Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010…

I don’t really celebrate the New Year, left alone celebrating the 2009 year end. Particularly because I’m here, a place I don’t feel I belong to.
The start of the New Year, I went to this fish market. Well, actually it is just few rundown stall by the roadside selling fresh fishes and vegetables. But, it’s okay, can get most of the stuff I need. Owh yeah, most… as since now that I’ve been staying in Mumbai, I have to modify some of the recipe I used to cook when I was in KL. It’s still taste okay. One can’t be too choosy when one is in an alien place. (But, why the heck come n stay here in Mumbai… darn it!)

Bought some fishes, chicken and beef. And lunch was chicken tomyam.
Chicken… yes they sell very very very fresh chicken okay. It’s in fact alive! Pick which one you prefer, they weigh the chicken, they chop the neck and process it. Walla… there goes your chicken in a plastic bag.
And mind you, there’s no electronic or mechanical weigh machine here. They still rely on those old school counter-weight typed weigh machine.

This is some part of everyday life in Mumbai.
The part everyone sees on TV simply doesn’t exist. That’s just a dream.

And it is a nightmare for me…


Ms B said...

quite rare to be able to get fresh meat these days, as fresh as yours. oh but the fish looks tempting!

the weighing scale reminds me of those used back at my grandmother's village.

Happy new year aporn! i am sure there is a blessing in disguise for this phase of yours. just hang on. heck! enjoy it while u still can.

AporN said...

Hi B,

Happy New Year.
Yeah, it is as fresh as the chicken, considering Mumbai is a port city. But not alive of course, like the chicken.

Me enjoying Mumbai? I doubt. But I am Okay if i were to travel to india.. but not living in any place here.

I used to stay in UK, u see... Ulu Kelang...

Jumper said...

Well, what can I say...It's an incredible India. I guess by the end of your stay there, you'll be one tough guy, adventuring the unbelievable. In the mean time, the adventure will surely make your blog an interesting read.....