Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Nice side of Mumbai

It is the capital of Maharashtra, India.

It is one of the East India Company outpost in the South Asia Continent. It has quite a number of colonial period building, with architecture heavily influenced by the Moorish design and British design. One of the building is Prince of Wales Museum at South Mumbai. It is now called Chhatrapi Shivaji Maharaj Sastu Sangrahalaya. Actually, most of old building bearing British-influenced name has been change to Chhatrapi Shivaji. He was, something like, William Wallace to The Scots (I think!).

Personally, I like it here, around this place. Well, not to say that I'm starting to like living here. From living in Mumbai point of view, for this category, this area of South Mumbai is quite clean. And since it is Sunday, there were less traffic.

Anyway, PoW Museum is a museum of ancient exhibits of India. Well, there are some from Japan too and cool painting from Da Vinci era. For foreigner, it cost INR300 per person for entrance, against INR25 for local. And since I had with me my trusty Nikon, I had to pay another INR200 on top of my ticket. So, it was kinda expensive, for a museum trip! It cost me Aus$10 to enter Australia Museum back in 2006. Once inside, I was amazed with all those carving of rock, of Hindu's God figurine, Buddha as such. There's one section, the art gallery, remind me of DaVinci Code the movie, with Madonna and Child and Saints drawing on the wall. They even have a portrait of President Lincoln. And to my amazed, Japanese porcelain is soooo fine. Being Malaysian, I'm used to Chinese's Ming Dinasty porcelain, but let me tell you this, the Japs really know how to craft their porcelain back then.

Next stop I visited was the Gateway of India, a behemoth monument facing the open sea. Nothing much here except to tonnes of people, Chhatrapati Shivaji statue, horse cart and the fame, Taj Mahal Hotel. The one attacked by terrorist back on 26th November 2008. It is still very much under repair and as most of Mumbai's landmark or building, entering it, one must pass through metal detector and guards.

Nice hotel... LV boutique is located here, but it's kinda expensive compare to Malaysia's price.

South Mumbai, at least a clean place (by Mumbai standard of course), such an eccentric place.But still, from my point of view, this country is an okay place to travel, but not for permanent "living-in" place. They have about 1.2billion citizens already.

So why am I here, again... I have no idea.

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