love to have those RM6000 espresso maker!

12. If given a chance, I would love to add 3 inches to my height... HEIGHT okay.. not other length (so far no one complaint, so I am okay with it la)

13. If ever I have kids, they'll be of 2 boys and one girl. If I'm a single father, I prefer a daughter.

14. I belief in spending the money you earned. If you keep it in the bank, others will spend it for you. If you keep in under the bed for too long, the color will fade, worst still the figure 100 faded n looses one zero!

15. In 2009, I hoping that I can keep on earning 5-figure. Well, hope for the best la kan.

16. And yes, the last but not least... for 2009, all I want is to plan for next year resolution. The good thing bout having a resolution to start a new year is, to be in good mood in the first month of that year, to make sure the resolution is on the right track and to neglect it from second month onward til December.

At last! Done!
But sorry blog, I don't tag anyone here. Any reader shall be self-tag by reading this post. Bole ke?

The World Is A Vampire

As I writing this entry, part of Gaza is under bombardment from Israel's rockets and whatnot. I pray the Lord that the war shall end.. amen!

Enter 2009, without and fanfare, no firework to usher in the new year. It is the year of the Ox, with economy trembling from Wall Street to Nikkei. Ironic, usually the Ox is the trademark of the share market bull. Perhaps there's different between and Ox and a Bull.

And as usual, at the start of a new year, people will speak of new year resolution. Hence the question... What is my new year resolution for 2009?

Erk.. I am choked, now that I'm asking myself bout my new year resolution, I basically didn't set any target or achievement for the year. Hmm maybe I should start sitting under the apple tree to get some wisdom, perhaps. Or maybe I should dig back from yesteryear and see what went wrong, perhaps. But one thing for sure, I want to be back in Kuala Lumpur! But can I?.. Finger cross.. Finger cross. Anyway, for sure I still have my job. And a one month vacation, probably the whole of February. And crossing my finger again. Darn! I think all my ten finger are crossed already! But yet, none of the above happened.... yet and just yet.

Anyway, before I can kick start my ride, I'm planning to end my stay in UAE by sky dive from 10000m. It'll be such an experience I reckoned.

Happy New Year....mmmooooooooooooooooo