Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

One fine Friday morning.. It's at Mugg & Bean Coffee at Uptown Mirdiff

Love is in the air at Al Ain, Aerobatic Show. Superb aerobatic by, don't know who, maybe the Red Baron from the UK

Those are the fighters involved in the Aerobatic formation.

Me with a Red Bull theme plane.

What a lovely sunny Friday evening. While I'm counting down to the ETD to KLIA, I am now content on doing whatever I can here in land of UAE.

Next in line...
1. Iron Maiden Concert 13th February 2009
2. Ski dive.. yet to know when. Maybe on Valentine day, so I can be the Angel falling from the sky (with a parachute of course).
3. Power boating off the Gulf.

I am just simply traaaalalalalallala llalala...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

When I Wake Up... As I Put On My Makeup.....

Foggy Dubai... en route to work.
While I am at my wheel.

OK OK... the title of this entry is a bit misleading... Not literally okay.

It's now reaching the end of January. Wow, time really flies eh... 29 days into 2009 already and nothing much I've achieved so far, except for spending thousand of Ringgit Malaysia on camera, its lenses, flash and whatnot. The rest, I am still here in Dubai, which I termed it as... I'm still stuck here! Yes my previous entry, I was counting down to 31st January, however, as expected, I still have a no-go from my CEO.

It is kind of tiring, you see. The project I'm involved in, the Dubai Metro, has been completed. But, the Contract is still opened! Final negotiation with Client is.. are really daunting. Negotiation after negotiations and still both parties stuck in a round-about! Middle of February is both parties target date for final settlement, if of course, amicable settlement can be reached.

Anyhow, March will be a full blown holiday for me.

I'll learned to be a good photographer! That is my next target, with good camera in hand and good tutor (wink! wink!), I know I can do it (and this remind me of Rob Sneider in most of Adam Sandler movies.... "You Can Do It!).

Two weeks are seem to be a very long duration, somehow...

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Lovin' It.. Am I?

It's January the 26th...

Five days to go to the end of January. January the 31st.

Darn! How long is this going to take!
As if I'm counting down to the day I can happily leave this country and head back to mine.

But, alas, it is an 'as if'... I wish it is a true date for me to forward to.

No photo, no snow and no rains...
It's simply gloomy.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Tale of Two Eggs

Let me see, basically I have no apparent reason to post the picture above. It's taken using my Canon G9, and not my new Nikon D80, as it is still in Wan's possession. Anyway, as I entered to my 'empty' office, with nothing much to do, blogging seem to be the only thing I can do. Anyway, my rutins are as usual, switch on the laptop, gmail, facebook, online newspaper both Malaysia and UAE, forum and whatnot.

For past few days, two eggs are my daily breakfast menu. Why? Hmm.. maybe I feel that I'm sick. Maybe I feel that I've lost some energy... Mojo, perhaps? It's a good taste of half boiled raw eggs! With a glass of Nescafe.

I am still lost, here in Dubai. Well, the weather is good, 21degree Celsius, heck it even snow in Ras Al Khaimah yesterday, but my soul has left my humble body. I want to go home, be in Kota Damansara, but, ... there's always a but... I still can't do so. Dang!

Anyway, I'll be on a long holiday soon.
It can't rain all the time, I guess.

Monday, January 19, 2009

19:42...The Time Just Stood Still

19th January 2009.

Mundane day today, the sky is gloomy. Its rain sometimes. And I wish it rain all the times. Sigh is the one word I can properly described the world I'm living in today. I've become the last Malaysian left here in Dubai by my Company, the one left to finish off whatever left-over task available. The one left to send the news to existing staffs that 'Your contract are expired!'. The one left to answer to all creditors on when they'll get their due payment.

Damn! Someone gotta do 'dirty' work, I supposed.

Anyway, Dubai Sale Festival started on 15th Jan, without much fanfare as expected, since Dubai's Ruler has denied any form of fireworks or celebration due to War in Gaza. I'm yet to do my part of shopping though, and seriously I doesn't has much thing to buy. The only thing on my mind is to get a confirmation on my Emirates flight ticket back to Kuala Lumpur.

For now, I'm hoping for end January departure date, but somehow it does look bleak. Finger crossed, and I'm a strong believer of good things comes to those who wait. So I am waiting, patiently.

"How Long Is This Going To Take!" ...(King Julien part 1)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've been Tagged by Mira...

Dang! Now I have to answer the following;

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog/Facebook note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment or tag them in your note to read this.

1. Letme see, I have to write about 16 random things about me, thanx to Mira for tagging me along. Okay... 16... well, it is kinda hard to write something when you are asked to. Anyway, item number one, I'm 33 this year, not yet but 2009 is my 33th year living. But I know somehow I'm still stuck in a 25 years old body, except for some grey hair.

2. I don't smoke and not intended to start as I don't find any good reason for me to. But I do love vodka and wondering if I can stop drinking alcohol. Well, human being gotta drink like, we simple need H2O to get going. And it is in my name.. Sura mean alcohol.

3. I am a good person, very friendly and loving. And yes, I love to make love!

4. I own a small bike, in Malaysia but sad part, I'm stuck here in a wrong continent.

5. I am a big spender in a way, but not to myself, I tend to 'hias' my partner with nice stuffs. For me, I wear baju seluar bodo bodo je...

6. I love to cook and planning to open a Restaurant, which I think I'll name it Enjin. A restaurant with lotsa motorcycles engine as decoration. But again, will it make the place look like a bike workshop then? Well, it's a plan right, one can plan for anything. (but kinda cool, operate a restaurant... hmmm)

7. I am a male, and seriously, I intend to keep it that way!

8. ... I have to tone up my body or at least, keep it this way. As a start, I've join the gym last May. Next start, I really need to go to the gym at least once!

9. I like no. 3, cos it keep my stress level checked! Study does say sex is a good stress reliever.

10. I am at no. 10 and already crawling to think of any other point till I reach no. 16.

11. I am a coffee person. Like to brew my own coffee with my Dh130 coffee maker. Would love to have those RM6000 espresso maker!

12. If given a chance, I would love to add 3 inches to my height... HEIGHT okay.. not other length (so far no one complaint, so I am okay with it la)

13. If ever I have kids, they'll be of 2 boys and one girl. If I'm a single father, I prefer a daughter.

14. I belief in spending the money you earned. If you keep it in the bank, others will spend it for you. If you keep in under the bed for too long, the color will fade, worst still the figure 100 faded n looses one zero!

15. In 2009, I hoping that I can keep on earning 5-figure. Well, hope for the best la kan.

16. And yes, the last but not least... for 2009, all I want is to plan for next year resolution. The good thing bout having a resolution to start a new year is, to be in good mood in the first month of that year, to make sure the resolution is on the right track and to neglect it from second month onward til December.

At last! Done!
But sorry blog, I don't tag anyone here. Any reader shall be self-tag by reading this post. Bole ke?

The World Is A Vampire

As I writing this entry, part of Gaza is under bombardment from Israel's rockets and whatnot. I pray the Lord that the war shall end.. amen!

Enter 2009, without and fanfare, no firework to usher in the new year. It is the year of the Ox, with economy trembling from Wall Street to Nikkei. Ironic, usually the Ox is the trademark of the share market bull. Perhaps there's different between and Ox and a Bull.

And as usual, at the start of a new year, people will speak of new year resolution. Hence the question... What is my new year resolution for 2009?

Erk.. I am choked, now that I'm asking myself bout my new year resolution, I basically didn't set any target or achievement for the year. Hmm maybe I should start sitting under the apple tree to get some wisdom, perhaps. Or maybe I should dig back from yesteryear and see what went wrong, perhaps. But one thing for sure, I want to be back in Kuala Lumpur! But can I?.. Finger cross.. Finger cross. Anyway, for sure I still have my job. And a one month vacation, probably the whole of February. And crossing my finger again. Darn! I think all my ten finger are crossed already! But yet, none of the above happened.... yet and just yet.

Anyway, before I can kick start my ride, I'm planning to end my stay in UAE by sky dive from 10000m. It'll be such an experience I reckoned.

Happy New Year....mmmooooooooooooooooo